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Feeling sick because of anxiety

Discussion in 'Anxiety, Panic & Agoraphobia' started by Jesmincan, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Jesmincan

    Jesmincan :)


    I am coming to terms with the fact that I have anxiety... I get so sick and feel like I don't want to eat anything, like nausea - It is so horrible and it seems like it is getting worse recently.

    I get hungry in the day but the idea of eating something makes my stomach turn over.
    I just don't know what to do, it's starting to dominate my life and I hate it.

    Has anyone got any suggestions if you've had this too? Can you pray for me?
    I'm meant to be going for dinner with my mum tomorrow and I don't know if I will be able to eat anything.

    Thank you x
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  2. singpraise

    singpraise Active Member

    I'm so sorry for your suffering. Do you feel you have an eating disorder or is it the anxiety causing your stomach to be in knots and you want to eat but you just can't?

    If it is anxiety only (even though I realize anxiety can become very severe if left untreated) I would try eating something small and very appetizing or healing. Just take small bites and deep breaths. Don't force yourself. If you enjoy apples try an apple. If you feel sick try chicken soup with crackers. Even a cup of tea may help.

    If you're getting to the level that you cannot eat at all please seek medical attention right away. You don't want to cause harm to your body because of this. There are treatments available for both anxiety and eating disorders.

    May God bless you and keep you well; I will keep you in my prayers.
  3. Jesmincan

    Jesmincan :)

    Thank you for your reply SingPraise, that is very kind of you to take the time. I really want to eat, I have never had a problem with wanting to be thinner or anything, I just can't because of feeling nervous.

    They are good suggestions, I will try some soup and tea, I have been trying to eat things and hopefully it will pass soon.. Thank you again, god bless x
  4. singpraise

    singpraise Active Member

    You're very welcome. I have struggled in the past with similar things. Your nerves really do affect your stomach.

    Try to relax before mealtime and maybe even read or watch something pleasant while you're eating to distract yourself a little (a trick I have tried in the past when I felt I couldn't eat due to being upset).

    Another trick I have used that may help you, too: As you prepare something good to eat tell yourself that just for this small period of time you will leave your troubles outside the door. Just put them in a bundle, so to speak, and set them outside. Picture this in your mind, as though your troubles are a tangible thing you can wrap up in a packet or put in a bag. Open the door, toss them outside. (If it helps you could even write them down on a piece of paper and physically set them outside).

    Then, make preparing a small meal for yourself an enjoyable experience. I love to cook so this part is easy for me.

    Remind yourself that the troubles are outside and tell them they will leave you alone while you take the time to eat in peace. You can always go pick them up later after you're finished. Lol. But at least you'll be more likely to get some food down.

    Give yourself a mental break even if it's just for a half hour. The troubles and worries will still be out there when you're done. ;)

    And, you may come to realize you don't have to rush to pick them back up again and just let them stay out there for awhile, while you get some relief.
  5. Jesmincan

    Jesmincan :)

    Thank you so much, that was really helpful actually... I tried to imagine just now leaving them outside and not thinking about it and I will try it for my next meal :) You're so kind I really do appreciate your help.

    Yes it is horrible how nerves can affect your stomach, I hope you are okay now with whatever it was that made you feel that way x
  6. Kiterius

    Kiterius CF's Favorite Member

    Maybe bake something. Most people appreciate a nice pan of brownies.
  7. TheGrowingHeart

    TheGrowingHeart New Member

    In Relationship
    Hi Jesmincan, I went through the same thing a few months ago when my anxiety first started. What saved and pretty much sustained me through the not being able to eat was milk.

    I had little appetite or wanted to but couldn't eat... so I would drink a big glass of milk slowly. It has protein, and other things which will help sustain you. Other then that you pretty much have to force your self to slowly consume food.

    Eat a little. Stop if you need to. Then try again in a bit. Your body wants nourishment, but the brains will can be crazy strong. You kinda need to retrain it, I guess.

    Tea helps as well! It will hopefully calm you down.

    The best thing to do though is to try and be relaxed as possible before trying to eat. You need to calm those nerves. Do whatever relaxes you; pick a food you like; breathe deep, and then try to eat a little bit by bit.

    I hope you find healing! God bless
  8. kodadog1024

    kodadog1024 Well-Known Member

    are you able to workout? go for a nice, long brisk walk for an hour, work up an appetite as well as "work off some nerves"?
  9. SkyWriting

    SkyWriting The Librarian Supporter

    United States
    Sounds like you have stress in your life.
    Most people do. And you need someone
    to talk to. Most people do. Seek good help.