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Feeling Overwhelmed with God's Love. Help?

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by ACatholicRose, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. ACatholicRose

    ACatholicRose Pro Life = Pro Woman Supporter

    United States
    Hello everyone,

    Two weeks ago, I received my first sacraments and ever since then it feels like my feelings have magnified with regards to how much I am blessed. Suddenly, I'm having a lot more feelings and I feel more compassionate towards others and want to help more. Then I also have these overwhelming feelings of love towards and from God that feel as though it is too much for my heart to bear or handle.

    I just love God more than I could ever convey through words or actions. No matter what I do to express this love, it never feels as though it is enough. I try praying and the feelings don't feel as though I've expressed them enough. I try to show other people God's love through my words and actions, but that also doesn't feel like enough. Then I try to share the word of God with others online. That helps me a bit to express that love for God in my heart, but it feels difficult when I engage in apologetics online, especially with one Protestant girl who insists that Catholicism is its own religion rather than a form of Christianity. Somehow I just feel like I'm no match for how strong she comes on with her beliefs. And even with non-Christians, they just laugh at me or mock God.

    In the end, I just have a lot of love and emotions, but not enough ways to express it. And the feeling of the love in my heart grows more and more each day. Once again, it sometimes feels like too much for my heart to bear. Can anyone relate? Does anyone have any advice on how I can further express my love for Jesus?
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  2. Lost4words

    Lost4words Jesus I Trust In You Supporter

    United Kingdom
    Embrace those feelings. Offer them up to God. Give thanks for them.

    Such a wondefrul experience for you.

    God loves you so much and is giving you these feelings as a sign of His love for you.

    You are in the true church of Christ. Dont let anyone try to pull you from the right path you are on.

    Trust in Jesus. God bless you.

    Viva Cristo Rey
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  3. fewme

    fewme Member

    Pray. Read the Bible. Pray. Ask your Priest. Pray. Listen to God. Pray. Read the works of the Saints. Pray. Ask your priest again. Pray.
  4. ReesePiece23

    ReesePiece23 The Peanut Buttery Member.

    Sounds to me like it's time for you to sit down and get creative: because these emotions are a fantastic muse - and about a million times better than some of the muses I've consumed in my time to 'spark' the creativity. (Nothing illegal - at least not in the countries I was in.)

    For a kick off you have poetry, art, singing/songwriting, story telling, graphic design, acting, pod casting, video logging... And that's just off the bat.

    Now, if you could somehow find a way to fuse two or three of those together you could create something VERY powerful. Just whatever you decide to do, don't waste the energy. USE it, because you'll have no idea how much the people around you will benefit from you.

    Catholicism is more than just a faith - it's a lifestyle. So it's just as important to study, attend church and pray as it is to 'put out' whatever it is you wish to contribute. But take your time and don't hurry; and whenever you feel God's love getting too intense, just quietly sit back - do nothing, and ENJOY knowing Him. Don't try to force these emotions - they'll come to you. Just work at pacing them out better.
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  5. zippy2006

    zippy2006 Dragonsworn

    United States
    Do what you can to allow God's love to flow into the world, but know at the end of the day that God began the good work in you and God is the one who will bring it to fulfillment. At some point you just have to say, "Thank you!," smile, and go to bed. :)
  6. pdudgeon

    pdudgeon Traditional Catholic Supporter

    United States
    Just think of how happy you are making God and Jesus now! What you are feeling is great, I mean REALLY GREAT!!!
    These are the very special times when you can really celebrate, feel joyful, and be happy just to love God as He is, and as you are. And that is wonderful!:clap::clap::clap: