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Fashion Show!!!

Discussion in 'Blessings Exchange' started by edwardelricsfan, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. Seline

    Seline Guest

    Hello everyone!
    Who was it I blessed so that they could get a character???
    I cannot remember...
  2. AngelGal711

    AngelGal711 Guest

    Can I join the contest?
  3. AngelGal711

    AngelGal711 Guest

    You ended the other one early! :sigh:
  4. Seline

    Seline Guest

    YOu can join!
  5. AngelGal711

    AngelGal711 Guest

    Thanks. I was asking the person in charge. ;)
  6. AngelGal711

    AngelGal711 Guest

    Ending it early means that other contestants will get a full week and others will not.
  7. SoulSurfer

    SoulSurfer Veteran

    In Relationship
    may i join? or is it over?
    be blessed
  8. PureGrace

    PureGrace well-behaved woman rarely make history

    hello =o)
  9. PorcelainHeart

    PorcelainHeart Love me for me

    wow, nice signatures.
  10. momofonebaybe

    momofonebaybe Senior Contributor

    Hi everyone!
  11. Seline

    Seline Guest

    How are you doing??
    I am at a friends house right now, I ma having lods of fun! :D
  12. Seline

    Seline Guest

    No, it isin't over yet, you can join if you want, I will tell the leader! :thumbsup:
  13. newyorknewyork

    newyorknewyork Well-Known Member

    hello~! how are you seline? :)
  14. Hisbygrace

    Hisbygrace Carried On The Wings Of An Eagle

    Good morning everyone........
  15. newyorknewyork

    newyorknewyork Well-Known Member

    goodmorning! how are you?

    wat day is it there? :)
  16. Seline

    Seline Guest

    I am doing good, thanx, how are you doing??
    It is Saturday here, what day is it there??
  17. Skylar190

    Skylar190 The Island Kid

    Since i have nothing better to do could i be in the Fashion Show to if there's room.
  18. PuppyLover

    PuppyLover a.k.a. Tootie Mac's Mommy

    I wanna do it. Lemme do it.


    But I would like to join!
  19. BrokenMystery

    BrokenMystery "*+*Precious Jewel of the King*+*"

    can i join or did I already?
  20. edwardelricsfan

    edwardelricsfan Member

    I had to end it 40 minutes early because other wise there would be no poll right now. and then I would have had to make it for to day and then the voters would have only had 5 days to vote instead of 7 days. Unless some one else want to do the polls from now I'd be more than happy to hand it over.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.