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Discussion in 'Teen's Community Area' started by Leonardo164, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Leonardo164

    Leonardo164 Newbie

    Hi everyone,

    So someone told me that facebook is a great place to make christian friends.So i recently made a facebook account but i have no ideea how to meet christian friends.Any suggestions?? Thanks
  2. Barricade24

    Barricade24 Member

    United States
    My only suggestion would be to look for people who "like" the Bible.

    That's not much to go on but that is the best I got.
  3. Somber

    Somber ꧁✿❁❀❁✿꧂

    United States
    Other Religion
    There are facebook groups you can be part of. I have made a few friends on facebook. Just be a little cautious, some people are fakes.
  4. Andy0099

    Andy0099 Newbie

    Yeah, you can find Christian groups that you can join. You'd be surprised how many Christian groups and pages are out there on Facebook. Stay safe.
  5. Rhayven

    Rhayven Newbie

    Its based off of the people you know. If you don't know a lot of people it's hard to get started.
  6. Chilaha

    Chilaha Newbie

    Yea. Facebook isn't really a place to make friends, but more of a place to connect with friends you already have. So, if you do friend request random people they may not accept.
  7. Corke

    Corke Junior Member

    Why "Christian" friends in particular?

    Try adding people you already know. Perhaps the someone who pointed you to Facebook? But yeah, Facebook is a bad place to meet random strangers.
  8. HarborOrange

    HarborOrange I am a sieve.

    Other Religion
    I know this Iranian guy, he's cool. Name's Afiq, lives in Dublin at the moment. I have no idea why I'm friends with him. Then there's this one girl from Bulgaria that randomly friended me, this person from Indiana I've become somewhat close with, and I met my current girlfriend on there about 3 years ago (we've been dating for a year.) So, it's always okay to add people you don't know, in my opinion. Just don't add all these weirdos, keep the strangers to a minimum. If you don't really have connections in real life, though, you probably won't have many on facebook either.