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Evangelical United Brethren Church

Discussion in 'Wesley's Parish - Methodist/ Nazarene' started by Historicus, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Historicus

    Historicus Follower of Jesus Christ

    I recently read an article about the UMC's "other half" the Evangelical United Brethren Church. It seems that some feel (and maybe justifiably so) that the Methodist heritage is sometimes emphasized over the EUB heritage of the United Church. Many who are members of United Methodist Churches refer to themselves as Methodists, instead of United Methodists.

    Here in Ohio there is still a small minority of churches with the name "Evangelical United Brethren" that did not merge with the Methodists to form the UMC.

    What do you think? Should we revisit (or make more of a point to acknowledge) more the contributions and theology that the "other half" of the church gave us?

    Here's the article. It's a few years old now...but definitely interesting reading.
  2. st-brendans-son

    st-brendans-son Newbie

    Good article. I grew up in an old EUB church in Columbus, Ohio. Even after the 68 merger, our parish only received former EUB pastors. It basically remained an EUB church until the early 90's when we got our first pastor from the other side. Unfortunately, it was at this point the church began dying, and quickly. It was this particular pastors position that the Methodists saved the EUB from extinction. Totally sad and ridiculous.

    Now, most of us attend Nazarene churches. Go figure...especially when there are UB churches still around that didn't merge years before.
  3. Maid Marie

    Maid Marie Zechariah 4:6

    My mom's family came from the EUB so I am really only used to hearing about the EUB. Actually, to me, the "other half" is the Methodist part not the EUB part. Many of my mom's friends are either former EUB Nazarenes or are former EUB in the UMC. There are a few UB churches still around [hold outs from the merger in 1946 or something like that] in my area.

    My cousins are 6th generation from the 1840s or so from the Brethren branch.
  4. Maid Marie

    Maid Marie Zechariah 4:6

    This statement below definitely fits with my mom's and my aunt's EUB churches - "Forty years later, Dr. Vickers says that the EUB’s legacy lies in its doctrine and its ethos. “EUBs bring with them a strand of German pietism in which there’s an emphasis on the Holy Spirit and holy living.”"