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Episcopal Rite I & Rite II

Discussion in 'Scripture,Tradition,Reason-Anglican & Old Catholic' started by fuerein, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. fuerein

    fuerein Guest

    There are several Episcopal churches near me that have both Rite I and Rite II services weekly. I'm considering attending an Episcopal service primarily just for the experience. I was wondering what the difference between the Rite I and Rite II is though. I tried finding an explanation online and the closest I found was one church's website which simply stated something on the order of Rite I uses older traditional language and Rite II uses modern language. Is the difference really only in the thee's and thou's (if that is what was meant by 'traditional language')?

    In short, could someone give me a brief run-down on the differences between Rites I and II?

  2. Colabomb

    Colabomb I seek sin like a moth towards flame, save me God.

    Rite 1 is closer to the traditional book of common prayer, the liturgy used throughout the Anglican Communion for a few hundred years.

    The Rite 2 is a fine rite, and the one I attend most often at my church :)blush:mainly because rite 1 service is earlier in the morning:sorry::yawn:), it is less like the older liturgies, but still orthodox and pretty in its own right.
  3. JasonV

    JasonV Guest

    Most Episcopalians seem to dislike Rite 1 because it seems "too [Roman] Catholic".

    Mostly because of the abundance of "mea culpa".
  4. Colabomb

    Colabomb I seek sin like a moth towards flame, save me God.

    heh, that's one place i like the catholics. We should be in constant repentance, we are miserable creatures.
  5. AngCath

    AngCath Well-Known Member


    This has the entire Prayer Book including the two Eucharistic rites
  6. Mrs.Sidhe

    Mrs.Sidhe Well-Known Member

    Rite 1 is like Colabomb and Jason said: A bit more of a penitent tone.( at least that is the impression I got) but also the language is more of what you would see in a King James Bible. Lots of Thou, Thee and just older forms of the English Language and not its more modern use (especially pronouns :D) It also seems to me that Rite 2 is a bit shorter but of course this could just be an illusion of how it is written and performed.

    I like both. I tend to go to Rite 2 because its closer to my house and I often cannot get up as early as I need to be up to drive to the church in our area that has a Rite 1 service. (there is only one that I know of in my area) I probably should make more of an effort.
  7. PaladinValer

    PaladinValer Traditional Orthodox Anglican

    Rite I is a pre-Liturgical Movement service that emphasizes penitence.

    Rite II is a post-Liturgical Movement services that emphasizes joy.

    Both can be adaptive to additional elements.
  8. N728DA

    N728DA Junior Member

    The Episcopal Church I go to has a Rite 1 Eucharist at 7:55 AM and a Rite 2 Eucharist at 10:00 AM.

    Our Rite 1 Eucharist lasts about 50 minutes and their is no choir/singing and the Eucharist is spoken.

    Our Rite 2 Eucharist lasts about 1 hour and 5 minutes with a full choir, Sung Eucharist, ect.

    I attend the Rite 2 Eucharist because I enjoy hearing the beautiful singing (I'm a Southern Redneck and cant sing), Prefer a sunch Eucharist, and I dont have to get up as early. LOL.

    I do however like the Rite 1 language. Now if only my church could have our choral Eucharist with Rite 1 language it would be all good.

    I would consider my parish to be a broad to high church. We usually have about 75-100 in attendance except in the winter when we have much more. My parish is Moderate to Conservative which fits me perfect.

    Sorry for rambling on.

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