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End Time preparation through the Book of Joel

Discussion in 'Eschatology - Endtimes & Prophecy Forum' started by Jane Chai, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Jane Chai

    Jane Chai The one who God loves

    Joel 2:1-2
    It will come suddenly. Is unfamiliar.

    The earth is going to see the shaking of the Lamb of God. He will use the least severe crisis in the shortest amount of time to reach the number of people in the deepest level of love.

    The best and the worst day of planet is yet ahead. The hype of the glory for bridal partnership.

    Joel 1:3-14
    Cut it short by prayer and fasting.

    Joel 2:14
    Is about wholeheartedness. God is merciful, slow to anger and full of kindness.

    Joel 1:2
    Hear this, give ear and tell. Listening is not an automatic thing. Your mind can be stirred from preaching but your heart not yet grip. Don't be satisfied until the message burns in your heart.

    Don't be contend by listening to someone preach about it. Let it grip your heart so that you can use it to grip other people.

    Being stirred by listening to sermon is not enough. Example when Elijah said that he is the only one, God rebuke him by saying He reserved more. What Elijah is saying is that Jesus leadership is bad(which is not true).

    Revelation 2-3
    Let him who has ear hear, pay close attention and pursue what grip you with fire and revelation. Is about posturing your life for God's revelation to be grip.

    Fellowship of the burning heart
    It takes God to hear God, it takes the Holy Spirit to impart to you. It requires revelation to hear it and tell it, the revelation comes out stronger that way.

    1.Joel 2:18
    The glory and outpouring is coming.

    2.greatest crisis is coming.

    3.wholeheartedness is require to minimise crisis and for the increase of glory.
    History can be changed if you go with it.

    Feed your spirit till you get fire in it.
    Fill your mind with it, read commentary about the book of Joel.

    2 Peter 3:3
    Scoffers are in and outside the church (the company of God)
    People that mock where is the revival, judgement and glory. They are people not motivated by revelation. People that wants money and own agenda.

    But their agenda is not more powerful than God's word. Nothing can stop the word of God, when God spoke there is light.

    Zephaniah 1:12
    Joel 1:2
    The elders, leaders must accept the message. The spirit of revelation of the message of Joel and fasting and prayer.

    The major problem is people led by leaders without spirit of revelation, prayer and fasting.

    Judges 5:2
    When leaders do the praying and fasting and people volunteer willingly. Everything is set in order when leader lead in that way.

    5fold message
    Tell the children
    1.The glory is coming
    2.The crisis is coming
    3.God is kind and merciful
    4.Live wholeheartedly towards God
    5.Pray and fast before a judge(God) that is kind
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