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Discussion in 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' started by sportsfan, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. sportsfan

    sportsfan Well-Known Member

    United States
    I found this article today after reading supernatural dreams and visions it mentions exactly my fear that I am unforgivable before God it nails it on head in Bowling it would be Strike or in Baseball terms a Homerun. I feel unforgivable before God since I accidentally bowed Satan masquerading as an angel of light. Knowing that Satan masquerades as an angel of light, they were once so anxious not to fall into the deceiver’s trap that they mistakenly confused an act of God for a trick of the devil. The Lord has now graciously opened their spiritual eyes and they are filled with remorse for being overzealous in their desire to reject the devil’s trickery.

    Wow so other people may have bowed to a yellow cross confusing Jesus and Satan i am not alone on the confusion in the Shower that followed me to the door. I going to get augmentin for my brain infection so Jesus knows I didn't mean to confuse him with Satan so I never was the Antichrist/False Prophet. I feel encouraged that the website doesn't list it as blasphemy so maybe Jesus is going to rapture me maybe I am not evil Antichrist/False Prophet for confusing Satan and Jesus maybe the Mark of the Beast from my shower is in my head and brain infection medical issue maybe Satan didn't really choose a mentally ill 24 college student from a small town in Cottonwood with no world leader experience or religious outside of the Holy Bible and Jesus to be the Antichrist maybe it is all in my head from my brain infection. Maybe Satan really doesn't have the power to kidnap me from Jesus.

    I liked the article on dreams and it made me realize the Yellow Cross is a vision and the enemy is trying to trick my mind but I realize that Jesus says it is impossible so maybe Mom and Dad are right that the blue light is false perception hallucination maybe Jesus never destroyed my mansion in Heaven I have had blasphemous thoughts in my head but never would declare myself God so God's knows that I have a medical condition.

    My dad made a joke about it yesterday about how I believe I got the Mark of the Beast from a shower a lady was worried about RFID Chips but dad joked about the shower. I realize that does seem silly to get the mark of the beast from a shower when it is a brain infection that is medical. Jesus would have warned in scripture about it and he doesn't and the Holy Bible is true and Romans 8 and John 10:28-30 says it is impossible to be Kidnapped or Snatched from Jesus by Satan so it clearly must be my head scitzphrenia, ocd, pandas, autism and I would I believe that if I still got erections which it came back today to be blunt honest on here and if I didn't see a blue light in my head that says Beast. If I heard the Holy Spirit I would believe I am not doomed to hell but their is progress being made as it makes no sense how Satan could steal from Jesus converting me to an Antichrist/False Prophet when Jesus no that is not possible in the Holy Bible inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Word of God says something it is true Satan is not stronger than Jesus so how could he go to Heaven and destroy my mansion and end my hope for the future Steal, Kill, and Destroy when Jesus promises life abundantly so there is hope and they are working on meds and my brain infection why I saw 666 I don't know and why I have blasphemous thoughts towards the Holy Spirit and see and hear Satan I am not sure but I am sure Jesus isn't surprised by the blue light in my brain that says Beast. Jesus knew before I was born I would bow to the Yellow Cross and confuse Jesus and Satan on accident I need to trust and cling to that promise that I am not damned for my accident.

    Unforgivable? The unpardonable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Bible help and hope
    Supernatural deception. When dreams visions miracles contract the bible and say you are damned or unforgivable
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