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Dreams - Possible signs of God or Satan?

Discussion in 'Young Adults' started by Michael03, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Michael03

    Michael03 New Member

    I really like to be careful with seeing things as "signs" especially in the dream world. Things can make perfect sense, or no sense at all.. and can be interpreted in atleast one way. I'm just curious if its fair to say that a dream, can be a sign, or say evidence of guidance. Perhaps even a message of things coming to you in the future, or just a reminder of you being on the right track. Also, can dreams be nothing but false hope, and the opposite - a trick from the devil himself? Most of the time, dreams are just dreams but sometimes not. I'm just not sure how to determine where some of our special dreams or possible messages are coming from.
  2. Arclight610

    Arclight610 USMC

    It's hard to tell. Most of the time, its just your imagination. If it is from God, you will know it without a doubt.

  3. peanutbutter12

    peanutbutter12 Senior Veteran

    Except there are those who convince themselves to believe something is of God when it's not.

  4. Michael03

    Michael03 New Member

    I agree. It depends what type of person you are though. It can be hard, because if you second guess things too much, in a way its lacking faith too.
  5. WPZanar07

    WPZanar07 Guest

    I say just ask God about your dreams. Maybe it's something, maybe it's not. It's pretty hard to tell, these days. Just don't dream about zombies and Michael Landon in the same dream, like I did once, lol. THAT was entertaining.
  6. lorali

    lorali New Member

    Ever hear of Edgar Cacee? Look him up online. You'll find some interesing stuff.
  7. Hishandmaiden

    Hishandmaiden The Humble Servant

    Pray to God to show you if a dream is of Him or not, pray for Him to reveal the meaning to you if it is of Him. If a dream will not leave you even after three years, it might be from God.
  8. JulySheMustFly

    JulySheMustFly Legend

    I've had dreams where I know it was God. They are different than my normal dreams. They do not have a plot line that hops all over the place like my normal dreams. They are short, vivid and to the point. I also wake alert, not jumpy, blurry or panicked like a normal dream from which I awake. I also know the message from the dream when I awake. There is no question. That is how it is for me. I have no idea what dreams from God are like for others.
  9. just_dance

    just_dance Nothing But The Blood

    Also for me it is when i'm still contious of the "real world " around my I feel like my body is at two differnt places at once. Also when I break out into prayer after.
  10. mumluvsherboys

    mumluvsherboys Member

    I have to agree with this. I was always taught dreams are not real. I know Joseph had a gift of dreaming and interpretting them, but he also knew it was a gift. I think we all have gifts, perhaps your gift is or is not dreaming and the perception of dreams, perhaps it is something else. One thing I do know about gifts is you are to use your gift God gave you. And to use it wisely. God bless.;)
  11. invisiblebabe

    invisiblebabe He will restore the years the locust hath eaten

    I have had one dream that I was sure was from God. I know it was from God because I had prayed the night before to ask Him what would help me feel better (I had been very depressed), and I dreamed about praising Him. This lines up with Scripture, so even if God didn't directly give me the dream, it is still something He would tell me.

    I find it interesting analyzing my dreams not because I think God is necessarily telling me my future through them, but because it lets me know more about myself and what I am feeling or thinking.