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dream about my deceased dad

Discussion in 'Sign Gifts' started by lutherangerman, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. lutherangerman

    lutherangerman Senior Member

    Sometime ago I had this dream about my dad. He died last year in august.

    In the dream I saw my dad in a luxurious hospital room. There was a joyous nurse that cared for him there. I stood outside on a balcony, and it was like a cave, surrounded with black stone, but not afraid of it. Besides me was the broad stem of a tree and it reached up very high. I couldn't see the end of it.

    My dad didn't want to believe in God. Even when he got so sick last year he didn't want to hear me about Jesus. But he was a man who earnestly cared for the good. He made many little sacrifices in his life, and showed great responsibility. When my mother and me turned christian some years ago he was annoyed at first but then he supported us, drove us to church and all that, never forbade us the christian life. My dad kept a lot to himself and he didn't have it easy. He felt like God would only look at us but never do something to help us. Dad also held the evil and the suffering in the world against God, and may have been very bitter about it sometimes.

    My sister also had a dream about my dad. She dreamt she saw him sitting with my mom in the living room. My dad, who was very conservative about clothing and hairstyle normally, wore his hair differently in the dream, like fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and a bit like Mozart, with a tail. He very kindly said to my sister, "It is often better to hope than to despair". It felt like an inspiration to my sister.

    What do you think?
  2. ezeric

    ezeric HE loves me too.

    I think both are inspirations.
    The tree is the tree of life - who is JESUS.
    Climb that tree, brings you on up as JESUS said that HE was the WAY.
    The early church was known as the "The Way", or people of "The Way".

    Arn't you glad, that GOD is the judge?
    The ONE who is LOVE.
    The ONE who came to Save Us/ Rescue Us/ Redeem Us - is the judge.
    The ONE that understands 100% completely about us, why we did certain things - is the judge.

    Let us relearn the heart of GOD.
    And trust the ONE who is LOVE (HE doesn't Have love, HE IS LOVE).

    Inspiring dreams, not only to your family, but to us too!


    The Exchanged Life