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Donald Trump -- keeper of promises

Discussion in 'American Politics' started by AirPo, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. AirPo

    AirPo with a Touch of Grey

    Obvious fake news. :rolleyes:

    Full story here -->:wave:
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  2. Albion

    Albion Facilitator

    Whoa. He's only been in office for ten months and a few days! Given that fact, his dedication to fulfilling his promises has been impressive, whether or not you or I agree with particular policies.
  3. Dawnhammer

    Dawnhammer Well-Known Member

    The article isn’t exactly pro Trump. They also note his unkept promises and lies. The end part was the most chilling.

    “But just because the President hasn't paid a price yet doesn't mean it will not happen.

    And it's also possible, if his luck holds, that the President may become more trusting of his decisions, more disdainful of the advice of allies and establishment advisers and more tempted to give his instincts full rein.

    Such behavior could have implications for the North Korean crisis as experts and allies warn of the consequences of a war on the peninsula that has long been considered as too horrific to contemplate.

    Trump says the isolated state will not be allowed to threaten the United States with a ballistic missile tipped with a nuclear warhead -- a prospect that is just months away from becoming a reality.

    And the President is getting a taste for living up to his promises.”
  4. AirPo

    AirPo with a Touch of Grey

    Not keeping them is impressive? Trumpzarro World.
  5. pakicetus

    pakicetus sternodraugaz

    Except he hasn't just 'not fulfilled' those promises: he's already broken them. Going promise-by-promise:

    Draining the swamp. He said Goldman Sachs was so corrupt that it had "total control of Hillary Clinton," before he chose the president of Goldman Sachs to head the National Economic Council. He chose a billionaire who admitted to using money to buy influence to be secretary of education. He picked another billionaire for his transition team who literally said, "There's a point where no corruption can be a bad thing. It can mean that things are too boring."

    Releasing his tax returns. He said he would release his tax returns once an audit was completed, then didn't. Since then, the White House has said he will never release his tax returns.

    Wiping out the national debt. The Republican tax bill, which he currently supports, would add a trillion dollars to the debt.

    Suing his sexual assault accusers. He said he would do this "after the election," which ended over a year ago.

    Defending LGBT rights. He already banned transgender people from the military. He's also endorsing Roy Moore, who recently said "the transgenders don't have rights" and doesn't exactly like gay people.

    Raising rich people's taxes. He's tweeted in support of "cutting the top rate to 35%." The Republican tax bill would also give the top 1% an average tax cut of $37,000 a year.

    Giving everyone health insurance. He supported a "healthcare bill" that a White House analysis said would throw 26 million people off of health insurance. Plus the Republican tax bill would create millions more uninsured, 13 million more according to the CBO.

    For all of the above promises, Donald Trump either (a) gave a deadline that has already passed or (b) did the opposite of what he said. That means, of all the promises I listed in my other post, there are only two he could possibly still keep: creating "a New Deal for black America" and making Mexico pay for the Wall. Does anyone think he will do either? Do you, personally?
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
  6. Albion

    Albion Facilitator

    OK, I'll be interested to take them one at a time.

    'Draining the swamp' is a term that applies primarily to the Washington bureaucracy, not to Wall Street, but even so, you cannot be serious about expecting him to have completed this task in ten months. It's not like promising to appoint a conservative to the Supreme Court.

    He said he'd do it after the audit of them was finished and his press secretary said that, as of yesterday, it is not.

    Again, it's silly to argue as though he could--or anyone could--get rid of the national debt in ten months, but he worked hard to get a tax reform bill through Congress that would make progress in that direction.

    You consider this to be a broken campaign promise, eh? LOL

    But there are no 'rights: involved in being allowed to serve in the military. People who wear glasses with strong corrections or people with certain tattoos are rejected, and we do not call that a violation of their rights. What's more, you need to address the REASON for reversing this last-minute decree of Barack Obama if you want to press this point.

    You could be right about this one except, as you correctly noted, it's the Congressional Republicans' bill, not Trump's.

    I don't believe you stated the facts correctly in this case.
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  7. Kenny'sID

    Kenny'sID Well-Known Member Supporter

    Oh, please...the facts only confuse the threads purpose...they are not needed nor wanted.
  8. cow451

    cow451 Shaken, Not Stirred Supporter

    United States
    When’s he going to lock up Hillary?