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Does God want us to be happy?

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by princess_ballet, May 29, 2013.

  1. princess_ballet

    princess_ballet Senior Veteran

    I found this article this morning (while searching for something totally different). Perhap this is what I meant by "happiness."

    Someone here at OBOB once told me the same thing. I think *this* is what I no longer believe, not necessarily "happiness." Happiness is more like moments or events. Or looking back on something.

    Desires is more like it.
  2. Luther073082

    Luther073082 κύριε ἐλέησον χριστὲ ἐλέησον

    I just scanned the article, but it seems to me that a Christians top desire is that God's will be done.

    That is of course easier said then done though and a difficulty you will probably experience your whole life. Because it's easy to say "Thy will be done" but what if that will includes him taking my wife and unborn child from me?
  3. WarriorAngel

    WarriorAngel I close my eyes and see you smile Supporter

    Happiness to me is contentment and trust in the Lord.
    Knowing He hears me when we converse - and He gives me what i need to get by.
    To me the fact He allows me the grace to carry thru the hard times is saying something.

    When my mom died - i was fortunate in my faith and trust - [same with my dad] His grace helped me see it wasnt forever goodbye - it was a short separation while i carried on in this life.
    Yes, i did cry - becos i miss them... but the best part was hope. His grace gives us hope to reunite again forever without pain or sorrow.

    He shows us the better way to get thru things. Getting thru things while we are not with Him... Who is peace, joy, love, and pure happiness. [which no words on earth can explain - our emotions are pale insignificant shadows of His love]

    satan wants us to think its now we need sheer joy - and folks who seek that now - will get pretty saddened becos its just not going to happen. We have sin in the world - and satan to tempt us away from the path to true happiness.

    Let go - and be content. In contentment and trust you do find a solace away from this world.
  4. princess_ballet

    princess_ballet Senior Veteran

    That is absolutely NOT what that article is talking about. It isn't just "thy will be done" and we sit around and let life happen to us. And that's easy to say, but it's completely meaningless. We don't know what God's will is, nor do we have anyway of knowing.

    Rather, the article is indicating that if WE are desiring something (as long as it is something good/right/whatever), then it would be God's plan to fulfill that.

    Like the one guy desired to be a monk (weird, but whatever).