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Does God still love me?

Discussion in 'Serious Stuff' started by ImperfectGirl, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. ImperfectGirl

    ImperfectGirl Welcoming new members.. &

    I feel like I've done lots of things that dissapoint God.
    One day I wen't online and found an adult site. It was in a weird time of my life, and I was very confused. I felt alone and didn't know what to do. So I joined the site. I did some things I regret A Lot, but I've moved past that stage now, and I wan't God in my life. I don't ever want to do anything like what I did before, ever again.

    After all that God has done to me, I feel truly bad about all the bad things I've done.
    I don't know if I should post the personal stuff on here, but I feel like God isnt near me. I try and pray, though I have to admit I don't do it so often.
    I pray for forgiveness, but still I feel so bad. I keep wondering; God ever forgive me?

    *sigh* I wan't to be a better person, and leave all that behind me. :(

    p.s. please don't judge me and think I'm a terrible person :(
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  2. Barricade24

    Barricade24 Member

    United States
    Honestly, you couldn't have done half the horrible things I have. But I was once in the same boat as you. I did horrible things slightly similar to what it sounds like you have.

    I remember being so caught up in my sin that it was all I cared about. Literally. Nothing else mattered. Of course a time can when I just stopped in my tracks and thought to myself: "What am I doing?" I fell into a very depressed state after that. I thought for months "God would never forgive me." But I one day asked God to help me to confess what I had done so I could be free of my guilt and it was like a great weight was lifted off of me. Of course after that I still felt bad but I eventually came to realise that no matter what you've done no matter how many mistakes you have made--God will always forgive you. As long as you have faith...you are forgiven Jesus made sure of that.

    I would recommend doing some reading in your Bible. Find some verses that will help you understand God's true, caring love.

    I will pray that you will understand how much God loves you.
  3. Fotis Greece

    Fotis Greece Newbie

    Salvation Army
    In Relationship

    Well i think that God has already forgiven you... you have admited your sins... and you feel bad about them( that's good ) because it's the voice of the holy spirit talking you about the bad things you have done. If you trully repent for what have you done... it would be like never anything happened. Because when you repent, a new life starts.God is the most caring being in the universe... he is better than any friend any advice any ... He loves you, and he loves me, he loves everyone. He died on the cross to take our sins, he suffered for our sins.All we have to do is to repent and admit our sins and then try not to do them again.Then we we live in peace. I will give you my favorite bible verse to see how mercifull is God ''Luke 23:39-43''
  4. hopeseven77

    hopeseven77 Newbie

    i know temptation can get to a point that you feel like God let satan somehow tempt you beyond what you can bare, but that is NOT true. yes, it's tough, but you MUST endure. resist the devil and he will flee, then you will realize your urge to go to adult sites will fade away, and you will feel God's peace come into you. it's better to suffer while resisting sin instead of enjoying yourself in sin. Trust in Jesus, that He will give you that peace beyond description that He mentions in the Holy Bible. endure, stay faithful, and trust Jesus Christ.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2012
  5. HollyVB

    HollyVB Newbie

    In Relationship
    I think the hardest thing to learn (especially for myself) is that God will always love you. No matter what you do, no matter what you say. Even if you don't meet your own standards and feel like you've done terrible things, God will never stop loving you.
  6. shabbo148

    shabbo148 A teenager in search

    Course he does. God even loved hitler. He just hated what he did.
  7. SteelWolf1776

    SteelWolf1776 Newbie

    In Relationship
    Our father loves us 100% he wont love us any more when we become better and he wont love us less for anything we can do. I know you feel sorrow, and you feel disgusted with yourself but you are perfect in his eyes. He loves us no matter what we do. You need to let go of your sorrow, your pain, and let the father lift your life to the heavens. If you have received him in your life you are saved. His love will fight fear, evil or temptation. I would advise to lightly fast and pray, pray as constant as you feel you need it, and his truth will be revealed.
  8. Dantheman2012

    Dantheman2012 Believer in Yahuwah and Son, Yahushua Ha Moschiac!

    I am sorry to hear your situation, I know your pain. You have to put your trust in Him, pray, read the bible. etc... He listens to you, he can hear your cries, and will help you go in the right direction. Keep praying, and studying the Bible... I tell you though, it's not easy. Satan will not go down without a fight. You just have to pray and pray.

    Praying for you, and your family. I pray that the Father will help you overcome this hard situation and that he will help you to the right path.. :prayer:
  9. ImperfectGirl

    ImperfectGirl Welcoming new members.. &

    Thank you all so much,it truly helped me a lot. <3
  10. BeforeTheSanhedrin

    BeforeTheSanhedrin Newbie

    Make no mistake, you are precious to God, and though I don't know you, because you are precious to the one I serve, you are precious to me. Love is patient, and won't give up on you no matter what you do in your life. If this love can overcome the grave, then it can surely overlook the wrongs of your life.
  11. arvbuddy

    arvbuddy Disciple

    I just want to add something else that I just said to another person. When you accept Jesus Christ in to you your life, you are no longer a Sinner. You are a Saint. You will be forgiven for admitting your sin and no matter the sin, you will be forgiven. The worst sin would be to not accept his Forgiveness. You must move on regardless of what you have done. You can't dwell in what you've done before, but you surely can do a whole lot better in the future to lift Him up :) Hope I helped and everyone else before me!! ^^
  12. meredithraven

    meredithraven lover of life

    As long as you love Jesus and believe in Him with all your heart, and strive for a relationship with him, you will be forgiven, no matter your sin, because you are a Daughter of Christ.
  13. Gath

    Gath Newbie

    Assuming that the Christian God exists, he loves you regardless of anything you've done. And regardless of whether or not he exists, you should always be willing to recognize your flaws and deal with them accordingly.
  14. Redheadedstepchild

    Redheadedstepchild Child of God Supporter

    Mod Hat

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