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Does God hold me accountable for my OCD thoughts?

Discussion in 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' started by pinkjess, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. pinkjess

    pinkjess There she goes...at the speed of sound

    Does God hold me accountable for my OCD thoughts?
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2009
  2. lunapearl

    lunapearl Newbie

    I don't have an answer for that! Often times I wonder if my ocd is real or if my diagnosis is legitimate. Maybe I'm just the most selfish person in the world and "ocd" is just the world's way of giving a new name to sin. But, when I'm thinking straight, I know I have ocd and I know that I always will.
    Sometimes I do wonder whether God expects me to have better control of it, and if I don't have that control, is it sin? I'll be interested to see how others respond to this because I really don't know. Is the thought itself sin, or are behaviors we engage in after the thought sin??? It could be that none of it is sin since it's a condition we have. God knows who we are and what we are. He knows our struggles. He sent Jesus to pay for our sins! If it is sin Jesus already paid it all!
  3. trippe

    trippe Newbie

    Im not too sure either. I always feel condemed and i cant determine the line between temptation and sin. I do know that i question whether or not OCD is something legitimate as well or if it is like you said something made up to excuse sin and wrong behavior. I also know that i dont want to be like this. Its all very confusing. I wouldnt go by me though or what i say because i cant remember when i was truly happy ever or felt completely clean. I just pray that clarity and peace will eventually come.
  4. keryakos

    keryakos Well-Known Member

    The answer is no no more that he holds you acountable foor sneezing both are involuntary actions
  5. JohnnieGuy

    JohnnieGuy Junior Member

    God doesn't hold any believer accountable for anything. Jesus paid the price for all your sins on the Cross.
  6. annrobert

    annrobert Jesus is my Shelter my Refuge my Fortress

    Jesus will never hold people accountable for ocd thoughts.
    Would a parent get angry and punish a baby for stumbling while trying to walk,
    or how about a child who stuttered,what would help the child most, fear of a spanking for something they cannot help or unconditional love.
    Jesus knows that people hate the ocd disorder and want it gone.He knows about all our problems and here cares and has compassion.
    Even is someone thought it was sin ,Jesus died for the sins of the whole world.
    However a tormenting affliction is not sin.
    keryakos and Johnnieguys posts are excellent.
  7. Jonteel

    Jonteel Regular Member

    Hi, when I was young I was OCD.

    I believe our enemy is the originator of many of our dumb ideas. Like when you on on a cliff and are looking into the valley, that little voice that says, "Jump." is either an evil Angel, or Satan.

    I wasn't an educated Christian, but I know that it was not me that suggested that God would kill my parents if I didn't arrange the books in the library.

    Tip: Since I was not eating properly (when I had OCD) then perhaps you might want to eat a little more. I suggest every three or four hours. It takes time to adjust to a good diet. Don't give up. Once you get used to it, you may loose a lot of weight. I am (with God's help) writing a book on that.

    Oh, when I was OCD, I was sticking to a strict high protien diet. I was a male (athlete) anorexic. I wanted the perfect body. When I became extremely depressed, I didn't care what I ate, and then (full of good food) my OCD vanished.

    I also decided that God did not want to kill my parents.
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