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Does a new rosary have to be blessed?

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by teresapartridge, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. teresapartridge

    teresapartridge Newbie

    Does a new rosary have to blessed by a priest, before it can be prayed with? What happens if the rosary CAN'T be blessed?

  2. SemperFidelis

    SemperFidelis Mean, angry Traditionalist

    No, it doesn't have to ever be blessed. Of course, if you can have it blesses, that is only a good thing, but it's not like Mary and Christ will suddenly ignore any prayers made on a unblessed rosary.

  3. 2WhomShallWeGo

    2WhomShallWeGo Well-Known Member

    Some blessings exorcise an object and all blessings place a prayer on an object to consecrate toward a purpose. A blessing is a powerful assist. but the lack of a blessing does not prevent us from using an object towards a holy purpose. We are meant to use everything in our possession for love of God be they blessed or unblessed. Certainly we do not stop using a thing because it is unblessed or we would never get much of anything done. So their is no sin or error or foolishness in using a rosary you have yet been unable to have blessed. but if you have one that is blessed there is a benefit to that that the other can not provide.
  4. Aussigirl

    Aussigirl Newbie

  5. benedictaoo

    benedictaoo Legend

    Only if you want the indulgence does it need to be blessed. You can pray it and reap the grace from it as you can from any prayer and not have it blessed. But if you want the indulgence, then have it blessed.

    and you do not need beads to pray it even. Its prayer, not a magic bullet.

    Now, there is the issue of blessing objects around you or in your home to send the devil to flight if he is harassing you... That would be another benefit to having it blessed.
  6. GrowingSmaller

    GrowingSmaller Can we come up for some real air (truth) now?

    Isn't it true that anyone can bless an ordinary object, e.g. a car, but a priests blessings are to be preferred?
  7. benedictaoo

    benedictaoo Legend

    No. I heard we think that mistakenly. Only priests and Deacons can bless objects. We can say "God bless you" but it's not the same blessing as a priestly blessing that only a priest can give.

    we can sprinkle holy water on stuff but it's not considered a blessed object, consecrated, or set apart for God's use.

    We can ward off evil with the use of Holy water and salt.
  8. PilgrimToChrist

    PilgrimToChrist Well-Known Member

    No. We can, of course, ask God to bless our food and such.

    A father can also bless his children. This is shown Scripturally when Isaac imparts his blessing to Jacob. This is because fathers have a certain authority over their children.