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Doctors, Nurses, EMT’s, C N A’s, Firemen, and Policemen and Woman let us not forget them

Discussion in 'General Politics' started by Mark Dohle, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Mark Dohle

    Mark Dohle Well-Known Member

    United States
    Doctors, Nurses, EMT’s, C N A’s, Firemen, and Policemen and Woman
    let us not forget them

    It was after compline, and I was preparing to go to bed when I got an important phone call from a very dear friend of mine. Dr. Glen Johnson is a Cardiologist and lives in New Orleans. I met him in the year 2000 when he helped me out when I really needed some medical attention. He knew it even before I did.

    I stayed at his place for a week after the procedure I needed, and during that time I learned a lot about him. Not so much what he told me, but I did observe. For instance, he was on call 24 hours a day. Even on his days off, he would be awoken two or three times a night to deal with some sort of emergency or another. He is a leader, and a type ‘A’ personality, which I believe is necessary for his line of work. He gave his all for his patients. He once told me that he looks out for his quiet patients, the outspoken ones get what they need, but the quiet ones can be overlooked. He even pays cab fare for the elderly, so they can come and see him. He told me at one point that “He was born to be a Doctor”, well I believe it.

    Last night he called to see how we are doing. He made sure I understood how serious this situation was and ask if we were following proper procedures to keep the virus out of the Monastery. He worries because we are elderly for the most part. He worries about everyone. He has many friends. I have met some of them, and let me tell you, he has some wonderful people that he surrounds himself with. To say that I am honored that he considers me and the monks in the Monastery as his friends is very humbling for me.

    He let me know what is going on his New Orleans and how much pressure the health care professionals are under. I cannot even begin to imagine the deep suffering these people go through every day, seeing those that they are fighting to save, die. He is a man of faith, and many are who are in the health care profession, and many have shared with me stories of how God has entered into their practice, and some of the stories are astounding.

    Dr. Michael Manning is the doctor for the Monastery. He comes out once a month, and a kinder, gentler man you would ever have the honor of meeting. Family doctors get to know their patients, and I have no doubt love them deeply and suffer, with them, and when they lose a patient they are saddened.

    I have known C N A’s who believe that their calling is from God. They love their patients as well and often have to do back-breaking labor to take care of them. They are underpaid, and overworked, especially in nursing homes, yet they persist. From my experience, the majority of C N A’s are like that.

    I can’t say enough about nurses, they are truly loving, compassionate human being. Nurse Rose has been with us for 14 years now, and she has been a healing/loving presence in our community. We also have two nurses (Sue and Susan) who work for us at this time, because Rose is having some medical issues. They are just a dedicated as Rose is.

    EMT’s, firemen, and the police also have my respect. They give themselves fully to their jobs, and from what I have seen from them, they see their jobs as a special calling.

    In this time of crisis, let us not forget these fine men and women who put themselves in danger to serve the rest of us. Jesus said that the greatest among us are those who serve, try to understand that when you meet one of these special people.

    True, some burn out, they need our compassion and support.—Br-MD
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  2. hislegacy

    hislegacy This is me.

    United States