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Do you think when people are dying they can see the other side?

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by Michie, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. LiturgyInDMinor

    LiturgyInDMinor Celtic Rite Old Catholic Church

    She told my mom who was with her that she was with her own formerly deceased brothers and sisters (my mom's aunts and uncles).
  2. JimR-OCDS

    JimR-OCDS God Cannot Be Grasped, Except Through Love It's My Birthday!

    I believe these things do happen.

    I know when I was a hospice volunteer,I learned that this was more common than not.

    Death isn't the end, I have no doubt about it,

  3. Michie

    Michie Perch Perkins. Catholic reporter. ;) Supporter

    I was tempted to ask Emogene about Heaven but I felt it was inapppropriate unless she brought it up to me.
  4. Happy Mystic

    Happy Mystic Newbie

    In Relationship
    I agree death is not the end if we believe Jesus. :thumbsup:
  5. The Penitent Man

    The Penitent Man the penitent man shall pass

    Why not?

    I don't understand your skepticism.
  6. 2WhomShallWeGo

    2WhomShallWeGo Well-Known Member

    scripture says "The eye has not heard the ear has not seen what God has waiting for those who love Him."

    Even miraculous stuff that happens to saints shouldn't be seen as anything but an analogy of heaven. Heaven is a physical and mental and Spiritual state. it's not something a person comes back from either.

    So the saints have seen the other side in a sense but it is in a way impossible to fully see the other side.
  7. Jaystadpole1

    Jaystadpole1 Newbie

    Absolutely!! I believe people see the other side while on their death bed if they are truly a Christian. I am a nurse in a nursing home. I have seen people die for 16 yrs. !) I have seen a woman hug her beloved roommate and friend before bed as was their routine. The roommate tells her she will see her in the morning. The lady responds, "No. The next time you see me will be in Heaven." She was not on her deathbed but up walking. She died that night. The daughter then revealed she had overheard her mother praying that morning out loud and telling God she was ready. She had never heard her pray that way before. 2) I once had a lady point and say from her deathbed, "Arent they beautiful?" We asked who and she said, "The angels. Just look at them." 3) I've also had one lady who was 103 refuse to go into a room because she said she could see dark death angels around a dying mans bed. 4) I have had one man die screaming his legs and feet were on fire. We had no idea if it was nerves in his legs or otherwise. That was scary. 5) I've had people tell us to look at things and try to describe how beautiful things were that they were seeing. It was like an expression of awe on their face. Eyes big and bright. They cant seem to understand why we cant see the same thing they see. Often I think you just have to be there over and over and see their face. They can be out of it for days and then when taking their last breath they can have the most happiest smile light up their face and they pass. It's like a peace and a joy they have really waited their whole life for. I can't help but know that GOD IS REAL. The things I've seen alone would make me a believer.