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Do you think God has a sense of humor?

Discussion in 'CF Polls Archive' started by Blessed-one, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Yes.. and no..

  4. Let me get back to you in a few years or so

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  1. Blessed-one

    Blessed-one a long journey ahead

    Do you think God has a sense of humor? (why?)
  2. Konnie

    Konnie Bound For Promised Land

    Yes, I think God has a sense of humor.
  3. Machin Shin

    Machin Shin Future Missionary

    absolutely! just look at some of US! if God din't have a sence of humor, the world would be SOOO boring. but then, of course, God does have a deadly serious side.
  4. LiberatedChick

    LiberatedChick Contributor

    Yeah I reckon so.
  5. ChristianCandy

    ChristianCandy Live Well, Laugh Often, and Love the Lord!

    Look at the giraffe with his great biggggg loooooong neck!!!

    Do you see a sense of humour in that?

    Or look at the ant-eater....LOL
  6. Ave Maria

    Ave Maria Ave Maria Gratia Plena

    Yes, I believe God has a sense of humor. How could he not have?? As Machin Shin, said, it'd be incredibly boring watching the world if you don't have a sense of humor. But of course, he does have a serious side though. I tend to think of God as a light hearted kind of god.
  7. Ryder

    Ryder Whatever was the deplorable word

    He must. :D
  8. Idieh74

    Idieh74 New Member

    ABsolutely He does or why would we? We are created in His image and it is the negative stuff like sin that we have that He doen't. Humor tends to be positive so ...of course he does. Look at Balaam's donkey! He made a donkey talk LOL.
  9. pgp_protector

    pgp_protector Noted strange person

    Yes, he must :)

    Take a look on how some curses were removed in the bible (Golden Hemorids anyone)
  10. RyanLJohnson1

    RyanLJohnson1 I'm a Christian <img src="http://www3.christianfor

    I know that G-d has a sense of humour for two reasons:
    1. He created me
    2. He created the platypus

    Love in Yeshua,
  11. DeusAmante

    DeusAmante Member

    Heck Ya! He created the giraffe didn't he?
  12. Columbia

    Columbia New Member

    Yes, definitly! :)
  13. waterbear

    waterbear Well-Known Member

    Yes and No...

    No in the sense that God doesn't need humor as a coping mechanism, which is a primary role of humor amongst people. Additionally, God cannot be surprised, which is a huge element in humor.

    Yes in the sense that God, as an onipotent being, can have whatever He wants. If He wants to have a sense of Humor, so shall He have it.
  14. Kristi1

    Kristi1 His Daughter

    I voted yes, just look at everyone! Thank God we are Not the Same!!

    Blessings, \o/

  15. Faith In God

    Faith In God A little FIG is all we need...

    In Relationship
    reserved sense of humor. I don't recall in the bible where God laughed...

    He is quite serious, but I don't think jokes have anything wrong with them.
  16. Ashlynn

    Ashlynn Mrs. Paria

    How could God NOT have a sense of humour...have you lived life lately :D

    I dont remember in the Bible that it says anything about Jesus laughing do we take it to mean that he did not- of course not.
  17. Moros

    Moros Well-Known Member


    Quite obviously.
  18. Faith In God

    Faith In God A little FIG is all we need...

    In Relationship
    :D interesting point.
  19. DeusAmante

    DeusAmante Member

    I have a couple of questions to start off with. First; where did we get our natural ability to laugh at silly or funny things; or to distinguish between the austere and the laid back moments? Secondly; do you agree that all good characteristics come from God--since we are made in His likeness? Anyway...no, I do not believe the Lord is "funny"---"fun" is not in the Bible...nor is He foolish, and proverbs blatently speaks out against foolishness. But, I think he has a certain sense of humor about Him, because why would he enable us to laugh--and give us that instinct? Everything good comes from Him--laughing isn't bad! Sooo...I completely think the Lord has a sense of humor. :)

    Have a great day in Christ :D

    In His Grip,
    Hannah :holy:
  20. Faith In God

    Faith In God A little FIG is all we need...

    In Relationship
    yes. good point. it seems that there is no gene or anything like it among humans that shows that people actually have a sense of humor. it is not definate, and animals don't have a sense of humor, but people do, naturally. even my three-year-old nephew can make up jokes for us to laugh at. and since we are made in God's image, it would stand to reason that God can appreciate jokes. but I agree in that God needs no coping mechanism.
    I myself don't laugh to cover up other emotions: i laugh because it's funny.