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Do you find intelligence intimidating?

Discussion in 'Singles (Only*)' started by GoodNewsJim, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. GoodNewsJim

    GoodNewsJim Senior Veteran

    I've heard people say this in the past, but I find intelligence attractive.
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  2. Andrew12

    Andrew12 A Knight of the Lord

    nope. same here. :)
  3. Inkachu

    Inkachu Bursting with fruit flavor!

    Heck no, I'm constantly irked and discouraged at the lack of basic brains in the general population. A guy with smarts (who is also humble and approachable) is the most attractive thing in the world. I can't be with someone who bores me.
  4. crishmael

    crishmael nothing but the rain

    Nope. It's nice to occasionally stumble upon a worthy opponent. :p

    All kidding aside, intelligence is a wonderful quality and often unappreciated.
  5. Fremdin

    Fremdin Contributor

    Well, it depends on how they treat their intelligence.
  6. Obzocky

    Obzocky Senior Contributor

    It depends on the individual application of said intelligence. Sometimes an individuals belief in their own intelligence can be forced upon you to the extent it can be quite intimidating, even smothering.

    If they were leaps and bounds ahead of me in the intelligence stakes it wouldn't be intimidating so much as a constant feeling of not being intelligent enough to have stimulating conversations with them.
  7. EyesOfKohl

    EyesOfKohl Sufi

    I find intelligence attractive as well.

    True, as they say, 'It's one thing to learn wisdom, but another thing how to use it.'
  8. Blank123

    Blank123 Legend

    heck no. I actually dunno why it would be. Everybody is intelligent in some way. My aptitudes may not be what Bob Bobbinson's are, but we're both intelligent people. Its the different ways that people's intelligence comes out I find so very interesting.

    People who are smug about their intelligence or who refuse to use their God-given intelligence though... not intimidating, just annoying.
  9. leothelioness

    leothelioness Well-Known Member

    United States
    No. I'm intelligent myself, so it's less of an intimidation and more of a "oh, great. We can talk about the same things!" feeling. lol

    Now, if somebody is like Albert Einstein intelligent and is constantly talking about the Theory of Relativity or something, yeah, that would be intimidating. lol
  10. Amber.ly

    Amber.ly Predictably eccentric and honestly hypocritical

    Nope. When you grow up with brilliant siblings, you grow immune to awe of intelligence.

    But I admit, unless you are passionate about your conversation choice, I will probably grow bored talking to you if the topic is over my head. Intelligence in a book smart way can be great but it also can be a negative if all you have is the head knowledge and no actual interest in what you are conversing about. So intelligence in and of itself is boring unless there is a drive behind it.
  11. Brad2009

    Brad2009 Newbie

  12. Oddish

    Oddish May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD.

    No. I like to learn from others.
  13. Tink

    Tink our God is faithful. ♥ Supporter

    This. :)
  14. MehGuy

    MehGuy Free speech warrior degenerate Supporter

    United States
    Intelligence in an innovative sense yeah... Able to apply knowledge in diverse and new ways...

    Someone who will "go there" thought wise is attractive as well.

    It also depends where they stand, I'd rather has someone be more naturalistic than spiritual.

    I want to be able to develop theories with my significant other and whatnot. Even use each other for little experiments.
  15. There is no such thing as general intelligence as far as I am concerned. People have different forms of intelligence in certain areas. Some people are more well balanced, while others are extremely talented in some things, such as math, while completely unintelligent in other areas (like social skills).
  16. Boomquishi

    Boomquishi Newbie

    The only time intelligence becomes a negative thing in my opinion would be when the person who is really intelligent is also really arrogant or when the person who is not as intelligent has very low self esteem.
  17. Fremdin

    Fremdin Contributor

    All right Gardner :p
  18. Themistocles

    Themistocles Newbie

    Depends. I find it intimidating when one person is intelligent in wildly disparate ways. For instance, I know a girl who's an engineer....and just happens to be a brilliant writer besides (brilliant enough that she could likely have been a great novelist...and might yet be....she's young yet). I knew a girl in college who was a Math and English double major...and she was great- not good, but great- at both. I don't necessarily find well-roundedness intimidating because lots of people are well rounded. But I'm taken aback by well-roundedness on a seriously high level (someone who could be a Picasso or a Pascal). I was reading about Wallace Stevens recently, a poet from the first half of the 20th century. He started off as a successful lawyer, then became a serious force in the business world. And all the while he was quietly composing some of the most remarkable poetry of his era. The two worlds didn't touch. Some of his closest business friends scarcely realized he was a major poet and vice versa. I sort of think that when someone has that wide of an array of skills they're probably better off separating things like that. We're only human. We can process and tolerate and appreciate a special prodigy because, as others have pointed out, prodigy often comes with drawbacks. It's much harder to accept that someone is not only better than us at the things we're not good at but also better at the things we are.
  19. Rory

    Rory The Dude abides...

    Yes and no.

    No, because I also find it attractive. I love smart women.

    Yes, because even if I don't mind if they might be more intelligent at some things, not sure if they will feel ok with that. I consider myself intelligent but as has been said, it may be in different areas as someone I like. So it can be a little intimidating depending on the situation.
  20. Apollo Celestio

    Apollo Celestio Deal with it.

    Christian Seeker
    Typically not the first thing I think of when encountering intelligence. Admittedly I'm drawn to intelligent people..but not sexually.