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Do you experience this as well sometimes in some way

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Sink' started by Franki(ncense), Sep 18, 2020.

  1. Franki(ncense)

    Franki(ncense) You will never walk alone. In Him we are fruitful. Supporter

    United Kingdom
    Whenever i forget to wake up and pray, exactly around that time that i should be up praying, i hear my Mum calling me and then just open my eyes and to my surprise when i look at the time, it will be prayer time. Now the funny thing is, i'll be alone at home when this happens. On another occasion, i felt a hand shaking me with vigour, such that i woke up immediately but was very very shocked and frightened for a moment as i was alone again at home. Anyone else experienced this in one way or another?

    A mate of mine also said, she usually hears a loud knock on her bedroom door whenever she oversleeps.
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  2. Bob Crowley

    Bob Crowley Well-Known Member Supporter

    Unfortunately not

    I'm more like the comedian who says he does thirty sit-ups each morning before breakfast.

    He said he could only hit the snooze button so many times.
  3. LightBearer

    LightBearer Veteran

    Jehovahs Witness
    :) You get your exercise where you can.
  4. Unqualified

    Unqualified Member

    United States
    I ask the Lordto wake me up sometimes and He does. Other times I don’t set my alarm but wake up on time. The rest of the time I sleep in. When I get up at night and go by the clock if I’m supposed to get up and pray with China. Special numbers. There are many-I get up a lot and pray.
  5. Ophiolite

    Ophiolite Recalcitrant Procrastinating Ape

    United Kingdom
    Most of us have an effective internal clock. I would routinely wake up from two to five minutes before my alram clock was due to go off. If I had to get up earlier, perhaps for a flight, I would envisage the clock face as it would like at the time I wished to wake. This would take a few seconds before I went to sleep for the night. Invariably I would wake within five minutes of the target time. Give it a try - I think you will be pleasantly surprised.