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Do suicides go to heaven?

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by proverbswisdom, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Hayabusa

    Hayabusa Guest

    If suicide sent believers to heaven, then what is stopping us all from just doing ourselves in, since God will just forgive us anyway? The truth is, the devil is the one who deceives people to the point of committing suicide because he wants people to damn themselves. To say suicide is no big deal is to greatly underestimate how grave this sin truly is.
  2. iambren

    iambren Newbie

    Born again believer has a job working as a roofer. One day he's on a roof, misses a nail and hits his thumb. He takes the Lord's name in vain(but usually isn't a cusser). At that instant the Lord returns, no time to repent.

    Does he go to heaven or hell?
  3. znr

    znr Report THIS. Supporter

    Christian Seeker
    If he has OCD, he goes to hell. Normal brain? Straight to heaven.

  4. Brazilian

    Brazilian Newbie

    All I see on your posts, regardless your opinion, is love and care. Suicide is an issue hard to touch since we fear for the possible consequences of our words over someone, especially over the one who suffers psychological pain. I know that you've just showed your point of view here because you want to help somehow; otherwise, you wouldn't have wasted time and energy debating so hard an issue. Thank you. I've learnt a lot.
  5. stormdancer0

    stormdancer0 Do not be so open-minded that your brain falls out

    Because believers follow Christ. He performed His calling, and we perform ours. I can't wait til I get to Heaven and be with Jesus in person, to see Him and walk with Him. I get all tingly when I think of it. But I know that I belong to God, and it is His decision when I go to Him.

    However, depression is a very serious disease that changes how you see things, how you understand things.

    Imagine a brain disorder that makes you see everything blue as dangerous. You could know beyond a doubt that the sky is safe, but if your brain says it's dangerous, all you can understand is, it's dangerous.

    It's the same with depression. You can know, beyond a doubt, that your problems are transitory, that God wants you to stay here, that He loves you. But your brain is telling you that none of it matters. you are in an oppressive balloon of pain and sadness and nothing will ever change from this second, right now. A part of you knows it's a lie, but sometimes, it's a very small part of you.

    I've been there. I would say that most people have felt this for a short time, when a loved one dies, or a relationship ends. But others have a chemical imbalance in their brain that makes them more likely to have these emotions, and more likely to have them last for extensive amounts of time.

    Think of the saddest you've ever been. A relative died, or something. Now imagine feeling that, for no reason, day after day, year after year.

    We are too hard on those considering this step, and we are FAR too hard on the memories of those who have killed themselves.

    We must counsel those who are depressed.

    And we must leave the judging to God. Only He knows the hearts of man.
  6. stormdancer0

    stormdancer0 Do not be so open-minded that your brain falls out

    What does OCD have to do with it?
  7. znr

    znr Report THIS. Supporter

    Christian Seeker
    Nothing. But a lot of people who suffer with OCD feel that with every indiscretion comes damnation. And unfortunately bad teaching out there agrees, and people are not learning grace and learning about redemption from these bad teachings. I can see why my whacky comment doesn't fit in. Sometimes I have a terrible time sitting still long enough to make sense.

  8. Mcrfan343

    Mcrfan343 Jesus Freak for life.

    If the circumstances are right, yes they would go to Heaven. You're only damned to hell if you die a non-believer.
  9. Angelfrog

    Angelfrog Rock, paper, JESUS! I win!

    Absolutely this.

    Speaking specifically in the case of Christians -of course suicide is a sin. Of course it breaks God's heart - but I'd bet my last penny (Yikes! Gambling now- I'm doomed!) that it grieves God not because He's frowning and saying 'How DARE you decide to play Me and think you have the right to decide that you can take your life!' but because He knows how much pain his child was in and what inner despair they must have suffered that they felt this was the only solution.

    My in-laws had a very good friend. They were very close to her and her husband. The woman suffered depression for most of her life. A couple of years after I'd married into the family, they received the news that she had committed suicide. They were devastated, of course and the funeral was a very hard one for them to attend. She was a true born again Christian and she loved God with all her heart.
    Neither they, nor I have any doubt that she was saved- and that her eternity is going to be spent with the Lord.

    Her suicide note, I'm told, was full of apologies- full of regret that she was going to do this- full of admitting that it wasn't good- but saying that she couldn't bear waking up another day feeling like this.

    Insensitive people who are, as Iambren says, ignorant- as in lacking understanding not as in stupid- would no doubt call her a coward. They would say she didn't really love God (she sure as heck loved her hubby- but still couldn't face life, even with him there every day). They would say she wasn't 'really' saved. Total, utter Bull, by the way- that woman was saved with bells on!
    They may say that others manage to come out of it, so she must have been weak. I've been so depressed in the past that, yes, at one in my life- my early 20s- despite being 100% born again, I seriously contemplated suicide. Obviously- I'm still here. I coped, found a way, threw myself completely onto God, whatever and however one wants to explain it. Does that make me a better person than her? No. It makes me different.

    It also made me understand how some people are driven to that point- how it feels to wake up under that black cloud and feeling that you can't- just can't endure it any longer.

    My own mother has also suffered depression- and, about a year after my own struggles with suicidal thoughts, attempted it herself with an overdose.

    Had she succeeded, do I think she'd have gone to heaven? No- I don't. She wasn't a Christian. It's not the act that sends one to hell- it's whether or not your name is in the Lamb's book of life- whether or not you've been born again.

    In a similar vein, I was at a church group once when a lady gave her testimony. She'd been a born again Christian for many years and, to cut a long story short, ended up with massive financial struggles. The whys and wherefores aren't relevant. She had the chance to take some money- a very large amount of money. It was theft, pure and simple. As a Christian, she knew it was wrong. But she was in such need and despair that she took it. Yes, of course she should have trusted God. Yes, of course there were a ton of other actions she could- and should -have taken. But she let despair get the better of her and gave in to temptation.

    She said how she felt 'dirty' taking the money. She felt guilty. She said 'sorry' to God- AS she was taking it. She actually cried as she took it home.

    But she still took it.
    What if she'd been hit by a bus on the way home- and been killed? She hadn't repented of stealing the money. Would she have gone to hell, despite being born again. Ok- she was saying sorry as she stole it- but one could argue that if she was really sorry, she wouldn't have gone through with it.

    Of course she'd still be saved. Of course she wouldn't go to hell- because she was a born again, saved child of God.

    How many suicides die with 'sorry' on their lips, I wonder.

    Of course suicide is wrong. So is stealing. So is adultery. So is telling lies and so on. And sin is sin...and not one is 'better' than another. I fail to see how dying before repenting of any of those makes a Christian more heaven-bound than a Christian who felt reduced to the tragedy of suicide. I fail to see how a blood- bought believer gets the cover of salvation whipped off them for committing the 'wrong' sin.

    I'm pretty sure that the Bible never states anywhere that suicide is the Unforgiveable Sin.