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Do Anglicans believe in Purgatory?

Discussion in 'Scripture,Tradition,Reason-Anglican & Old Catholic' started by Cary.Melvin, Apr 13, 2005.

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  1. Cary.Melvin

    Cary.Melvin Roman Orthodox

    Do Anglicans believe in Purgatory?

    I have heard that C.S. Lewis (famous Anglican) did believe in Purgatory. Was he typical of what an Anglican might believe on the subject? If so what goes on in Anglican Purgatory?

  2. TomUK

    TomUK What would Costanza do? Supporter

    I'm not sure. The bible speaks of the need to be purified by fire and i believe that upon death we will all need to go through some sort of purification.
  3. gitlance

    gitlance Future priest in the Holy Catholic Church...

    Some believe in a literal place, some believe that it's a process you go through at some point after death, others believe it doesn't exist.

    Several of Paul's letters, as well as references in the Apocrypha, lend credit to there being a state of purification after death -- but as to the exact specifics (when, where, how) I don't think we can be entirely sure.
  4. PaladinValer

    PaladinValer Traditional Orthodox Anglican

    Anglicans will agree that we do not go immediately to heaven or hell. As we are a Creedal church, we believe in the Second Coming, Resurrection, and Judgment as stated in the Nicene Creed.

    We will descend to the dead, just as Jesus Himself did. And, just as Jesus Himself did, we will be raised from death in the Resurrection at the Second Coming to be Judged.

    Our continued regeneration will continue while awaiting for said "Last Day," so there is definitely a purification aspect to this period of waiting.

    What many of us will disagree with is that, once we have finished our purification, we go immediately to heaven. We continue to wait, for our purification can only be finished once Jesus Himself declares us pure, not just by a particular judgment. Only the True Judge can declare us truly fit for heaven or hell.

    In all other aspects, then yes; we Anglicans do believe in "Purgatory." The name itself does suggest a primary function of the place souls go to upon death, so it isn't an inaccurate name for it. Personally though, I call it "Sheol," which is its ancient name.
  5. Antman_05

    Antman_05 Guest

    Though i'm a Pressy i went to and Anglican school, an we weren't tought about Purgatory. Mind you i'm not sure if it was High Anglican or not, i think i lent towards high Anglican,

    If anyone knows is they might be able to tell me its called: Anglican Church Gramma School. Its in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  6. Albion

    Albion Facilitator

    In fact, I don't think that there is any doctrine that is not believed by some Anglican.

    That is why asking "Do Anglicans..." is always going to lead to a muddled answer. The Church itself doesn't, and its official statements don't support the idea, and the Book of Common Prayer doesn't give any credence to Purgatory; but what "Anglicans believe" can be just about anything. I know Anglicans in good standing who believe that the church should be under the Papacy, for instance, so I couldn't say that even that most reliable point of difference would be ruled out absolutely if the question were "Do Anglicans believe in the Pope?"
  7. julian the apostate

    julian the apostate rule byzantium

    albion<<In fact, I don't think that there is any doctrine that is not believed by some Anglican.

    amen,, my thoughts exactly
    made me laugh
  8. cenimo

    cenimo Jesus Had A 12 Man A-Team

    From the 39 Articles of Religion

    22. Purgatory
    The Roman doctrine concerning purgatory, pardons, worshipping, and adoration (both of images and of relics), and the invocation of saints is a futile thing foolishly conceived and grounded on no evidence of Scripture. On the contrary this teaching is repugnant to the Word of God.
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