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DIVORCE in the body of Christ

Discussion in 'Spirit-Filled / Charismatic' started by mrhappy3, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. morsepam619

    morsepam619 Non-denominational Spiritfilled

    This has been a great help in revelation
  2. K2K

    K2K Newbie

    What a wonderful post Oscarr!

    When you truly find the Lord, that is what you find!

    Yet there are two sides: One that tells us to follow the Scriptures, and the other saying to follow the Lord according to the Scriptures. I don't believe a person can truly understand is unless they start listening to the Lord.

    So one person will give you the impression that the unforgiveable sin is divorce, but the Lord forgives and forgets all our mistakes if we will just believe that He is there for us. If you believe He is there for you, then you will talk to Him and want to know what He has to say to you. Maybe not all the time, because we get busy and forget His is always with us, but if you believe you will again remember to turn to Him and the more your turn to Him the more you will again turn to Him.

    The person turning to the Scriptures may think turning to the Scriptures is the same thing as turning to Him, but it is not. The Scriptures are right, but you can't understand them until you get into a personal relationship with the Lord.

    When you listen to Him, you will find that He forgives and forgets your sins. You will be reproved by Him, but not condemmed. He wants to help you in so many ways. I could not tell you about all the ways He will help you. He'll help you pick out what food to eat, what clothes to wear if you'll let Him. So He will certainly help you with your relationships. If you want your marriage to be the best it can be, try listening to Him for advice.

    Jesus Christ is the answer, but He is not the Scrptures, He is the One who had them written. So get to know the author and He will explain the book and so very much more.

    The unforgiveable sin then is 'not believing' He is there for you; to help you, to advise you, to teach you. That is why is was written, "whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."

    He who believes is Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed. (Jn 3:18)
  3. Svt4Him

    Svt4Him Legend Supporter

    Yet the demons believe, and they tremble.
  4. GoldenKingGaze

    GoldenKingGaze Prevent Slavery

    I would hate to lose the woman I loved, it would be something traditional to fight for, to save her honour, sanctity, love, seed... in a break in or war. But then the same things happen in the illusion of freedom.

    Most young girls who are abused are done so to, by mum's boyfriend.

    I'd hate to lose these things, they are literally what matters most in life. Friendship, love, esteem, sanctity, honour, trust, dignity, history of the body.

    For people, charismatics who practice holiness, divorce effects 10%, not 50%.

    If I were you, I would practice abstinence. Unless there is Bible basis for divorce.

    The person married to more than one person, needs be sanctified to be set apart again, by the Spirit infilling.