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Discussion of Same-Sex Marriage and Gay Rights

Discussion in 'Current News & Events' started by Sojourner1, Sep 19, 2013.

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  1. Sojourner1

    Sojourner1 CF Advisory Team, Policy Manager Staff Member Site Advisor Supporter

    United States
    Rule Regarding the Discussion of Same-Sex Marriage and Gay Rights in the Current News & Events Forum

    Due to the fact that many states within the U.S. are voting on the legislation of same-sex marriages, as well as other civil rights of same-sex couples and homosexuals, it seems reasonable to allow the discussion of this topic in the Current News & Events forum. Discussion of this topic must comply with sitewide rule barring the promotion of homosexuality. Discussion should only be directed toward political, legal, historical and civil rights issues, and should not be directed toward the morality of homosexuality or same-sex marriage.

    This means that a poster cannot present same-sex marriage as a viable option in Christian morality. They can, however, argue about where it falls as a civil right. This still leaves many related topics of conversation in this area.

    Some examples of what would be allowed, would include but not be limited to the following:
    • Is it a civil right?
    • Is it legal to discriminate against homosexuals or same-sex marriages?
    • How does this affect the rights of religious organizations in regards to performing same-sex marriages?
    • Does the state, courts or federal government have jurisdiction?
    • Should the government be involved in marriage at all?
    • The political history of marriage as a right?
    • The political and civil history of government involvement in marriage and how that pertains to the current debate.
    • Natural versus Positive law in relation to the issue.

    We are trying to allow adult and respectful conversation on these topics in this forum. As this is a new allowance for this forum, please try to go easy on the report button. Think before you post and consider if your comments could be considered promotion. Think before you report if someone is trying to promote or just making a misstep. Give each other the benefit of the doubt before reporting and let staff review and work with you on where the boundaries are.

    Remember, discussion and debate about the morality of homosexuality or same-sex marriage is not allowed.

    Promotion of homosexuality and same-sex marriage is not allowed.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.