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Featured Discussion - Earth calamities and Rumors of war

Discussion in 'Eschatology - Endtimes & Prophecy Forum' started by Bible2+, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    This thread is in reply to posts in the original thread called: "Earth calamities and Rumors of war".



    Osama bin Laden, the enemy of Saudi Arabia, did 9/11.

    Also, Saudi Arabia is working against Islamic terrorism.

    Also, Syrian tyranny was so non-trifling that it led to a rebellion against Assad.

    The American way is to defend itself from hostile forces before they land on American shores.

    Also, the U.S. did not create ISIS.

    Also, Syria was in the midst of a civil war, and so unable to take out ISIS.

    Anti-U.S. source.

    Also, the U.S. never targets civilians, like Russia and Syria do.

    If they're embedded, you don't bomb.

    The rebellion was instigated by Assad's tyranny.

    Based on what?

    No, ISIS was taken out by the U.S., Iraqi, and Kurdish forces.

    Russia went after rebels against Assad, and Syrian civilians.

    No, its propaganda language. It's like listening to North Korean news.

    If I want the leftist American view of events.

    Otherwise, I try to watch/read/listen to the widest variety of news sources possible, from as many countries as possible.

    But, alas, you can see the bias in all of them.

    It would be a rebuke to Putin to say that he has no dirt on Trump.

    For if a KGB guy can't find any, he's no good at all.

    Russia, which invades other countries to annex them into its tyranny.

    Which is a long way of saying that Russia will nuke the U.S. if it doesn't let Russia do what it wants.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with simply meeting with Russia, to let it know that it can't get away with what it wants, such as happened in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Russia backed down.

    Also, the U.S. is exceptional and indispensable in maintaining freedom in the world, against the tyrannies of Russia and China.

    Not because of the U.S., but because the U.S. will eventually not be able to hold back the future Antichrist.

    Note that RT is neither. It's a propaganda outlet for Putin.



    The U.S. has not annexed any part of those countries.

    Based on what?

    Also, are you saying that North Korea is better?

    Who said that it can't?

    U.S. hegemony is benign.

    Russian hegemony is tyrannical.

    That explains the difference in the number of bases.

    Nations don't want Russian hegemony.

    But they benefit under U.S. hegemony.

    It still contradicts your assertion that the U.S. destroys countries.

    Indeed predictable, based on Russia's continual desire to expand its territory. But not defensible, since Ukraine posed no military threat to Russia's powerful army. That is, Ukraine was not going to invade Russia, but simply wanted to break free from Russia's tyrannical hegemony.

    Oh, brother. Does RT say that too?

    Based on what?


    That's why it's begging Russia to come in and take over? Not.

    The Middle East knows that it's better off under U.S. hegemony than under Russian hegemony, or under Chinese hegemony, for that matter.

    The only reason Assad turned to Russia was because he knew that the U.S. would not allow him to continue his tyranny.

    It's the same with Iran, another tyrant state that turns to Russia as its ally.

    No. For there is no way to cover the blood of the innocents intentionally murdered by Russia and Syria.

    Also, in the future, Idlib will further prove the case regarding their utter evil.

    Um, it was Russia that turned to Communism. It was not imposed on it. The Soviets were Russians.

    Also, the U.S. was not conducting economic rape and pillage around the world.

    Also, the dollar was turned to by the world for its own benefit. Do you think that the world wanted to turn to the ruble instead?

    Russia. And if its debt is truly low, that would be because no one wants to lend to it, because its economy is so rotten, because Putin and his cronies are robbing it to death.

    As if Khomeini was better than the Shah.

    That's like saying that Stalin was better than the Czar.

    Also, do you think that the Iranians are begging the current, despotic regime to stay in power, instead of them being liberated into freedom?

    We're not talking about an ephemeral freedom, but a real freedom, like the U.S. brought to Western Europe and Japan after World War II, while Russia sank Eastern Europe into the pit of tyranny.

    Because they don't have it now.

    That's like saying that Reuters reporting that the dictator of North Korea got 99% of the vote in an election must mean that it's a free country.

    No, people vote for tyrants if they fear reprisals if they don't.

    No one is proposing any annihilation.

    Not necessarily, if they have sufficient supplies.

    America has no interest in invading Russia. America is simply trying to keep Russia from invading other countries.

    Also, there is no liberty in Russia, only Putin's tyranny, which RT tries to prop up, while it tries to tear down the freedom of the West.

    RT is no different than Pravda under Stalin.

    The Russians have always been master propagandists.

    Too bad the world is smarter now.
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  2. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    Note that it could be God who will destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque, through huge earthquakes.

    For part of Zechariah 14:5 could refer back to an earthquake which occurred in Jerusalem in the days of Uzziah, King of Judah.

    There was also a 1927 earthquake in which "the death toll in Jerusalem included more than 130 people and around 450 were injured. About 300 houses collapsed or were severely damaged to the point of not being usable. The earthquake also caused heavy damage to the domes of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the al-Aqsa Mosque" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1927_earthquake_in_Palestine ).

    "The Jerusalem municipality is installing the country's most advanced network of sensors to warn of potential earthquakes"; "local geologists have warned that the region is due for a major earthquake" ( http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/164164 ).

    Near the start of the future Tribulation of Revelation chapters 6 to 18 and Matthew 24, there could be a series of major earthquakes in Jerusalem which could damage the Muslim structures on the Temple Mount so badly that the ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel could see it as a sign from God that the time has come for them to completely destroy these structures (or remove their rubble) in order to build a third Jewish temple there.

    Regarding "the Third Temple", note that Revelation 11:1-2, Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11:31,36, and 2 Thessalonians 2:4 require that there will be a third Jewish temple in the earthly Jerusalem during the future Tribulation of Revelation chapters 6 to 18 and Matthew 24. This third temple will coexist with the Church like the second temple did (Luke 24:53, Acts 2:46, Acts 22:17) and like the temple building in heaven does (Revelation 11:19). The third temple could be built on Jerusalem's Temple Mount by the ultra-Orthodox Jews after they (or great earthquakes) clear the site by destroying the Muslim Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque. Shortly after they build the temple, the future Antichrist could attack and defeat them and a false Messiah leading them (Daniel 11:22).

    Then the Antichrist could "cut" a peace treaty with them and their false "Messiah" (Daniel 9:26a, Daniel 11:23a), permitting them to keep the temple and to continue to (mistakenly) perform the daily Mosaic animal sacrifices in front of it for at least seven years (Daniel 9:27a), so long as they give up the outer court of the temple (Revelation 11:2a) to the Muslims so that the Muslims can rebuild the Al Aqsa Mosque on the southern end of the Temple Mount and resume worship there. The ultra-Orthodox Jews could grudgingly agree to this if the only other option is for them to lose the temple entirely. They could then build a high wall between the temple and the mosque to keep the temple from being "defiled".

    But then, only some 3.5 years after making the peace treaty, the Antichrist will break the treaty, attack the temple, stop the daily Mosaic animal sacrifices, place the abomination of desolation (possibly a standing, android image of the Antichrist) in the holy place (the inner sanctum) of the temple (Daniel 9:27b, Daniel 11:31, Matthew 24:15), and then sit himself (at least one time) in the temple and proclaim himself God (2 Thessalonians 2:4, Daniel 11:36). Thus could begin the Antichrist's literal, 3.5-year Luciferian (Satanic) worldwide reign of terror (Revelation 13:4-18, Revelation 12:9; 2 Thessalonians 2:9).

    At the very end of the future Tribulation of Revelation chapters 6 to 18 and Matthew 24, the Antichrist (Daniel 11:45) and the world's armies will pillage Jerusalem, right before Jesus Christ's Second Coming (Zechariah 14:2-21). And at the Second Coming, there will be tremendous earth changes in the vicinity of Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:4-5). These events could result in all of Jerusalem's structures, including the third temple and the Wailing Wall (also called the Western Wall), being broken down so that not one stone will be left upon another (Luke 19:44, Matthew 24:2). Then the returned Jesus (Zechariah 14:4, Acts 1:11-12) will rebuild Jerusalem and make it the capital of the world (Zechariah 14:8-19, Micah 4:1-4). He will also build a fourth temple there (Zechariah 14:20-21, Zechariah 6:12-13). It will serve a similar function for the Church during the future Millennium (of Revelation 20:4-6) as the second temple served for the Church in the first century AD (Luke 24:53, Acts 2:46, Acts 22:17) and as the temple building in heaven (Revelation 11:19) serves for those in heaven (Revelation 7:15).
  3. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    One reason that the third Jewish temple of Revelation 11:1-2, Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11:31,36, and 2 Thessalonians 2:4 has not been built yet is the Israeli government has been careful to protect the Muslim Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque (which are on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem) ever since Israel took military control of the Temple Mount back in 1967. For the Israeli government knows that if the ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel were to ever destroy these two buildings (the third-holiest sites in Islam) to clear the Temple Mount for a third Jewish temple, this could mean the end of the current state of Israel. For enraged Muslim armies and militias could attack Israel en masse in an all-out jihad and defeat and occupy it completely.

    While the ultra-Orthodox Jews are no doubt aware of this danger, they believe that the third Jewish temple must nonetheless be built exactly where the prior Jewish temples stood: right over the Rock of Sacrifice (the Rock of the Dome of the Rock) on which Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac. And the ultra-Orthodox Jews could be brought to the point where they will even desire to see the end of the current, secular state of Israel, believing that only in its demise will God make it possible for them to establish a new, perfectly ultra-Orthodox, theocratic city-state of (what they could call) "the True Israel". They could establish this within the walled Old City of Jerusalem (which contains the Temple Mount), and build on the Temple Mount a third Jewish temple in front of which they can restart the daily Mosaic animal sacrifices and perfectly keep every jot and tittle of the Mosaic law, and banish every non-kosher person and thing from ever entering within Old Jerusalem's "Holy walls".

    (This could point to another reason that the current, secular government of Israel does not want to let the ultra-Orthodox Jews ever build a third Jewish temple: out of fear that the secular authority of the Israeli government could subsequently get undermined. For once temple practices resumed and a priesthood came into power, a creep toward theocracy could ensue in Israel where priests and rabbis would become powerful enough to replace the secular leaders. So the latter could want to place a hold on any drift in that direction by forbidding the building of a third Jewish temple.)

    Something which could help to bring the ultra-Orthodox Jews to the point of desiring to see the end of the current, secular state of Israel would be them getting squeezed out of their settlements in Samaria and Judaea (also called the West Bank), and in eastern Jerusalem, as part of a peace deal handing these areas over to a Palestinian state. For the ultra-Orthodox Jews (rightly) see Samaria, Judaea, and Jerusalem as the historically most important and holy parts of the land promised by God to Israel since the time of Abraham (Exodus 32:13). So when they start to get squeezed out of these areas, in a rage they could mass in their tens of thousands, armed with machine guns (which they are allowed to have for self-defense against the Palestinians). And led by three huge bulldozers, they could march as a great army to the Old City of Jerusalem and go up onto the Temple Mount and completely destroy the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque.

    A fear of the ultra-Orthodox Jews resorting to violence could be one of the reasons that the current Israeli government refuses to hinder Jewish settlement activity in Samaria, Judaea, and eastern Jerusalem. It could also be one of the reasons that the U.S. government has been convinced by Israel to back off from requiring any such hindrance, even though the U.S. sometimes complains about the settlements. But if down the road, the current, geriatric, lifeless Palestinian leadership of Fatah in the West Bank is replaced by a younger, very-energetic leadership, which is able to whip up pressure from the Middle East's Arab masses and governments (and even from non-Arab governments such as the French and the EU) for a Palestinian state; and if this pressure becomes so extreme that it begins to threaten to overthrow the current U.S. hegemony over the Arab world, then the U.S. could decide to force Israel to surrender the Jewish settlements to a Palestinian state.

    But this will never happen so long as Netanyahu is in power. (This is why he, and even his wife, is now being attacked legally to try to remove him from power.)

    Also, besides the ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel getting squeezed out of their settlements at some point in our future, something else which could help to tip the scales toward them becoming violent would be the rising up in Israel of a miracle-working, ultra-Orthodox Jewish false "Messiah" (cf. Matthew 24:24), who could tell the ultra-Orthodox Jews something like:

    "God says that now is the time for us to take back religious control of the Holy Temple Mount and to rid it of all the detestable shrines which the Muslims have placed upon it. We are to sanctify it in the name of our God so that we might rebuild His Holy Temple there. Listen, my brethren, fear not the Muslims' reaction when we retake religious control of the Holy Temple Mount. For God Himself is with us. He will protect us perfectly. Have I not shown you His mighty Power working through Me? Fear not any men, but fear only our Mighty God, who now commands us to rebuild His Holy Temple at the place which He determined from the time of our Father Abraham. Our God gave us back the Holy Temple Mount way back in 1967 C.E. But what have we done with it over all the time since then? Nothing! How can this be? How can we have allowed some merely-secular, so-called 'Israeli' government invented by sinful men to keep us, God's holy people, from even setting foot back on the Temple Mount, and to let it remain under the religious control of the vile Muslims? Let us all rise up now, my brethren! Let us all rise up, in the name of our God, and let us do mighty exploits to the Glory of His Holy Name!"

    With such rhetoric, accompanied by his working of amazing miracles (cf. Matthew 24:24), a false, ultra-Orthodox Jewish "Messiah" in Israel could whip up the ultra-Orthodox Jews there into a religious frenzy, so that they will all with great zeal, and without any fear, march in their tens of thousands to the Temple Mount and take total control of it, and then rejoice there and dance and sing holy hymns to God "for His great and mighty Victory".

    Something else which could help to tip the scales toward the ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel becoming violent is the occurrence of a series of great earthquakes in Jerusalem, which will severely damage the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque to the point where they will stop being used. For the ultra-Orthodox Jews could see this as (in their words) "Clearly a portent from God that He will no longer allow the Muslims to trample His Holy Mountain. We must now reassert Jewish religious control over it and rebuild His Holy Temple there".

    Something else which could help to tip the scales toward the ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel becoming violent is their finding out the location of the Ark of the Covenant, which could be hidden in a sealed cave in Mount Nebo in Jordan (2 Maccabees 2:4-8, cf. Deuteronomy 32:49). Or the Ark could be buried under an ancient ruined fort in the desert east of Jerusalem. The Copper Scroll could contain the clues as to where the Ark is buried in the fort (e.g. "under the third step"). The Ark could have been located there already with ground-penetrating radar by some non-religious treasure hunters, but the Israeli government could be holding up a digging permit to retrieve the Ark because the government is afraid that the ultra-Orthodox Jews could see a retrieval of the Ark as (in their words) "An unmistakable sign from God that now is the time for us to rebuild His Holy Temple". So the Israeli government has a motive to keep the location of the buried Ark top secret.

    Fearing that some ultra-Orthodox Jews could nonetheless somehow discover the top secret location of the buried Ark and go there in the dead of night and dig it up without a permit from, or any notification to, the Israeli government, the government could have placed armed guards and surveillance cameras to watch over the buried Ark's location day and night.

    But if the buried Ark's location is found out by some ultra-Orthodox Jews, they could round up tens of thousands of their fellows, armed with machine guns, and they could suddenly swarm the location, overwhelm any armed guards there, and hold off any subsequently-arrived IDF troops and tanks long enough to get the Ark out of the ground. Once it is out and the IDF troops actually see it, it is unlikely that they are going to try to stop the ultra-Orthodox Jews from parading it to the Temple Mount, they will be in such awe.

    Also, once the ultra-Orthodox Jews make it to the Temple Mount and begin completely destroying the Muslim Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque, it is unlikely that the IDF troops are going to open fire, whether with lead bullets or rubber bullets, on their fellow Jews, slaughtering or injuring hundreds or thousands of them. Also, increasing numbers of IDF officers are very religious, so that they could order their troops to stand down. And if some non-religious officers convince their troops to employ tear gas in an attempt to simply disperse the ultra-Orthodox Jews without harming them, this could be thwarted by the ultra-Orthodox Jews having brought along gas masks (which, ironically, could have been issued to them by the Israeli government itself, back when there was a fear that Saddam Hussein would send Scud missiles into Israel with chemical weapons payloads).

    So the Israeli government could be unable to prevent the complete destruction of the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque at the hands of the ultra-Orthodox Jews. And so the Israeli government could be unable to prevent the subsequent, retaliatory destruction of the state of Israel at the hands of enraged Muslim armies and militias.
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  4. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    That may not accomplish much, which is why Israel has refrained from doing it.

    That is, a senior Israel Defense Forces officer told the Israeli cabinet in 2011 that the IDF does not have the ability to hit the Iranian nuclear program in a "meaningful way". This could be because some of the key Iranian nuclear facilities are buried so deep underground (i.e. under mountains) that no bombs dropped from the air (not even the best bunker busters) can get down to them. Also, Iran now has highly-advanced, Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missiles guarding its main nuclear-weapons facilities. The only way to end Iran's nuclear weapons program is to send ground forces into Iran who can fight their way down into the facilities and then blow them up with hand-placed plastic explosives. But there are so many different facilities scattered in so many different places across Iran that it would take an all-out ground invasion of Iran to be able to reach all of the facilities, and also to overthrow Iran's extremist regime. For if it is not overthrown, it will (with Russian and North Korean help) simply rebuild any nuclear facilities which are destroyed; or it will secretly purchase already-built nukes directly from North Korea. But, in an awful irony, the preparations for an all-out Iraqi ground war against Iran, to prevent the destruction of Israel by Iranian nukes, could instead result in the destruction of Israel during a different war, by the very same Iraqi ground forces which had been built up by the U.S. to invade Iran. And this different war could be what will start the future Tribulation of Revelation chapters 6 to 18 and Matthew 24.


    That is, one way that the future, Tribulation-starting war of Revelation 6:4-8 and Daniel 11:15-17 could happen is the U.S. could undertake a massive buildup of the Iraqi Army, initially to bring about the total (and lasting) defeat of the Islamic State militant group (also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh) in Iraq and eastern Syria, and eventually so that the Iraqi Army can serve as a proxy army, for the U.S. and Israel, for an all-out ground invasion of Iran, to end Iran's nuclear weapons program, its ballistic missile program, its terrorist-group support operations, and its extremist regime. As part of the buildup of the Iraqi Army, the U.S. could reinstall much of the former Iraqi Baathist military hierarchy (which existed under Baathist Saddam Hussein) to run the present Iraqi Army more efficiently and ruthlessly.

    And if the current, Shiite-dominated government of Iraq balks at any return of a Baathist-dominated military (which cruelly suppressed the Iraqi Shiites under Saddam Hussein), or balks at any invasion of fellow-Shiite Iran, this could lead Western intelligence agencies to bring about a Baathist coup d'etat in Iraq. For they could see a well-run, Baathist Iraqi Army and government as the only way to permanently defeat Islamic State (and all of its successors), and the only way to eventually invade and defeat Iran, which invasion the Iraqi Baathists could agree to perform. For they see meddling, non-Arab Iran as a great enemy of Arab autonomy.

    Indeed, the current military brains of the Islamic State are former Iraqi Baathist generals who cannot stand that the Iraqi government is so heavily controlled by Iran. They see (Sunni Arab) Islamic State as the only current, viable bulwark against the (Shiite, non-Arab) Iranians, and their Shiite Arab cronies, taking total control of all of Iraq and Syria. But if there are secret, Western overtures toward these Baathist generals (who are now holed up in eastern Syria), they could very well agree to defect from serving Islamic State to serving a non-sectarian, "Free Iraqi Army" drawn mainly (not exclusively) from Sunni Arab and Kurdish militias in western and northern Iraq, which Army, with secret Western assistance, could then march on Baghdad and completely overthrow the current, Iranian-controlled, Iraqi government, which is very weak and corrupt.

    Once the Iraqi Baathists (and Kurds) take back control of the Iraqi government and military, they could then also defeat all of the Iranian-controlled Shiite Arab militias in Iraq. Then, to help get the Iraqi masses and the world behind the idea of a subsequent, all-out Iraqi invasion of Iran itself, "false flag" operations could be managed by Western intelligence agencies by which it will be made to seem that (non-Arab, Persian) Iran is attacking the Iraqi Sunni Arabs and Kurds (and their little children) terroristically with "dirty bombs" made from Iranian-enriched uranium, so that the Iraqi masses will become enraged, and begin to call for all-out retaliation against (what they could call) "the vile Persians". And the world could see an Iraqi invasion of Iran as being completely justified by self-defense.

    But then, right when Iraq is all ready to invade Iran, the ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel (who by that time could be led by a great miracle-working false "Messiah": cf. Matthew 24:24) could destroy the Muslim Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque (the third-holiest sites in Islam) on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to clear the site for the building of a third Jewish temple (Revelation 11:1-2, Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11:31,36; 2 Thessalonians 2:4). This could so enrage Muslims worldwide, including the (Muslim) Iraqi Army, that the Iraqi Baathist Generals could see it as a perfect excuse to abandon the plan to invade huge Iran, and instead (pretending that they are doing so in the name of Islam) turn and send their vast army against the small territory of Israel, completely defeating and occupying it (Daniel 11:15-17; in verse 17, the original Hebrew word translated as "daughter" is "bath").

    But this would not be the ultimate reason for the Baathist attack, which could continue on south to also defeat and occupy Egypt (Daniel 11:15). For Egypt is ruled by the U.S.-supported Egyptian Army, which the Baathists could see as being a puppet of the U.S., just as they could see Israel as being like a 51st state of the U.S. Baathism's ultimate aim is to unite all Arab lands from Oman to Morocco into one massive, powerful United Arab States free from all foreign (including U.S.) hegemony.

    The all-out Iraqi attack on Israel could be joined by the entire (Baathist) Syrian Army (with all of its missiles, many still secretly tipped with nerve agents), as well as by all of Iran's long-range missiles, and all of Hezbollah's and Hamas' missiles and guerrillas. Israel could find itself suddenly attacked from three directions at the same time (from the east, north, and south), with thousands of missiles raining down on its cities and military bases, and a thousand Iraqi tanks (meant to defeat and occupy Iran) pouring across its borders. As Israel starts to see its small area of land overrun, and sees that its total defeat and occupation is imminent and assured, in retaliation it could drop nuclear bombs on Baghdad, Damascus (Isaiah 17:1), Tehran, and other major cities of Iraq, Syria, and Iran.

    There could be so many nuclear explosions sending so much radioactive dust and ash so high into the atmosphere that they could be blown eastward and fall on hugely-populated South Asia, ruining so many crop fields and immune systems there with radiation that one-fourth of the world could end up dying from the war and its aftermath of famines and epidemics. This could fulfill the horrible war which will begin the future Tribulation of Revelation chapters 6 to 18 and Matthew 24, which war will, with its aftermath of famines and epidemics, end up killing one-fourth of the world (Revelation 6:4-8). The "great sword" of this war (Revelation 6:4) could be Israel's nuclear weapons. This war could be blamed not only on the religious fundamentalism of Islam and Judaism, but also on religious fundamentalism in general, and so could lead to a worldwide crusade against all forms of religious fundamentalism, including Christian fundamentalism, that is, the (correct) idea that the Bible is wholly true (2 Timothy 3:16, Matthew 4:4), and that all other religions are cursed, doubly cursed (Galatians 1:8-9, John 14:6, John 3:36, Acts 4:12).
  5. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    Always remember the Druze.

    For the future Antichrist (the individual-man aspect of Revelation's "beast") could have grown up as a Druze Arab, in Lebanon, in the modern city of Tyre (Ezekiel 28:2; 2 Thessalonians 2:4). So he could at first present himself to the world as being of the (quasi-Islamic) Druze religion, which is waiting for the second coming of a God-man named Hakim. The Antichrist's last name could be Hakim, and he could at first present himself to the Druze people as the second coming of this God-man. In this way, he could get the Druze people to support him without question during an initial rise to power among the Arabs. The Druze Arabs could be the numerically "small people" of Daniel 11:23. The Antichrist could make them his completely devoted bodyguard, and buy them many key positions of power within a future, United Arab States (which the Antichrist could become the leader of in the first stage of his world takeover), and employ Druze people as loyal spies and assassins at every level of his United Arab government and military.

    The Druze religion is very secretive. What it teaches to its higher-level initiates is not even taught to its lower-level initiates. What it could teach to its higher-level initiates could basically be Gnosticism mixed in with the Hakim God-man idea. The Antichrist himself, while outwardly a Druze, could inwardly be a Gnostic Luciferian, that is, a Satanist. He could be a highest-level initiate of a worldwide secret society which ultimately teaches Satanism, but keeps this a secret even from its own members who have not yet been initiated into its highest level.


    Ultimately, the power behind the future Antichrist (the individual-man aspect of Revelation's "beast") will be Lucifer/Satan (the dragon) (Revelation 13:4, Revelation 12:9; 2 Thessalonians 2:9), just as the controllers of the non-Christian world have always been (and are still currently) Satan and his fallen angels (Ephesians 6:12, Ephesians 2:2-3). But there could also be a secret cabal of human world leaders in big business, finance, intelligence agencies, federal law enforcement, politics, the media/entertainment, the military, and religion, who know this fact and so have secretly become worshippers of Satan to obtain from him all of the world's power, wealth, and pleasures that they can (cf. Matthew 4:9).

    These Satanists could have been working secretly together for some time (including through a worldwide secret society which teaches Gnostic Luciferianism, also called Satanism, at its highest degree of initiation) to prepare the way politically, economically, culturally, militarily, and religiously for a single Satanist human world leader (the Antichrist) to take hegemony over the whole earth (Revelation 13:7b), and, along with his miracle-working False Prophet, to bring the world into the conscious and open worship of Lucifer/Satan and the Antichrist (Revelation 13:4-18, Revelation 12:9, Revelation 19:20). God will let them succeed in this, but for less than four years (Revelation 13:5b, Daniel 12:11-12), before Jesus Christ returns from heaven and defeats them completely (Revelation 19:20 to 20:3). Jesus will then set up his own, 1,000-year, physical kingdom on the earth with the physically resurrected Church (Revelation 20:4-6, Revelation 5:10, Revelation 2:26-29, Psalms 66:3-4, Psalms 72:8-11, Zechariah 14:8-21).
  6. keras

    keras Writer of Bible prophecy studies.

    New Zealand
    Bible2 needs to take a baath.
    His lengthy dissertation on his outdated ideas of the Middle East situation, simply does not relate to the present reality.
    We have today, a nuke armed Iran, with the missiles to deliver them. Zechariah 5:1-11 clearly describes them and where they are stationed, ready for use, as Iran has often said: to wipe Israel off the map.
    Soon Trump will present a peace agreement to the Palestinians and Israel. He and the Saudis, plus many other nations, will enforce this deal onto them. Like it or not.
    This will induce people to say: Peace and safety.....
    But then, Iran and its proxies will see the time as right, maybe with Isaiah 3:1-7 and Micah 5:1 happening; by an assassination attempt that will incapacitate Netanyahu. They will attack, but then: sudden destruction will be upon them and the fury of the Lord will strike them all down. 1 Thessalonians 5:3, Ezekiel 7:14
  7. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    And forewarn of a Baath.

    For the Hebrew word "bath" (daughter) in Daniel 11:17 could include a pun on "Baath", like how, for example, God employs a pun in Jeremiah 1:11-12 between "shaqed" (almond tree) and "shaqad" (hasten). And He employs a Hebrew pun in Amos 8:2 between "qyts" (summer fruit) and "qts" (the end).

    Also, after an Iraqi Baathist General who could lead a future defeat and occupation of Israel and Egypt in Daniel 11:15-17 mysteriously disappears from the scene (Daniel 11:19), the Antichrist, who could be an Arab, could arise peacefully out of Lebanon (from the modern city of Tyre: Ezekiel 28:2; cf. 2 Thessalonians 2:4). And he could take up the mantle of Baathism and vow to (in his words) "complete the great work of Arab liberation and unification". The first thing that the Antichrist could do once he is given control (Daniel 11:21) of a Baathist federation of Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and a "United Palestine" (that is, a defeated and occupied Israel), is to perform a small and localized attack against an army of ultra-Orthodox Jews holed up in the walled Old City of Jerusalem and led by an ultra-Orthodox Jewish false "Messiah" (Daniel 9:26a, Daniel 11:22).

    These ultra-Orthodox Jews could have managed to hold off the first Baathist attack even as it overran the rest of Israel, because the walled Old City of Jerusalem is considered holy to the Muslims, and so it is not to be bombarded or destroyed. The Antichrist could manage in some way to take the Old City without doing it much harm, such as by incapacitating its Jewish defenders with huge clouds of tear gas, while tens of thousands of Arab soldiers wearing gas masks take control of the city by climbing over its walls on thousands of tall ladders.

    But then, instead of imprisoning or executing all of the ultra-Orthodox Jews and their false Messiah, the Antichrist will do an amazing thing. He will "cut" a peace treaty with them and their false Messiah (Daniel 9:26a, Daniel 11:23), permitting them to keep a third Jewish temple (Revelation 11:1) which they will have built on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem, and permitting them to keep control of the Old City for at least seven years (Daniel 9:27a), so long as they give up the outer court of the temple (Revelation 11:2a) to the Muslims, so that the Muslims can rebuild the (by that time destroyed) Al Aqsa Mosque on the southern end of the Temple Mount and resume worship there. By this peace treaty, the Antichrist could present himself to the world as (in his words): "A reasonable man, a man of peace. I am no Hitler. I do not desire a second Holocaust. I am willing to give the religious Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem seven years to show that they are willing to live peacefully with others, that they are different than the Zionist Jews who have just destroyed the world with their nuclear weapons".

    And if the Antichrist gets flak from his fellow Baathists for letting the ultra-Orthodox Jews keep the Old City of Jerusalem, he could explain to them privately that (in his words) "It is all a temporary ruse, meant to keep world opinion off guard while we consolidate our position". The Baathists could consolidate their position by becoming so well dug-in, and so well-equipped and advised militarily by the Russians (in the name of "Arab self-determination"), that a U.S. counter-attack to "restore" (that is, to take back) Israel and Egypt could fail, and leave the Baathists in control, and in a position to extend their power over all of the rest of the Arab nations. For if the Baathists defeat and occupy Israel, they will be hailed by the Arab masses across the Arab world as magnificent heroes, so that the Baathists could have no problem persuading the Arab masses to support them. And the Baathists could justify their defeat of the Egyptian military regime, and then their subsequent defeat of other Arab regimes, such as in Jordan, by railing against them as being (what they could call):

    "These vile cronies of the Americans. These cronies pretended to be for the Arab people, while in fact they were taking American bribes in the billions, completely selling out our Palestinian brothers to the endless cruelties of the Zionist occupation, and keeping you, the great majority of the Arab people, in poverty. These cronies, like the Zionists themselves, were the American bulwarks against our glorious Arab unification and return to world power. Join now with us, the Baathists, that we might bring about the long-awaited Arab Renaissance, the long-awaited Arab Resurrection [the Arab word 'Baath' can mean 'Renaissance' and 'Resurrection'], that we Arabs might all rise up together and unite, from Oman to Morocco, into one great United Arab States, one great Arab Empire, shaking off completely all of the shackles of the West, placed upon us so long ago, and return to our former glory as we had during the Middle Ages, when we were free and far superior to the West".

    The Baathists could also rail against the kings, sheikhs, and innumerable princes of the Arab Gulf States for (in their words) "Hoarding the huge oil wealth given by Allah to all of the Arabs, the Prophet's own people, and keeping the Arab masses in poverty and subjugation to Western, infidel interests". The Baathists are socialist, and so could call for the distribution of the Arab oil wealth to the Arab masses (Daniel 11:24). In this way, and by their defeat and occupation of Israel, the Baathists could easily turn the masses to their side in every Arab nation.

    During the first few years of the seven-year peace treaty referred to earlier, the Antichrist could employ Baathism as the means by which he will gradually and peacefully put together a truly-federal, United Arab States, stretching from Oman to Morocco. Once he has accomplished this, he could then begin to downplay Baathism, and start speaking of "World peace and the unity of mankind". He could convince an oil-thirsty European Union to let the oil-rich United Arab States join it, thereby forming a massive Mediterranean Union, which he could manage to peacefully gain control of, and use it as his base of power to eventually exert his hegemony over the entire world (Revelation 13:7b).

    Then, only some 3.5 years after making the seven-year peace treaty referred to earlier, the Antichrist will break it, attack the third Jewish temple in Jerusalem, stop the daily Mosaic animal sacrifices offered in front of it, and sit (at least one time) in the temple and proclaim himself God (Daniel 11:31,36, Matthew 24:15; 2 Thessalonians 2:4). He will then rule the whole world by the power of Lucifer (Satan, the dragon: Revelation 12:9) for 3.5 literal years (Revelation 13:4-18, Daniel 7:25, Daniel 12:7, Revelation 12:14), or 1,260 literal days (Revelation 12:6).

    The return of Jesus Christ from heaven (Matthew 24:30, Revelation 19:11-21; 1 Thessalonians 4:16) may not occur immediately after the 1,260 days of the Antichrist's worldwide reign, but could occur 75 days later, on the 1,335th day after the Antichrist and his followers set up the abomination of desolation (possibly a standing, android image of the Antichrist) in the holy place (the inner sanctum) of the third Jewish temple (Daniel 12:11-12, Daniel 11:31, Matthew 24:15). These 75 days could be taken up by the vials of God's wrath which will be poured out on the Antichrist's worshippers (Revelation 16).

    When Jesus Christ returns, He will completely defeat the Antichrist (the individual-man aspect of Revelation's "beast") (Revelation 19:20; 2 Thessalonians 2:8-9), and He will have Satan bound in the Bottomless Pit (Revelation 20:1-3). Then the returned Jesus, and the physically resurrected Church (of all times, including those in the Church who had been beheaded by the Antichrist), will reign physically on the earth for 1,000 years (Revelation 20:4-6, Revelation 5:10, Revelation 2:26-29, Psalms 66:3-4, Psalms 72:8-11, Zechariah 14:8-21).

    Baathism is not history in the minds of most of the Sunni Arabs of Iraq, or in the minds of millions of Arabs in Syria, the government of which is still Baathist. And the rest of the Arab world could be easily swayed to join the Baathists, if they completely defeat and occupy Israel, and also distribute the Arab Gulf states' oil wealth to the Arab masses. For Baathism's raison d'etre is to raise up all of the Arab people into a mighty and prosperous Arab Empire, free from all Western and Iranian hegemony.

    Iran doesn't have a nuke yet. But it could secretly buy one from North Korea.

    Also, Iran would never deliver it by a missile launched from Iran. For then Israel would nuke Iran back to the stone age.

    Instead, Iran would hand it off to Hezbollah, or to Islamic Jihad, to smuggle it into Tel Aviv and detonate it there, with no one claiming any responsibility.

    Zechariah 5:1-11 doesn't refer to Iran or to nukes.

    The flying roll could have gone forth back in the time of the prophet Zechariah (Zechariah 5:3), who lived in the sixth century BC.

    Zechariah 5:3-4 could mean that the flying roll is just one specific curse against everyone who steals, and everyone who takes an oath falsely in God's name (one side of the flying roll being against all thieves, the other side being against all those who take an oath falsely in God's name), which curse could result in them being cut off, and their houses being destroyed (Zechariah 5:3-4).

    In Zechariah 5:11 the original Hebrew word (H1004) translated as "house" can mean a "temple" (1 Chronicles 6:10; 2 Chronicles 23:10). A temple built for "wickedness" (Zechariah 5:8-11) in Shinar -- which is in Babylonia, now part of Iraq -- could be a future, literal temple building which will be built for the future Antichrist and Satan in the literal, rebuilt city of Babylon, in Iraq. For the Antichrist is called "that Wicked" (2 Thessalonians 2:8), and he will proclaim himself God (Daniel 11:36), and have the whole world worship him (Revelation 13:8) and Lucifer/Satan the dragon (Revelation 13:4, Revelation 12:9).

    This temple could be made the spiritual center of the world, so that people from around the world will want to travel to the temple in Babylon and worship there. And those who manage to do so could be greatly honored when they return back home, like how, for example, Muslims today who manage to make the pilgrimage (the "hajj") to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and then return back home are honored, and even given a special title before their name: "Hajji" (Pilgrim), meaning one who has made the hajj.

    It will be rejected out of hand by the former, and possibly "delayed indefinitely" by the latter if it upsets the status quo with regard to Jewish settlements.

    You can't enforce anything on Israel or the Palestinians. And no nation currently has any motive to try to do so. Why do you think that things have remained the same for so long?

    Also, Trump would never force his friend Netanyahu to do anything that the latter thought was bad for Israel.

    1 Thessalonians 5:3 could include reference to when, near the end of the future Tribulation of Revelation chapters 6 to 18 and Matthew 24, at the death of God's future Two Witnesses, at the legal end of the future Antichrist's 3.5-year worldwide reign (Revelation 11:8,15, Revelation 13:5-18), non-Christians will rejoice and make merry, because they will then be free from the tormenting plagues from the Two Witnesses (Revelation 11:10, Revelation 11:6). But little will non-Christians realize that the plagues of the seven vials of God's (temporal) judgment and wrath will then be poured out upon non-Christians directly from heaven (Revelation 16). And then Jesus Christ will return from heaven and bring the Second-Coming (yet still temporal) judgment and wrath of God (Revelation 19:11 to 20:3).
  8. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    Good for Trump.

    For Erdogan is a thug. A Turkish-bath-scrubbed thug.

    He needs to be brought down a peg.

    For he and Turkey are actually a sideshow-joke on the world stage.

    He thinks that he is the King of the Muslims, but he is nothing but a dictator of one relatively-minor country whose economy and reputation he is completely ruining by his policies.

    Turkey will fall into the arms of Putin, to its ruin, just as Putin is ruining Russia itself economically through his oligarch thieves.

    As well it should. There is no current defense against Mnuchin and the power of the U.S. dollar and banking system. Iran, another ally of Putin, is similarly perishing with regard to its currency.

    Its retaliations will be spitwads against the U.S. Treasury Building.

    And so Turkey will fall into Putin's black hole, rendering it of no account during the future Tribulation.

    Because Iran is exporting its hegemony and terrorism across the Middle East. Just because it is not yet exporting nukes doesn't matter.

    Rouhani is utterly helpless against Soleimani and the other violent thugs who rule Iran, and want to rule westward to the Mediterranean.

    The public discontent will be violently extinguished, as it has in the past, by thugs in the street working for Soleimani and the IRGC.

    Iran is a military dictatorship, like Egypt and most other Arab countries.

    So the Persians (Iranians) and the Arabs have something in common.
  9. keras

    keras Writer of Bible prophecy studies.

    New Zealand
    Tried many times; always failed.
    Who has the motivation, is Pres Trump. What a coup for him, to succeed where all his predecessors failed.
    I will remind you of your rejection of a Pal/Isr, deal, when it happens within the next few months.

    BTW; Iran has had nukes for years, they bought them off Ukraine.
  10. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    No, the Arabs were a united empire at times during the Middle Ages.

    Also, a future (Arab) Antichrist could succeed in uniting them again, just as he will succeed in subsequently taking over the whole world (Revelation 13:7-8), something which has never been done before.

    No, he does not want to force anything on Israel.

    It would be a great success if he could convince (i.e. pay) the Palestinians to leave Israel and live nearby.

    But this is unlikely, because they would demand too much money. Also, any suggestion that the Palestinians leave Palestine would enrage hordes of vehement, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian people in the West.

    But why should anyone become hyper-concerned about the Israelis' dispossession of such a small sliver of the Arabs' total land, which stretches all the way from Oman to Morocco? Why not also become hyper-concerned about, for example, the U.S.'s and Canada's dispossession of almost all of the American Indians' land, stretching across North America? Or Australia's and New Zealand's dispossession of almost all of the aborigines' land? Also, why would someone completely reject the Jews' ancestral/historical/Biblical claim to the land of Canaan? Is it possible that anti-Semitism is involved in some way? Why cannot the Jews have even such a small piece of land for themselves, especially after what happened to them in the Holocaust?

    Also, the Palestinians are simply Arabs. They are not their own race which needs their own nation-state. They can live on any Arab land within the truly gigantic Arab territory stretching from Oman to Morocco.

    So the world should give the Jews a break, for God's sake.

    Note that such a deal could indeed happen, but it will not save Israel, but could instead lead to its destruction because of the violent reaction of its settlers against the Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, as was discussed in posts #3 and #4 above.

    No, Russia kept control of its nukes in Ukraine, and didn't give any to Iran or anyone else.

    If Iran had any nukes it would have passed them off to terrorists and the nukes would have been detonated against Israel by now.
  11. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    The only punishment that will stop Russia from its continued, online meddling in U.S. elections is a cyberattack on the Russian internet by the NSA, crippling online access in Russia.

    For only then will the people of Russia wake up to the consequences of Putin's actions abroad, and demand that he stop his foreign meddling.

    Otherwise, Putin will continue. Only "fighting fire with fire", that is, fighting online meddling with online meddling, will stop him.

    The NSA is more than capable of bringing down the Russian internet. All it needs is a go-ahead from Trump.

    The problem is that Russia could then counterstrike with major online attacks on U.S. infrastructure, such as power stations, dams, water pumping stations, the very U.S. internet itself.

    That is why Obama wisely did nothing about Russia's online meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections. To escalate the war could bring real calamity to the U.S.

    Just goes to show how vulnerable the U.S., as all other developed countries, are to internet attacks.

    The "web" is truly a web, having captured them. And Putin is now the spider, even though the web was originally built by U.S. intelligence to spy on everyone.

    Also, note that Russian online meddling in U.S. elections is based solely on ideas, bad ideas, but simply ideas nonetheless. They should be able to be countered by good ideas, and not require censorship. That is the whole idea of free speech, enshrined in the First Amendment: truth is protected not by the government (or corporations or universities today) forbidding certain speech, but by letting ideas battle each other freely. Otherwise, it is the government (and Facebook, Google, etc.) who gets to dictate to you what is truth and what is not. That is not democracy. That is tyranny. And that is what Putin is hoping to bring about in the U.S. by the U.S.'s own overreaction to his meddling, just as terrorists blow things and people up in one place and time in the hope that the government will then overreact and impose tyranny on the People in every place and time, in the name of "security".

    Regarding "sovereign debt transactions", that will not bite so much because Russia's debt is not a problem for it (unlike Turkey's huge, foreign debt problem, which will explode next year).

    But "energy and oil projects" are Russia's lifeblood.

    The Russian economy is so unbalanced that undermining those could cause it to collapse completely.

    This would also mean the end of Putin, as bread riots break out in the streets, and a hungry army sides with the people.

    Regarding "Russian uranium imports", they are vital to the U.S. since Obama and Clinton sold out the U.S. uranium industry.

    It would take some time for it to get back up to speed.

    It would be better not to target uranium imports from Russia until increased uranium imports from Canada are already flowing.

    Also, the U.S. is dependent on Russian rocket engines for the launching of major military and intelligence satellites, and to send astronauts into space.

    So the U.S. has something very important to lose if Russia gets pushed too far and withdraws its assistance in these areas.

    No one is saying that the U.S. should leave NATO. Not even Trump. He is simply saying that NATO is putting all of the burden on the U.S., instead of each country bearing its own weight.

    Germany, for example, now has a hollowed out military that is next to useless, because it can depend on the huge number of U.S. forces stationed in Germany.
  12. jgr

    jgr Well-Known Member Supporter

    Record of U.S. election meddling
  13. jgr

    jgr Well-Known Member Supporter

    The reason U.S. neocon warmongers are apoplectic regarding Trump's NATO funding reduction proposals is because such reductions mean a commensurate reduction in the degree of control which the U.S. has to this point exerted over the NATO apparatus and its members.

    But with U.S. profligate spending out of control, and inexorably approaching crises in the nation's finances, there is no other option.

    Welcome to the inevitable -- re-recognition of the reality of a multipolar geopolitical world.

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  14. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    God forbid.

    May nothing bad happen to Netanyahu.

    But he may have put himself in some danger by recently going against the Druze in the new law stating that only Jews have the right to self-determination in Israel.

    This law was simply stating the obvious, that Israel was created to be a nation for the Jews.

    But the Druze have played a key part in defending the Jewish state. And so they need to be granted (in an amendment to the new law) a special status as "partners" of the Jews in the Jewish state, with the same self-determination rights as the Jews. For the Druze want to remain a part of the Jewish state, enjoying its liberties and prosperity, while continuing to be willing to lay down their lives for its defense.

    So Netanyahu needs to make peace with the Druze in this way. For they are too dangerous to have as enemies, due to their intelligence, discipline, and their ability to keep a secret (i.e. any conspiracy against Netanyahu for betraying them).

    They are actively protesting in the streets now.

    But what you have to worry about is when they have grown silent.


    Are you saying that Micah 5:1b could refer to Netanyahu?

    If it does, and if the "rod" is literal, then his security detail needs to be wary of any rod-like item in his presence, such as a camera tripod, which could be picked up and swung as a weapon. Or an unloaded rifle at an honor guard.

    Or something as ubiquitous as a chair leg. For example, an angry Druze who is very strong could pick up a chair by one of its legs and swing it like a bat with all of his might so that the transverse leg strikes against one side of Netanyahu's face (the "cheek" in Micah 5:1b) with such stupendous force as to kill him, or render him so disabled and disfigured that it brings an end to his amazing political career. Then the leftists in Israel could take over the government (by elections) and make a two-state peace treaty with the Palestinians.

    But any such treaty will lead to Israel's destruction, due to the violent reaction of the rightists in Israel who are now settled in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem. For they could attack the Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, as was discussed in posts #3 and #4 above.
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  15. keras

    keras Writer of Bible prophecy studies.

    New Zealand
    Isaiah 3:1-7 plainly states that Judah; the Jewish State of Israel, will lose their good leaders.
    Can you think of any past event that this prophecy could have been fulfilled? I can't; and it plus Micah 5:1 await fulfilment.
    I believe you are right, in that an Israeli rightist Govt could incite civil war in Israel. This unrest would be seen by Iran and its proxies as the opportune moment to 'wipe them all off the map'.
    That attack will be their total destruction. Psalms 83, Micah 4:11-12, 2 Thessalonians 5:3 And Jewish Israel's as well, excepting for a small remnant hiding underground. Isaiah 29:1-4
  16. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    It can refer to the ruin of Jerusalem in 586 BC.

    For the current Jerusalem will not be ruined (and by all nations) until right before Jesus Christ's future, Second Coming (Zechariah 14).

    No, it will be armed, civilian rightists who will wage civil war against a future, leftist Israeli government.

    But the former will target the Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, and Palestinians throughout Israel and its territories. They will not target their fellow Jews.

    No, for Iran and its proxies do not have the capability to do so, and not without being nuked by Israel into oblivion.

    But a future, huge, Iraqi Baathist Army, along with the (already Baathist) Syrian Army could do so, as discussed in post #4 above.


    But someone might ask: "Would not the Baathists be deterred from attacking Israel because of Israel's nukes?"

    One answer is that even though Iraq and Syria know of Israel's nuclear weapons, and its tendency to retaliate in huge measure against attacks, Iraq and Syria could still decide to make an all-out conventional attack on Israel, for a couple of reasons. First, by that time Iran could have successfully built (or secretly purchased from North Korea) and tested its first nuclear weapon, and have claimed to have built a few more to (in its words) "Serve solely for defensive purposes against Israel's nuclear threat". Iraq and Syria could then think that Israel will not use nuclear weapons against them, even if they do attack Israel with all of their conventional forces, because then Israel would have to fear Iran retaliating against Israel with nuclear weapons.

    Second, the future destruction of the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque by the ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel could so enrage the rank and file of the (Muslim) Iraqi and Syrian Armies that they could demand an immediate invasion of Israel, and threaten an all-out revolt against their generals if they refuse to lead them in the attack. Fearing for their own lives at the hands of their own soldiers, the generals could initiate the attack against Israel, figuring that even if Israel goes ahead and nukes Baghdad and Damascus in retaliation for the total defeat and occupation of Israel, by that time the Iraqi and Syrian Armies will all be in Israel, out of harm's way from Israel's nukes. For Israel is not going to nuke its own land.

    But what good would it do the Iraqi and Syrian Baathists to gain "Palestine" and Egypt while losing Baghdad and Damascus to Israeli nukes? The Baathists could figure that the loss of Baghdad and Damascus (which they could evacuate ahead of time) is worth it to completely defeat and occupy Israel and Egypt, thereby removing much of the foundation of U.S. hegemony over the Arab world. And by the time that the U.S. makes its counter-attack to "restore" (that is, to take back) Israel and Egypt, the Baathists could have become so well dug-in, and so well-equipped and advised militarily by the Russians (in the name of "Arab self-determination"), that the U.S. counter-attack to restore Israel and Egypt could fail, and leave the Baathists in control and in a position to extend their power over all of the rest of the Arab nations.


    But someone might ask: "Would not the awesome Israeli Air Force be able to take out any hostile Iraqi forces streaming toward Israel?"

    One answer is that the Israeli Air Force could be unable to hit enough of the massive Iraqi attacking force to prevent the small territory of Israel from being overrun by it. For between Baghdad and Israel is a lot of flat desert across which massive numbers of Iraqi tanks, armored personnel carriers, and rapid-fire, rapidly-moving tracked howitzers could stream west toward Israel in very wide and staggered formations, which Israel's Air Force could have difficulty taking out quickly. And interspersed liberally among the Iraqi forces could be large numbers of highly mobile and technically advanced (U.S.-made) Iraqi SAM (surface-to-air missile) units, which could manage to take out most of Israel's Air Force as it is attacking the Iraqi forces. Any Iraqi force configuration which the U.S. will have provided to the Iraqi Army with the idea of making sure that Iraq could defeat all of Iran's air and ground defenses and overrun and occupy Iran's relatively huge territory could also be capable of (instead) defeating Israel's air and ground defenses enough so that Iraqi forces will be able to overrun and occupy the small territory of Israel.

    Also, Russia could soon supply (Baathist) Syria with highly-advanced Russian SAMs such as the S-300 and S-400 (and possibly even the S-500 in the future), which could be employed against Israeli jets to devastating effect during a future, all-out war involving Syria, Iraq, and Iran against Israel.

    Indeed, Russia has been helping Iran to develop a powerful line of force stretching all the way from Iran to Lebanon, which line could then attack southward all at once, invading not only Israel, but also Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Kuwait at the same time. Horribly, the previous U.S. administration sat idly by while Russia and Iran assiduously built up this line of force, including by deploying large numbers of Iranian troops and generals, and by building up large, Iranian-controlled Shiite Arab militias in Syria and Iraq. Hopefully, the current U.S. administration will be able to break up this line of force by successfully continuing to occupy far-eastern Syria with U.S. and allied (i.e. Sunni Arab and Kurdish) forces, and by bringing about an anti-Iran, Baathist coup d'etat in Iraq.

    Regarding Psalms 83, if it was not referring to a threat against Israel in the time of Asaph (the author of Psalms 83), but to some still-future event, then it may not happen until the Gog/Magog attack on Israel (Ezekiel chapters 38-39), which will not occur until after the future Millennium (Revelation 20:7-10).

    Regarding Micah 4:11-12, if Micah 4:9-10 was not a prophecy of the Jews' Babylonian captivity in the sixth century BC, then Micah 4:9-13 could refer to what will happen right before, at, and after Jesus Christ's future, Second Coming (Zechariah 14).

    Regarding 2 Thessalonians 5:3, did you mean 1 Thessalonians 5:3 instead?

    If so, then the sudden destruction in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 could refer to the future vials of God's wrath (Revelation 16), which will not occur until the final stage of the future Tribulation of Revelation chapters 6 to 18 and Matthew 24.

    Isaiah 29:1-8 could refer to what will happen right before and at Jesus Christ's future, Second Coming (Zechariah 14:1-3,12). And Isaiah 29:17-24 could refer to the subsequent Millennium. But Isaiah 29:9-16 could apply to any time. For example, compare Isaiah 29:13 and Mark 7:6. And compare Isaiah 29:14 on the one hand and Matthew 11:25 and 1 Corinthians 1:19 to 2:16 on the other.

    Isaiah 29:4 can mean that the Jews will be brought low by foreign enemies, so that they will only speak in whispers in their presence. Compare the English phrase: "he spoke in a very low whisper".
  17. keras

    keras Writer of Bible prophecy studies.

    New Zealand
    You are a dreamer, Bible 2+!
    Why don't you read and understand that it will be the Lord Himself, who will destroy His enemies; who include the State of Israel, of which only a remnant will survive. Isaiah 66:15-17, Zephaniah 1:14-18, Amos 2:4-5, +
    In Noah's time He sent water, this time He will send fire. 2 Peter 3:7
  18. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    Regarding Isaiah 66:15-17, it refers to Jesus Christ's future, Second Coming in flaming fire (2 Thessalonians 1:7-10) and with His sword. And the slain of the Lord shall be many (Revelation 19:11-21).

    Regarding Zephaniah 1:14-18, it refers to an ancient day of the Lord, like, for example, the ancient day of the Lord in Jeremiah 46:2,10. In its context, Zephaniah 1:14-18 was prophesying the destruction of Judah and neighboring countries (Zephaniah 1:4 to 2:5) by the Babylonians in the sixth century BC.

    Regarding Amos 2:4-5, Amos chapters 1-2 can refer to God's judgment against various ancient nations by the hands of the Assyrians and/or the subsequent Babylonians. Compare what Isaiah 10:5-6 says. Also, ancient armies used fire to destroy the cities they conquered (Joshua 8:20).

    Regarding "only a remnant will survive", immediately after the future Tribulation, when the whole world will see the amazing return of Jesus Christ Himself from heaven (Matthew 24:29-30, Revelation 1:7), all of the still-living, unsaved, elect Jews will be ashamed, and weep, and become Christians, when they see Jesus, and realize that He truly is their salvation (Zechariah 12:10-14, Romans 11:26-29). And so they will all become part of the Church at that time, just as when Jews become Christians now they become part of the Church. For there are no Christians outside of the Church (Ephesians 4:4-6).

    And the Jews who will become Christians at Jesus Christ's future, Second Coming will all become part of the Church by receiving some measure of God's Holy Spirit, who is "the spirit of grace and of supplications" in Zechariah 12:10 (Hebrews 10:29c, Romans 8:26), just as Jewish Christians today become part of the Church by receiving some measure of the Holy Spirit. For it is by receiving some measure of the Holy Spirit that both Jewish and Gentile Christians become part of the Church (1 Corinthians 12:13).

    Regarding 2 Peter 3:7, it refers to the future destruction of the "heavens" (the sky/atmosphere) and the earth (its surface) at the Great White Throne Judgment (Revelation 20:11 to 21:1), which is when non-Christians of all times will undergo final judgment.
  19. Bible2+

    Bible2+ Matthew 4:4

    Not at all. What would be a loss for Israel would be for it to invade and occupy Gaza, resulting in the deaths of tens, if not hundreds, of IDF soldiers, and resulting in Israel having to then govern the hellhole of Gaza.

    Instead, what is a win for Israel is to keep the status quo, in which Hamas's attacks are pathetically ineffective, and pose no threat at all to the security of the state of Israel, while Hamas is left ruling over the disaster of its own making in Gaza.

    It is absurd that Hamas wants to rule Israel, when it cannot even rule its tiny territory in Gaza, but has led it into utter misery and desperation.

    Hamas spends millions on terrorist operations against Israel, while Hamas's own Arab people in Gaza suffer from a lack of even the most basic necessities.

    Hamas needs to resign, as it were. It needs to admit its abject failure in every endeavor, and let some other Arab group, such as the Egyptian government, help the Arab people of Gaza.

    Even an IDF ground invasion of Gaza would not end Hamas. It would simply go underground, with parts of it moving into Sinai, where Egypt has been unable to control ISIS.


    There is no reaching an understanding with a group the very basis of which is the annihilation of Israel.

    Just as there is no possibility of Israel reaching an understanding with Iran under its current, extremist regime.

    Instead, it is the Arab People of Gaza who must rise up and cast out Hamas, just as the Arab People of Anbar Province in Iraq rose up and cast out Al Qaeda, with the help of the U.S.

    Similarly, the Persian People of Iran must rise up and cast out its current, terrorist regime, with the help of the U.S.

    Similarly, it was the American People who rose up in the American Revolution and cast out the despotic regime of the U.K. under George III, with the help of France.


    That is actually a possibility. The Novichok case could be a "false flag" incident intended to put pressure on Russia, and divert any directed attention away from the U.K. regarding the real source of the Dossier, the real source of the "Russian collusion" farce, and all other nefarious U.S.-U.K. links under Obama.

    For Russia is smarter than to use a nerve agent developed only by itself. Instead, it would use a nerve agent developed only by some other country. Or, much more likely, it would have simply hired some non-Russian thug to shoot the elder Skirpal, just as it has hired non-Russian thugs to shoot other dissidents, in Russia and elsewhere (such as recently in the C.A.R.).

    This would be similar to how U.K. intelligence (or a rogue element within it) could hire a non-U.K. hit man (e.g. from Italy) to shoot a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, unless there is an amazing, miraculous intervention by God causing the hit man to withdraw.

    And it would be similar to how U.S. intelligence (or a rogue element within it) could have hired French hit men to shoot Kennedy.

    Also, if the U.K. had any video of Russian persons in the vicinity of the Skripals or their home, it would have already revealed it. For the U.K. is now a veritable Orwellian nightmare of ubiquitous surveillance cameras.

    Let the U.K. release all of its video to see who really was involved.

    But, alas, even video can now be altered. But any altered video would have to be correlated with other data, such as cell-phone GPS data, and foreigner entry-and-exit data. But even these can be altered.


    He has since-then quietly sent people to the U.S. to try to make peace with it. For he and his advisors know that he can't possibly win in any sanctions war against the U.S.

    That could work. But the problem is that it will give an incentive to Erdogan to arrest innocent U.S. citizens in Turkey in the future on invented charges, to use them as swap-bait for the release of Turkish citizens arrested in the U.S. on real charges.
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    A litany of suppositions and opinion. A scripturally incorrect attempt to make your beliefs work.
    None of it has any solid Biblical basis.