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Disarm citizens: ULTIMATE script ILLUSTRATING importance of TRAITORS for illuminati

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by MattMarriott, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. MattMarriott

    MattMarriott Active Member


    Disarm the citizens - the ONE and ONLY task ever since systemic collapse in July 2007, that still must be completed before the nazi constitution is formally proclaimed.
    Both the original July 2007 script as well as each change ever since were exposed worldwide first and so far only by Last Prophet Matt Marriott.
    The 2007-2012 "Disarm the citizens in the USA" script shows:
    - how weak the illuminati are;
    - how totally brainwashed the human cattle is, allowing the illuminati, despite their weakness, to transport them to the slaughterhouse.

    Illuminati script - the very last chapter: BushClinton and disarm the citizens - The basic facts about what happened since 2007 and is now being finally completed
    MAKE NO MISTAKE: as soon as "Obama" ends the ONE and ONLY task he will FULLY detonate. Mass slaughter will no longer be restricted to hospitals and homes for elderly
    The text describes:
    - the original script that should be implemented after systemic collapse in July 2007;
    - each modified script and the date it was changed.
    Descriptions are as if writen at each date: original script and the date that the script was modified.
    Example: disarm citizens is now basically completed in Switzerland but that was not yet the case in July 2007.
    So the USA is now the only area of Illuminatziland where the ONE and ONLY task MUST be completed.

    July 2007 - Original script must be implemented as soon as possible
    Reason: systemic collapse in 2007 July, after a period of growing gap between oil demand and oil ouptut causes exponential rise of oil prices.
    Systemic collapse drastically reduces demand for oil and its price falls. (1)
    Consequence: nazi state must be formally established in Illuminatziland as soon as possible.
    Requirement(s): only one. The ONE and ONLY task that still must be completed is to disarm citizens in the last two areas where that did not yet happen: the USA and Switzerland.

    July 2007 - Original script
    Goal: Implementation of the ONE and ONLY task yet to be performed, disarm citizens.
    Restriction: respect the BushClinton commandment of the illuminati religion, to formally have only Bush or Clinton presidents after Ronald Regan, the only non-scripted president since 22 November 1963 (2).
    - voting machines will produce whatever results are scripted;
    - a republican president will disarm the citizens, because: there will be less resistence; role of NRA treasonous leaders will be less obvious during the operation.
    - a "shooting rampage" at an elementary school is scripted as the final act, pushing school reductionism to the utter limits (3), a remake of Dunblane 1996;
    - Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut was the scripted stage as early as 1995 (4).
    - Impossible to have human cattle swallow the most hated president ever and beyond, the most hated man by almost everyone, including gun owners, GW Bush, to execute the ONE and ONLY task;
    - according to the illuminati religion, to mock the human cattle with the BushClinton commandment, Hillary Clinton, from the Democratic Party, must be the successor of GW Bush.

    To solve the contradiction posed by Hillary Clinton being a member of the Democratic Party and Bush not being able to disarm the citizens:
    - a republican president playing the impostor role will be "elected" against Hillary Clinton;
    - the republican impostor will immediately execute the ONE and ONLY task, after the "shooting rampage" at the elementary school;
    - once the ONE and ONLY task is completed, the republican impostor will be exposed and stripped of his title and citizenship;
    - Hillary will be declared president and successor of GW Bush.
    - immediately after the global genocide agenda will be drastically advanced.
    The unprecedented genocide of at least 25 million undesirables at hospitals and homes for elderly in Illuminatziland in this millenium alone (2000- July 2007) will be immediately upscaled with another unprecedented genocide, at the extermination camps, of at least 120 millions in the USA and 150 millions in the EU.

    1. 2007: Obama and McCain play the roles of the original script
    - Obama's task is to help the human cattle swallow the "election" of Hillary Clinton in the democratic party primaries after a head to head race, by asking his supporters to cheer "winner" Hillary Clinton.
    - John McCain, supposedly born in the Panama Canal Zone, plays the republican impostor role.

    The rest is automatically translated from the original script:
    - McCain will be elected president, will disarm citizens following a shooting rampage staged event shortly after he is elected in November 2008; immediately after McCain will be exposed as an impostor who rigged the electons and will be stripped; Hillary Clinton will be declared successor of GW Bush after McCain is stripped.

    2. 2008 June: Script changed:
    - Obama will win democratic party primaries after head to head race with Clinton.
    Reason: illuminati realize that, after 8 years GW Bush, human cattle will not swallow Hillary beating Obama or a republican elected president.
    McCain one and only rally in a sports stadium for an audience of 400 people sitting in chairs on the field.
    An event staged for the record: prove that there were indeed such events while conceling any footage of the eerie scenery of totally empty seats at the stadium.
    - the role of republican impostor is canceled;
    - Obama will detonate shortly before the 2008 election with Clinton reinstated as democratic party candidate and elected president.
    - Obama will detonate only as "forging the birth certificate".
    - Consequences of this mild detonation: "Obama" will be impeached and stripped of the US citizenship.
    - all this causes an undesirable change in the disarm citizens script: it will be a white but a "democrat", Hillary Clinton, to do it.

    3. 2008 28 October: script changed, days before the "election
    - "Obama" detonation postponed a few months.
    Reason: illuminati realize that after 8 years GW Bush and 20 years BushClinton people will not swallow Hillary Clinton as president.
    - "Obama" plays counterfeit president.
    - as a consequence of the postponed detonation of "Obama" he will also be stripped of his presidential title.
    The rest is automatically generated from the original script:
    - Hillary Clinton automatically declared president and successor of GW Bush.
    This will be justified because the Obama/Biden ticket was a fraud and she was the legit candidate with more votes of the 2008 winner party, the "Democrats".

    4. 2009 July script changed
    Reason: situation did not change, people will not swallow Hillary Clinton as president disarming the citizens.
    Illuminati prefer to wait and return to the original "republican impostor disarms citizens after immediately after he is elected" chapter of the original script.
    - detonation of "Obama" postponed again;
    - "republican impostor" will be played by bald (because of illuminati religion commandment) actor Richard Jenkins starring as "Willard Mitt Romney".
    - script "collapse of banks with annihilation of pension funds" timed to match the detonation of Obama,
    - Obama will FULL detonate, accused of an endless array of crimes, from fraud and treason (including faking the death of Bin Laden, the character he also plays in the cave videos) to murder (including his "granny"); sentenced to "death", "executed" by hanging.
    - Obama will detonate immediately after citizens disarmed;
    - Obama detonation will trigger the supervised ethnic civil war. After all the past delays and the new delay caused by the latest changes, the script is way behind schedule, there is no alternative to race war;

    The rest is automatically generated from the original script:
    - republican president Romney will be elected, shooting rampage will be staged, Romney will disarm the citizens and immediately after Romney will be stripped and Hillary will be declared successor of GW Bush.
    The change in the cast, Romney not McCain playing the "republican impostor" role, obviously does not count.
    But there is major new chapter added to the script: supervised ethic civil war launched as Romney is stripped and simultaneously "Obama" FULLY detonates.

    5. 2012 November 7 - script changed in the election day. In fact as the "votes" are being "counted":
    - Romney votes multiplied by 11 not by 12, or in other words:
    - actor in the role of impostor "Obama" reelected instead of actor in the role of impostor "Romney" elected.
    Reason: despite mobilizing all their forces, illuminati are not able to fill the hall where "Romney" should celebrate "victory".
    For the illuminati this is the bitter confirmation of what happened during the campaign: Romney's one and only rally in a sports stadium, at Detroit, was a scene as eerie as McCains one and only of such rallies.
    Except for 11,000 people at Daytona Beach thanks to the Biketober Festival, with free drinks and food, Romney's rallyes never managed to gather more than 2,000 people.
    - all this causes an undesirable change in the disarm citizens script: against the odds it will be "black democratic president" Obama to do it.

    As originally scripted
    - shortly after the "election", the school shooting rampage is staged at Sandy Hook, Newton, Connecticut (5).
    - NRA traitors play their role (6) together with president playing impostor ...
    ... but the impostor is not an an actor in the white republican role as originally scripted but an actor in the "black democratic" role.
    The forced changes in script unwillingly:
    - save the lives of 6 years old children for each and every Sandy Hook, Newton class from 2008 to 2012 (4);
    - Ironically fulfill one of the principles of the illuminati religion: BLACK is WHITE and WHITE is BLACK (7).
    And that was the only trumpet the human cattle wants to hear (8).

    (1) We have been in the last leg of illuminati end times, illuminati overtime, since July 2007 ...
    Illuminati Overtime: Financial Armageddon attackers running out of ammo, Illuminati MUST now launch either ethnic civil war or nuclear Armageddon
    ... when other tactic weapons are required
    illuminati overtime tactic weapons - Google Search

    (2) Search for JFK and Reagan here:

    (3) As apparently commanded by the illuminati religion but in fact ruled by the Laws of End times Reductionism.
    Typology of staged shootings, as ANYTHING else in Illuminati End Times, illustrates this:

    (4) Sandy Hook, Newtown was scripted as the stage for a real massacre as early as 1995.
    Postponing the detonation of "Obama" saved the life of a few six years old children each and every year from 2008 to 2012:

    (5) "Obama tears are not about the murdered Connecticut children but about what is coming":

    (6) NRA traitors play their role:

    (7) End Times Paradoxes: Although not yet formally slaves (not yet disarmed) citizens in the US are already slaves.
    Search for BLACK is WHITE at:
    China Illuminati puppets masscre dozens of slaves owned by Apple / Foxconn - Differences to Bangladesh slaves owned by Walmart and to US slaves before they are disarmed

    (8) Unlike the Last Trumpets of the Bible. One of last ones was played by Radiohead:
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2012
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  2. usexpat97

    usexpat97 kewlness

    If the U.S. bans guns, they will say they are disarming the public so that the government has all the power. If you station an armed guard in every school, people will say they are conditioning the kids to get used to a constant armed presence they have to submit to.

    Bottom line is, you need a nation of good people. If your police and armed guards are not good people--police brutality. If the citizens are armed and the nation is morally depraved--all you do is arm all the "deranged" people. If you ban guns--all you do is arm the criminals. There's no getting around it: if you are good people, you can work it out. But if there's a shortage of good people, you've got what's coming to you.
  3. MattMarriott

    MattMarriott Active Member

    If Obama detonates before inauguration then the original McCain script will IMMEDIATELY follow: disarm, also self-detonate and ...

    If Obama will NOT be inaugurated then "republican impostor" "Romney" will disarm the citizens.
    This is what was originally scripted 2007, with McCain in the original cast for "republican impostor" (1).
    Accordingly to the original script: immediately after disarming the citizens, the republican "impostor" will also detonate.
    In other words: the "republican impostor" will be, like "Obama", accused of fraud, starting with forging his birth certificate, the originally scripted detonation.

    But unlike "Obama", "Romney" will not be sentenced to death for all sorts of treason (including faking the death of "Osama Bin Laden") and murders (including his "granny") (2).
    Reminder: such "crimes" were included due to the second change in script, days before the 2008 election.
    Hillary Cinton will immediately after:
    - be finally proclaimed 44th president and successor of GW Bush;
    - play her role in the original script: the last face of Bush Clinton, the last official face of the last antichrist, the illuminati.
    - supervise the extermination of the human cattle in the US and EU during the scripted ethnic civil war in all of Illuminatziland.

    (1) Disarm the citizens - the ONE and ONLY task ever since systemic collapse in July 2007, that still must be completed before the nazi constitution is formally proclaimed.
    The original script that should be implemented after systemic collapse in July 2007 and - each modified script and the date it was changed.

    (2) Start here:
    "OBAMA" makes one LAST "OSAMA" video to prove that "Bin Laden's death" is a lie - O's endless array of suicide bombs
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2012