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Did You Watch the Video

Discussion in 'News & Current Events (Articles Required)' started by praying, May 13, 2004.

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  1. Spike~

    Spike~ Guest

    The guy that got decapitated in Iraq teusday in retaliation to the prison abuses.
  2. Larry

    Larry Fundamentalist Christian


    I thought his name was Nick Berg. :scratch:
  3. Violet

    Violet living in marital bliss

    I thought the same thing but I'm usually wrong so I kept quiet :D
  4. Existential1

    Existential1 Well-Known Member

    Haven't seen it; wont watch.
    Feel that the TV News editors have manipulated me, even by flashing in clips which show someone reaching for the knife in his clothing.
    The simple word description tells me all I need to know. What I can read from others who have seen it, tells we more than I want to know.
    If I take something in, then I have to metabolise and accept it, to again be free of it, to redeem it.
    Why choose to that with this?
    But, as more and more people view it, I feel weakness in my position; not sure what to make of that.
    Not all those who choose to view, will choose to redeem anyhting: not sure what this viewing will bring into the world; usually there's a difficult first, then we take it more for granted and unremarked, and then .......

    How close to being drafted, in age, are you spike; if they brought it in? Would you go quite happily, or not?
  5. Spike~

    Spike~ Guest

    Well, I'll be 17 in July, so I'm pretty close to the draft age, and yea, I would go willingly. I've had plans on joining the military for a couple years now. Think I'm gonna shoot for the SEALS. But, I'ld rather the draft not be reactivated. I'ld like to have a year of illegal binge drinking and sleping with loose girls before I go into boot camp, go in when I'm 19 or 20.
  6. JesusRox

    JesusRox HuMMmmMMm

    No. After seeing someone's throat get sliced before I'll pass one seeing someone's head get cut off. It was totally disgusting. Images do not get out of my head and I really wouldn't want it in there.
    The question I ask is if that was MY family member would I want the whole world to see their murder.
  7. Existential1

    Existential1 Well-Known Member

    You make all the right points JR.
  8. praying

    praying Snazzy Title Goes Here Supporter

    You are corect it is Nicholas, God forgive for getting his name wrong.
  9. Ephesian

    Ephesian Member

    Yes. I did watch it but not out of morbid curiosity. I watched to justify my hatred I already feel towards these Islamic extremists and Islam in general. This video was quite effective in doing so. But now it appears this video has done something else as well. In the midst of my rage I realize that something is not quite right. Why do I feel this way? Should I feel this way? Is there such a thing as righteous anger? And most importantly, how would Jesus feel and why don't I feel the same way? There is a war going on and it is not just in Iraq, it is going on in the hearts and minds and souls of everyone, and mine was just brought to the forefront.
  10. rahma

    rahma FUNdamentalist

    Except the actions of these people were not Islamic in the least and have been condemned by just about every top scholar in the muslim world.

    I didn't watch it. I have a weak stomach. Seeing pictures splashed across the news for this last week have made me ill enough already.

    God help us retain our humanity and patience.
  11. PresidentsAnalyst

    PresidentsAnalyst Member

    not to be insensitive, but can we really assume that just because he's an american that he's a wonderful human being who would never deserve this?

    I see alot of drunken college brats at american universities that could use a good head chopping off. I see alot of Americans who never went to college in America that need their head chopped off.

    SUNSTONE Christian Warrior

    I don't think they killed him based on his reputation. I think it was done out of revenge, for there fellow soldiers that have been killed in a disrespectfull manner.

    Just out of curiosity, why would you want to kill a drunk obnoxious college student? Do you think being drunk and obnoxious is a crime punishable by death?
  13. UberLutheran

    UberLutheran Well-Known Member

    Hon -- I've never made it through Mommie Dearest without going to the bathroom and throwing up. (Mommie Dearest hits too close to home.)

    I could NEVER make it through an actual beheading!
  14. Blindfaith

    Blindfaith God's Tornado

    That's pretty insensitive if you ask me.

    I vowed I wouldn't watch it and I stupidly did. Not out of "morbid curiousity" and no, I don't "have issues".

    I honestly really did not want to watch it, but I did so so I could try and understand in some way, shape or form what it is we're really fighting against. We're fighting against the type of people who did this. Believe me, I regret watching it, but felt I "needed" to so I could try and understand. That makes absolutely no sense, but I can't explain it any other way. I bawled my eyes out and got physically ill, and it's something I will never forget. Unfortunately. But burying my head in the sand (for me, not for anyone else here) isn't going to help me comprehend what's knocking on my back door (terrorism).

    I hope to God that man is in heaven right now. I hope we catch the filthy murderers and see justice done. There's NO excuse good enough for what they did.

    One more point - I'd really appreciate it if people wouldn't judge me or cast stones because I did watch it. Thanks. :)
  15. Blindfaith

    Blindfaith God's Tornado

    btw mhatten, how did you want the poll changed? I can take care of that if you specify. Drop me a pm to let me know.
  16. Blessed75

    Blessed75 Well-Known Member

    :eek: you have GOT to be kidding me right?

  17. Blessed75

    Blessed75 Well-Known Member

    The title needs to be changed to Nick Berg and it's okay Mhatten, we all make mistakes. Even someone as perfect as me. lol.....;)
  18. praying

    praying Snazzy Title Goes Here Supporter

    stone her ;)

    You can't understand an irrational act though so watching it to me only serves to feed the fuel of hatred. Which is an understandable human reaction. We will never understand it though, I will never understand why the soldiers did what they did, there is no understanding something irrational rationally.
  19. Blindfaith

    Blindfaith God's Tornado

    But you see, mhatten, I don't hate them. I absolutely detest what they did. I hate their action, not them. I hate what the terrorists are doing, I don't hate them. They'll have to face God one day for what they've done, and that's good enough for me. I hope we catch them before they do anymore damage. What I feel is righteous anger, not bigoted hatred.

    And you're right - I can't comprehend what they did because I could never contemplate that horrid act. I'm not wired to think that way.

    As far as the stoning is concerned? Stones bounce off of steel ;) :D j/k

    {{edit done}}
  20. SuzQ

    SuzQ I'm.....Wonder Woman

    No more wire hangers for YOU, Ubie! LOL! Seriously, I posted on another thread complaining about some co-workers huddled around a computer trying to find the video yesterday - it turned my stomach! I had to quickly walk away, but I did speak up by saying rather loudly that anyone who WANTED to actually see it was just sick. However, these folks were also making light of it & cracking jokes. I suppose there are also some people who want to see it because they can't believe it & need to actually see it for themselves. I'm just not one of them.

    My own husband (who loves campy horror movies and the like), shared with me last night that he would not care to see it, either. He could not understand why anyone would view it as "entertainment"??? :sick: