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Did Mary know Jesus would have to die?

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by Stanfi, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. Stanfi

    Stanfi Senior Veteran

    Here is a discussion that I got into lately. Did Mary know that Jesus would die on the cross like he did at the time of his conception? Or was it not until later that she learned?
  2. S Walch

    S Walch -

    Nope, she would not have known he was supposed to die.

    The Angel Gabriel never told her that part of the story :)
  3. C.A.B.L

    C.A.B.L Active Member

    I can't speculate as to whether she may have known, but I think she greatly underestimated Jesus' power. At the wedding feast in Cana, when Jesus turned the water into wine, she told him in a way as to imply that He had the power of a earthly king, not as the Son of God.

    As far as him dying, I have no idea, I will ask her one day.
  4. Stanfi

    Stanfi Senior Veteran

    True, but what would she have know from the phrohecies?
  5. Endure2

    Endure2 Veteran

    i dont think anyone can surely say.
    if she had the ability and rescources to study the scripture and prophicies she might have... and if she was conversing with the spirit of God she could have possibly.
    but even those people who did study them, did not have the revelation that he would die, and even when he tried to tell people they did not understand, and when he plainly told his own people, they did not believe.
    i dont beleive even satan, one who knows scripture better than any of us, knew, or satan wouldnt have fullfilled every prophecy of Jesus so completely, by putting him through the things he did.

    i dont know, i would say she didnt... becuase he there was lots about him that he didnt tell people, the bible says he waited untill due time to be testified of... and he said no-one really knew him except the father.
  6. JiveTurkey

    JiveTurkey New Member

    The only human being who knew that Jesus would die was Joseph. The angel told him that the child was conceived of the Holy Spirit, and would save us from our sins.....Joseph knew that the wages of sin was death, and the only way to save one from sin was through a sacrifice. He understood what the angel was telling him, hence he chose to marry Mary and fulfill his God given duty to help raise Christ.
  7. Christian Dude

    Christian Dude • Anointed, On-Fire, & Prophetic Christian •

    I don't believe Mary knew... I believe Joseph may... but who knows if the Bible tells us the full story about what Mary knew... she may have gotten a vision about it but I'll find out one day.
  8. carmi

    carmi Well-Known Member

    I think that both Mary and Joseph knew that Jesus was in great danger. Joseph was warned and told to escape when Jesus was still a young child (anywhere around 2 years old because Herod had all male babies in Bethlehem killed that were 2 years or under).

    Maybe Joseph never told Mary why he wanted them to go to Egypt but I think it is very likely that she knew "something was up".
  9. Endure2

    Endure2 Veteran

    i think its a commonly accepted truth that not everyone back then had the luxery of studying the word of God, and often those who did didnt put 2 and 2 together very well, as you see of the scribes and pharisees.

    joseph was just a carpenter, not a scribe or a pharisee, we dont know what he knew.
    and even if he did know the scriptures very well, it doesnt mean he knew Jesus had to die on an old rugged cross.

    even if joseph had full remembrence and revelation that the wages of sin was death and the only way to purge sin was through a sacrifice, for him to fully in a moment realise that Jesus would die on a cross, or even have to die at all seems kind of like a stretch to me. becuase when i think savior, i dont think (this guys gonna die) i think (this guys gonna take some names and kick some butts)

    everyone knew the messiah came to restore the people and save the people and be their king from heritage and teachings of old, but the bible says most people who knew that expected him come as a king, a lion and triumph, not as a lamb to the slaughter.
    this the mystery of God that was a stumbling block to the jews and gentiles.

    educated and ignorant alike, did not expect or understand this.

    i know that isnt full proof of anything,
    but i dont think either of them knew that he would die.
    though knowing the truth of the matter doesnt seem very beneficial.
  10. Q-La

    Q-La says Hi

    When Joseph and Mary brought baby Jesus to the temple, a prophet told Mary that a sword will pierce her heart.
  11. Stanfi

    Stanfi Senior Veteran

    I do believe that as he grew, both Mary and Joesph knew that something was up. Herod wanting to Kill the first born, and the prohesy in the temple.

    However, I guess the specific questions comes into play as if they would know the messiah would die to due old testament phrophesy, or if the Holy Spirit had spoke to Mary and revealed this to her.