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Diagram the Scriptures - Diagramming 3 John

Discussion in 'Exposition & Bible Study' started by ekemini, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. ekemini

    ekemini Newbie

    I have to have a commentary on 3rd John due in two weeks and I am really struggling with something the professor wants us to do as busy work basically, but feels it will help us to understand the scripture better. That is to diagram the book of 3rd John (14 verses). Someone suggested the Bullinger's Companion Bible, there is no digram in this Bible. Does anyone have a copy or know how to Diagram 3 John? All 14 verses in English. Help please!!! :confused:
  2. Nazaroo

    Nazaroo Joseph is still alive! (Gen 45.26)

    You will find a wealth of information on the structure of John at our website here:

    Start with a Sectional outline of John on this page:

    Then there's the Old Testament Quotation Structure in John:
    OT Quotes in JN

    Take a look at the color charts showing the parallelism between John and Mark here:
    Synoptic 7

    Also, you will want to know about the CHIASTIC structure of John:
    CHIASM and Jn 8:1-11

    Finally, there are thematic structures in John that can be diagrammed:
    MOSES and Jn 8:1-11

    And this only scratches the surface in terms of diagrams for John.

    -------------------------------------- 3rd Letter of John: -------

    Here you will find in the lower chart an outline for 3rd John showing its "Epistle" structure:

    There is a simple outline here:

    There is a book online here with a whole chapter on 3rd John:

    Robert Funk did a standard work on 3rd John here:
    (you may have to pay a download fee or access any JSTOR articles through your university library)

    Another online book is here:

    Although there aren't too many charts on 3rd John, you can easily make a chart from the data given by these outlines.

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