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Devotions for COURTING couples...

Discussion in 'Daily Devotionals' started by Sascha Fitzpatrick, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. Sascha Fitzpatrick

    Sascha Fitzpatrick Well-Known Member

    I look on all the devotionals, and I'm only finding ones that are for 'singles' or 'marrieds'... the single devotionals are all about finding fulfillness for yourself in yourself with God (which is great), and the marriage ones are all about reaching a greater spot with God and your spouse (also fantastic)....

    What about those of us that are in a steady relationship, but still not yet considering marriage??? Where am I supposed to turn - I feel pressured to hurry us into marriage with the 'devotions for couples' ones (needless to say that title is misleading, cos it's all devoted to husbands and wives, not boyfriends and girlfriends, which can also constitute a couple) and feel somewhat unfulfilled with all the singles devotions, cos they don't include struggles my bf and I have, ones like communication, developing healthy relating habits before marriage, etc etc...

    Anyone have ANY idea of a devotional purposely devoted to those in a serious, committed dating relationship, that may head to marriage one day??? One that can help us set great foundations to a wonderful relationship???

    I know that the single devotions can help us achieve strengths in ourselves, and the marriage ones can help a fair bit too, but I fell we're missing out on stuff we could learn to help grow our relationship spiritually, emotionally and mentally...


    Thanks guys!

  2. kuntrygurl_26

    kuntrygurl_26 Veteran

    amen! LoL i can definatly relate :)
  3. riseabove

    riseabove New Member


    Thats great, I very much relate, though my relationship has headed in the more serious direction now. :clap:

    Bless you and your boyfriend on your path together and don't let circumstance push your relationship into a place that its not ready to go.

  4. Sascha Fitzpatrick

    Sascha Fitzpatrick Well-Known Member


    Yeah - I'm not the only one whose gotten annoyed at the lack of resources for those in a God-honouring, yet still in the not-getting-married anytime soon relationship (basically we're not ready as yet, because we both have plans in the works that we still want to do before we get married (either to each other or other people) that are two or so years off yet). I know a lot of people that really wanted some good devotionals for dating couples - most only found couple books really helpful once they got engaged.

    It's hard not to get cranky when you see 'devotions for couples' on the front, and then turn to the back and it says 'for you and your spouse' and you start reading the devotionals and it's about marriage breakdowns, children, intimacy with your spouse - and you're still way aways from all of that!

    All I want is a devotional I can do with my boyfriend each day so as to get some good conversations about belief systems and attitudes going!!! :rant:


  5. looksgood

    looksgood Veteran

    I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!! I think we NEED some for couples. I honestly think that it would help the two grow closer to God AND each other in preparation for when they become engaged!
  6. jarod054

    jarod054 Newbie

    hey I've been looking for those kind of books while talking to God, What me and my girlfriend are going to talk about and study about love from the Word of God, and from Himself... I mean you're all right about looking for books or topics on "how to maintain the relationship with our girlfriend/boyfriend books" but looking for it is not gonna get you anywhere.. It's a worldly concept of relationship, It's like you're announcing it to yourself that, you are not serious in your relationship with your gf/bf. Yes, it hurts to me too.. that all this time we were looking for something that the world could never understand. So when I was surfing the net God talked to me...

    This revelation from God, opened my eyes and my heart to the person I love so much...

    You know what God said? "Do not get in a relationship if you're not going to marry the person. Be serious about him/her, for I have made him/her perfect and is the right person for you. But you must thrive to be the right person for him/her. Remember your PROMISE to him/her and to ME your God."

    Guys, we're not in a relationship because we just love each other. Being in a relationship is a preparation for marriage. It's not a joke. It's the truth. Let's not go wasting our love to the person God did not prepared for us. I'm glad I could share this to you, since I am one of you looking for books and stuffs for boyfriends and girlfriends.

    those books are right! It's about marriage, preparing life with your partner, getting ready (for us guys), staying pure (for girls), building our relationship with our bf/gf strong in faith, trust and of love. Putting God in the center of the relationship. Yes it's hard, for sometimes we get confused by the times we argue, and times we get to hurt each other. believe that's what I am going through right now, and I believe you are too! That's why we came looking for books, stuffs, and topics on the net.

    It's about MARRIAGE. :prayer:

    For us guys: Let's prepare a future for our girlfriends, (if we truly love them We Will and We Must!) for they entrusted their lives to us, their future is in our hands. For those of us that are still studying, study hard, get good grades! don't skip class! Love our girlfriends, take good care of them. Save our allowances, (let's not spend too much!) MANAGE OUR TIME WITH OUR GIRLFRIENDS, FAMILY, CHURCH, SCHOOL, AND ESPECIALLY GOD!
    Lead a bible study/devotion. Ask God for confirmation, ask other elders, your parents! DO NOT BE SHY! They will understand!
    If you have a job already, then goo for you. You are a step ahead in preparing for your marriage. Save money, and love your work/job, be faithful. It's God's gift to you to prepare a life with your girlfriend. and MANAGE.(same as above).

    For you girls: Prepare yourself in the day of your wedding. Keep yourself pure until the day of your wedding. Remember to set limitations. Trust your boyfriend! Always give chance. Forgive! (because I know, that we guys, unconsciously, ten to hurt you in small ways) Please forgive us! Don't just sit and wait, help your boyfriend prepare for that special day! Speak out to him and let him know what can you do and what can't you do. Don't just sit there waiting for him, you are risking your relationship. We guys also need you in building a relationship. SIDE BY SIDE and HAND IN HAND!
    Help him prepare for your wedding day! Don't be shy to ask what you may be of help to him, and frank him because we guys are too proud and don't want you girls working hard. REMIND US THAT WE CAN'T DO IT ALONE. If we can't handle a bible devotion, take the lead!

    This goes to all of us boys and girls!


    Let's help each other! If God is speaking to you, share it to us! I am always open to hear it. God often uses other people. ALWAYS PRAY!

    GOD BLESS!:idea: