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Definition of "alcoholic"?

Discussion in 'Addictions & Substances' started by bumblebee62331, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. bumblebee62331

    bumblebee62331 Well-Known Member

    In order to be an alcoholic, is it accepted that you drink a lot in one sitting, or can you also be considered an alcoholic if you have, say, one drink a day?

    My friend finds herself reaching for an alcoholic drink a lot and it's scaring her. She doesn't drink "a lot", but she has started to feel like she needs at least one drink a day. Is this an alcohol problem?
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  2. Rambofm

    Rambofm Newbie

    Blessings to You and Your Friend: The key phrase is, "feeling the need". It is a slow process that begins with small amounts and not so frequent. This is how I started, but not the way it ended. It's not about will power, strength, or intelligents. Remember that anything that the flesh desires is a hindurance to our spiritual growth. There are many forms of alcoholism, it is not defined by one form of addiction.
  3. AxionEsti

    AxionEsti Well-Known Member Supporter

    I agree with Rambofm, that "feeling the need" statement says it.
  4. BlessEwe

    BlessEwe Legend

    When a person starts to drink, do drugs, smokes, drinks coffee ect. The body is trying to balance out, ( the brain sends out extra things to balance it) some feel sick, some love it.
    After time putting more into the body it now feels normal and when things are taken away the brain /body Wants and Needs the substance to feel normal again.

    Three stages of addiction:


    binge/intoxication, and

    withdrawal/negative affect

    Usually the body wants more of the drug to get the great affect it got the first time we used, so it progressively ends up at the last level with most of us. Some can just stop and never pick up again, Some need medical intervention because stopping all at once after consuming a large amount for so long can be fatal.

    The brain will remind your friend daily for the subtance, and sometimes at the same time of day. Only she can say if she has a problem, but I will say from my own experience addiction is nothing to mess with.
  5. bumblebee62331

    bumblebee62331 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys - I'll talk to my friend. It is concerning that she feels a need to drink daily - that in itself is a red flag. I really appreciate you all for taking the time to reply. :hug:
  6. rshanen

    rshanen Member

    It sounds like alcohol is becoming a crutch, perhaps a small one at this point, but that is how it starts sometimes.
  7. Dralan

    Dralan Regular Member

    The definition of an 'alcoholic' may vary on who you ask so its very much up to the individual to diagnose him or her self. Is alcohol causing negative consequences in your life? Does your drinking adversely affect those around you? Do you have a mental obsession with drinking? Those are some of the questions a person needs to ask themselves in determining that. The fact that its even an issue may indicate a problem.
  8. healy

    healy Well-Known Member

    oh how it starts and how different it is for every person.
    my belief is when you choose alcohol over people,things,events,and start planning your day and night around where you have access to the drinking you know then you have started on the road to alcoholism.
  9. Garyzenuf

    Garyzenuf Socialism is lovely.

    In Relationship

    If you can't control when you start drinking, or after you start you can't control how much you drink, then you're probably alcoholic. IMO.

    If you think you have a problem with alcohol, you probably do. This would not (IMHO) mean beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were alcoholic, perhaps you just need to modify your drinking habits. By and large, I don't think a true alcoholic will be able to do this, at least not for a significant period of time. :)

  10. BobW188

    BobW188 Growling Maverick

    Garyzenuf sets out a real truth: if you think you have a problem, you probably (not certainly) do. I'd suggest your friend check out the self-test on the Alcoholics Anonymous website and give serious consideration to the result.
  11. madison1101

    madison1101 Senior Veteran

    There are as many definitions for alcoholic as there are alcoholics. If you think you have a problem with alcohol, attend several AA meetings and see if you identify with the people who tell their story of how they drank, why they drank and how they felt after they drank. The only requirement for membership in AA is the DESIRE to stop drinking. I suggest you, or your friend, try AA for a while and then answer the question for yourselves.

    My reason for being so blunt is that I thought I had a problem many, many years before I went to AA. I did not have the courage to address it, and drank for a while longer, getting worse, not better.

    God bless.