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Debate: Is Islam Peaceful, Spencer-Wood v Hussain-Ebady

Discussion in 'Christianity and World Religion' started by Joyousperson, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. Joyousperson

    Joyousperson Well-Known Member Supporter

    Here is an interesting debate between Robert Spencer and David Wood facing Shia scholars Shaykh Sakhawat Hussain and Sayyid Atiq Ebady.

    I noted Robert Spencer and David Wood are both very objective in relying their arguments based on the authentic sources of Islam, i.e. the Quran, Ahadith [Sunni and Shia] the Sira and various tafsir.

    Their opponents, Sayyid Atiq Ebady who spoke most the time, did present counter views but their views are are too loose, full of complains and attacked on the basis Spencer and Wood do not know Arabic, thus their views are not credible.

    Nb: I agree knowing some basic Arabic is more useful, i.e. understanding basic Arabic grammar and the trilateral roots system. These days one can easily access English-Arabic dictionaries from the internet.​

    Despite their Arabic handicap, I note Robert Spencer and David Wood views are sufficient to counter and win over the views of the opponent.

    Whilst Spencer and Wood's views are sufficient to address the topic, there are still lots of room from within the Quran to be more sharper and precise to win the debate more conclusively, i.e. the ideology of Islam is not peaceful at its core.

    To Muslims and Muslims apologists who often condemned Robert Spencer and David Wood as shallow and useless anti-Islamic propagandists;
    show where are Spencer and Wood seriously wrong in their presentation from the authentic sources of the ideology of Islam in this debate.

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