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"date night" in lockdown

Discussion in 'Married Couples' started by johndoo, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. johndoo

    johndoo Newbie

    What are you all doing to beat the boredom in your marriage during the pandemic? We have gone to drive-through restaurants, gone for drives, and gone for walks in the county park that is still open. We have watched more movies on Netflix.

    Overall, it hasn't been any different for our marital stress in my opinion. I have heard the divorce rate may be going up. Is it stressful for your marriage?
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  2. tturt

    tturt Senior Veteran Supporter

    There are numerous ways to have "date nights"- a note in an unexpected place, a flower, a favorite poem, a time of prayer and/or Bible reading together. Wives generally expect husbands to be the spiritual leaders in our homes.

    Cook together, try new recipes. Set the table even if you are eating a bowl of soup. Have a picnic. (you do the cleaning up - seriously).

    Learning more about the other one's love language ("The Five Love Languages"). Eph 5:33 says husbands love your wives and wives respect your husbands. What does being respected mean to you and being loved mean to your wife. What is something your wife doesnt like to do but it has to be done then you do it.

    Laugh together. Listening to a neurosurgeon recently after stating some of the benefits of laughter said our bodies react positively even if it's fake laugh. Could ever watch a silly movie together just to laugh.

    Present her with a notebook filled with her genealogy infor as many generations back as you can go or God's perspective of her which can be obtained through Scripture or a list of positive characteristics that is reflective of how you "see' her.

    Write her a poem or card or draw/paint something for her.

    btw, encourage you to watch "Marriage Today" Those televised programs are on Daystar. Plus their website marriagetoday.com/category/tv-episodes/ has probably 60 free episodes including "What a man really needs" and 'What a woman really needs" by Jimmy Evan's ministries. All teachings are Biblically based. Plus there's books, videos, etc.
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  3. Carl Emerson

    Carl Emerson Well-Known Member

    New Zealand
    I have found the opposite, we are doing more together, praying for family, enjoying the quiet, cooking nice meals, gardening, hearing each other, talking about our early life, walking the dog, reaching out to others on the internet.
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  4. overit

    overit Veteran

    United States
    To be honest, my husband and I are homebodies. I broke my leg Jan of last year and we spent months unable to do much of anything. Being 'housebound' isn't that hard for us after that ordeal honestly.
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  5. HannahT

    HannahT Newbie Supporter

    We have done things together like you mentioned, and we find ways of doing things separate too. Everyone needs their personal space after a while.

    For example? He dropped off the Ranger to get serviced, and I drove over to a local Distillery that is selling hand sanitizer instead of booze. Two of my friends wanted some too, and so I picked up 3 -1/2 gallons! lol! Then I drove to get a Turkey breast for Easter, and some other tasty items for the day. He came home to find that mulch had been dropped off, and was spreading it all over the place when I got home.

    Yep, we have watched more TV and Netflix than normal. My son got laid off, and so he is here to along with my BIL that lives with us anyway. I think we are all respecting our personal space at times, and coming together in others. I think personal space is important.

    It's different, but you have to find a way to go with the flow. I figure Goodwill will be bountiful after this is done. Everyone is re-organizing and getting rid of stuff. OH! I'm definitely going to hit a SIT DOWN restaurant after this is done too. Normally, I don't mind cooking. It's grinding on me now though. lol dishes are grinding on my now...laundry is grinding...you get it!

    I haven't been grounded since High School, and I'm OLD! lol and haven't done anything wrong either! (evil grin)
  6. Paidiske

    Paidiske Clara bonam audax Supporter

    It's stressful in that we're both trying to work from home, under pressured circumstances (neither of us is working less, but we're having to find ways to work differently), and now the next term of school will be from home, too. That's a lot of extra demands to juggle with more limited resources/supports. And we're looking at possibly having to move house in the middle of all of this, so that is definitely stressful.

    We're just taking things one day at a time, really.
  7. pgp_protector

    pgp_protector Noted strange person

    Don't know about your area, but most restaurants still offer takeout also.

    But don't just serve it in the takeout containers.
    Re-Plate them & set the table.
    Go for the full 3-4 Course dinner route.
  8. tturt

    tturt Senior Veteran Supporter

    take a walk or go for a drive - with little or no traffic