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Currently reading?

Discussion in 'Spiritual Formation & Disciplines' started by Lilly54, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Lilly54

    Lilly54 Well-Known Member

    United Kingdom
    In Relationship
    So which part of the Bible are you reading today?
    I have decided to read Exodus. I try to maintain a balance between old and new testaments. I have several bibles in the house, i carry a small one in my handbag and have 3 in my Kindle. In each one i am at different stages in whichever Bible book i feel drawn to.
    Just building my knowledge slowly, steadily. So i can digest at my pace. I need to feed myself daily with God's Word. It has become as important as physical food and drink to me.
    Do you read some daily - do you set a specific time or just fit it in as i do, whenever i have chance? Though i always start and end the day with a session, however short.
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  2. Greengardener

    Greengardener for love is of God Supporter

    United States
    This is good to hear. We live by every word that God spoke/speaks, and He doesn't change His mind about what He says. Thankfully He is quick to protect our course when we repent of our evil ways and turn to His, but He doesn't change in what He says is best for us and what will happen if we aren't careful to walk in His instructions. So you are benefited wherever you are reading. I'm usually in several books at a time and in several versions. I've recently been through Exodus and Leviticus. Hiding His word in our heart so that we might not sin against Him and so that we have a light to our path - what a precious opportunity we have!
  3. Dropout_Theologian

    Dropout_Theologian Not an ant in God's glorious library. Supporter

    United States
    I've currently just finished Acts, and I'm looking forward to getting into Romans again. I typically read at night, rebel that I am.