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Creation on the 6th Day

Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution' started by Jesusong, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. Jesusong

    Jesusong Veteran

    I believe in a literal 24 hour 6 day creation as told in Genesis. While I was having a friendly debate with someone from church ( who happens not to be a literal 6 day 24 hour creationist ) , it was brought to my attention that the days in Genesis couldn't be literal 24 hour periods because of day 6. For on the 6th day God  made the animals, He made man, had the man name all the animals, put him into a deep sleep to make a woman for him, all in a 24 hour period.

    Now the question I have is, how could all of this happen in a 24 hour period, especially given the task of naming all the animals, considering there must have been thousands of them. 


     :help:   I'm stuck :scratch:
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  2. Chuck_Darwin

    Chuck_Darwin Well-Known Member

    You could accept that the Genesis account is an allegory or metaphor like St. Augustine thought. That would get you unstuck. It would also be well with in orthoxdox christainity to do so.

    quotation from St. Augustine (354-420 C.E.)

    "Often a non-Christian knows something about the earth, the heavens, and the other parts of the world, about the motions and orbits of the stars and even their sizes and distances,... and this knowledge he holds with certainty from reason and experience. It is thus offensive and disgraceful for an unbeliever to hear a Christian talk nonsense about such things, claiming that what he is saying is based in Scripture. We should do all that we can to avoid such an embarrassing situation, lest the unbeliever see only ignorance in the Christian and laugh to scorn."
    -- St. Augustine, "De Genesi ad litteram libri duodecim" (The Literal Meaning of Genesis)
  3. ikester7579

    ikester7579 Well-Known Member

    Because when God made the garden of Eden. It was heaven on earth. Adam and Eve were perfect until sin came into their lives. So just like in Heaven, Adam needed no sleep. Also Adam had a perfect mind and was in full use of it. He did not have to write things down. In fact because he was in direct contact with God through his mind all he had to do was think something and God knew. Your mind can think words 10 times faster than they can be said. And when your talking with God, most of the time it's through our thoughts, not through our mouths. And because God can halt time. If he needed extra time to complete something he could have taken it. But their is no reference to that so I believe it was 6-24 hour literal days. Besides if God can speak things like the whole universe into existense, why could he not have adam who was made in his image name all animals then take a day of sleep?
  4. ikester7579

    ikester7579 Well-Known Member

    "Coal: Evidence for a Young Earth"


    Evolutionary theory requires millions of years in the formation of coal in order to afford time for the development of living organisms whose fossils are found in coal deposits. However, laboratory and field research has demonstrated that coal is formed rapidly and in vast quantities. These vast coal deposits are unsullied by other material. The conclusion is drawn that actual research indicates a young age to the Earth that contains such coalified materials.


    "If coal takes millions and millions of years of heat and pressure to form, how is it possible that creationists are teaching that the earth is only a few thousand years old?" This is a commonly asked question among individuals seeking answers about the age of the earth and the universe. Research has been done by several creation organizations, as well as independent scientists, in order to answer such questions. The evidence actually shows that coal does not take millions of years to form, as is commonly asserted. In fact, the formation of coal has been proven to be a rapid process that can be duplicated in modern laboratories in a matter of days - or even hours.

    I. Rapid Formation

    In order for coal to be formed, several factors must be present. Pressure, temperature, water, time, and some sort of vegetation are the key elements for the formation of coal. According to evolutionary theory, the slow accumulation and decomposition of vegetation living in past ages accounts for the coal seams. However, this theory can not answer why such large amounts of original vegetation without soil can be found in the areas that are now coal seams, or how these coal seams became so thick - some being over two hundred feet in depth.

    Scientist Robert Gentry analyzed coalified wood found on the Colorado Plateau in order to determine how long it took for coal to form.1 By treating coal with epoxy and slicing it into thin sheets, Dr. Gentry was able to examine tiny, compressed radiohalos found in the coal. Radiohalos are discolorations in the coal, ejected by radioactive elements in the centers (such as uranium).

    According to evolutionary theory, in order for these halos to form, several processes must have occurred. First, water-saturated logs must have been laid down in several different geologic formations, including the Triassic, Jurassic and Eocene layers. Later, uranium solutions infiltrated the water-saturated logs, and uranium decay products were collected at tiny sites within the logs. The radioactive decay from the tiny particles ejected spherical radiation damage regions around those sites, thus producing halos. Finally, a pressure event on the site of the formations compressed the logs as well as the radioactive halos within them. However, because coal is not a malleable substance, scientists know that these logs had not turned to coal at the time the compression event occurred. This points to a quick burial and coalification of the logs – rather than a long time period.2

    II. Decay Ratios

    When the ratio of uranium decay to its decay product (lead) is analyzed, the conclusion is drawn that all the logs within the various geologic formations were buried at the same time. The high lead-to-uranium ratios admit the possibility that both the initial uranium infiltration and the coalification could possibly have occurred within the past several thousand years.3

    III. Polystrate Fossils

    The presence of "polystrate" trees (trees petrified or coalified in an upright position) point to a rapid coalification process. One of the most commonly known polystrate trees is found at Katherine Hill Bay, Australia. This fossilized tree can be seen extending over twelve feet, through several sedimentary layers. According to evolutionary theory the different sedimentary layers took hundreds of thousands of years to accumulate. However, we know this is impossible since the tree would have decomposed long before the sediments would have had time to accumulate. Rather, this tree is testimony to the catastrophic and rapid burial that must have taken place.

    IV. Unsullied Deposits

    Finally, coal seams such as those found in the Powder River Basin of Gillette, Wyoming, ranging from 150 to 200 feet in depth, point to a rapid coalification process. "These coal seams run remarkably thick and unsullied by other material. Usually, unwanted sediments, such as clay, washes over a deposit before coal seams can get very thick. This leaves scientists with the baffling question of how the seams get so massive and still remain undiluted by influxes of clay and other impurities before they thicken."4


    The answer can be found in the Biblical account of Noah's Flood. The Biblical description of the fountains of the great deep breaking up gives strong reference to volcanic activity in the pre-Flood basins.5 This would have provided several of the key factors need for the production of coal, along with an explanation of how the process could have occurred at such a rapid pace.

    Although the coalification process has been used in the past to support theories of an aged universe, research done by leading creation scientists reveals that this process actually supports creation teachings of a young Earth. Physical evidence demonstrates that the coalification process must have occurred rapidly, rather than over vast time periods.

    CEM Staff Writer

    1Robert V. Gentry, Video: Young Age of the Earth


    3Science , October 15, 1996

    4Earth Magazine, May 1993

    5Genesis, chapter seven
  5. ikester7579

    ikester7579 Well-Known Member


    1. The Fossil Record...Evolutionists have constructed the Geologic Column in order to illustrate the supposed progression of "primitive" life forms to "more complex" systems we observe today. Yet, "since only a small percentage of the earth's surface obeys even a portion of the geologic column the claim of their having taken place to form a continuum of rock/life/time over the earth is therefore a fantastic and imaginative contrivance.1" "[T]he lack of transitional series cannot be explained as being due to the scarcity of material. The deficiencies are real, they will never be filled."2 This supposed column is actually saturated with "polystrate fossils" (fossils extending from one geologic layer to another) that tie all the layers to one time-frame. "[T]o the unprejudiced, the fossil record of plants is in favor of special creation." 3

    2. Decay of Earth's Magnetic Field... Dr. Thomas Barnes, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Texas at El Paso, has published the definitive work in this field.4 Scientific observations since 1829 have shown that the earth's magnetic field has been measurably decaying at an exponential rate, demonstrating its half-life to be approximately 1,400 years. In practical application its strength 20,000 years ago would approximate that of a magnetic star. Under those conditions many of the atoms necessary for life processes could not form. These data demonstrate that earth's entire history is young, within a few thousand of years.

    3. The Global Flood... The Biblical record clearly describes a global Flood during Noah's day. Additionally, there are hundreds of Flood traditions handed down through cultures all over the world. 5 M.E. Clark and Henry Voss have demonstrated the scientific validity of such a Flood providing the sedimentary layering we see on every continent. 6 Secular scholars report very rapid sedimentation and periods of great carbonate deposition in earth's sedimentary layers..7 It is now possible to prove the historical reality of the Biblical Flood.8

    4. Population Statistics...World population growth rate in recent times is about 2% per year. Practicable application of growth rate throughout human history would be about half that number. Wars, disease, famine, etc. have wiped out approximately one third of the population on average every 82 years. Starting with eight people, and applying these growth rates since the Flood of Noah's day (about 4500 years ago) would give a total human population at just under six billion people. However, application on an evolutionary time scale runs into major difficulties. Starting with one "couple" just 41,000 years ago would give us a total population of 2 x 1089. 9 The universe does not have space to hold so many bodies.

    5. Radio Halos...Physicist Robert Gentry has reported isolated radio halos of polonuim-214 in crystalline granite. The half-life of this element is 0.000164 seconds! To record the existence of this element in such short time span, the granite must be in crystalline state instantaneously.10 This runs counter to evolutionary estimates of 300 million years for granite to form.

    6. Human Artifacts throughout the Geologic Column...Man-made artifacts - such as the hammer in Cretaceous rock, a human sandal print with trilobite in Cambrian rock, human footprints and a handprint in Cretaceous rock – point to the fact that all the supposed geologic periods actually occurred at the same time in the recent past.11

    7. Helium Content in Earth's Atmosphere... Physicist Melvin Cook, Nobel Prize medalist found that helium-4 enters our atmosphere from solar wind and radioactive decay of uranium. At present rates our atmosphere would accumulate current helium-4 amounts in less than 10,000 years.12

    8. Expansion of Space Fabric...Astronomical estimates of the distance to various galaxies gives conflicting data.13 The Biblical Record refers to the expansion of space by the Creator14. Astrophysicist Russell Humphries demonstrates that such space expansion would dilate time in distant space.15 This could explain a recent creation with great distances to the stars.

    9. Design in Living Systems...A living cell is so awesomely complex that its interdependent components stagger the imagination and defy evolutionary explanations. A minimal cell contains over 60,000 proteins of 100 different configurations.16 The chance of this assemblage occurring by chance is 1 in 10 4,478,296 .17

    10. Design in the Human Brain...The human brain is the most complicated structure in the known universe.18 It contains over 100 billion cells, each with over 50,000 neuron connections to other brain cells.19 This structure receives over 100 million separate signals from the total human body every second. If we learned something new every second of our lives, it would take three million years to exhaust the capacity of the human brain. 20 In addition to conscious thought, people can actually reason, anticipate consequences, and devise plans - all without knowing they are doing so.21

    1Woodmorappe, John, "The Essential Non-Existence of the Evolutionary Uniformitarian Geologic Column: A Quantitative Assessment," Creation Research Society Quarterly, vol. 18, no.1 (Terre Haute, Indiana, June 1981),pp. 46-71

    2 Nilsson, N. Heribert, as quoted in Arthur C. Custance, The Earth Before Man, Part II, Doorway Papers, no. 20 (Ontario, Canada: Doorway Publications), p. 51

    3Corner, E.J.H., Contemporary Botanical Thought, ed. A.M. MacLeod and L.S. Cobley (Chicago: Quadrangle Books, 1961), p. 97

    4Barnes, Thomas, ICR Technical Monograph #4, Origin and Destiny of the Earth's Magnetic Field (2nd edition, 1983)

    5Blick, Edward, A Scientific Analysis of Genesis (Oklahoma City: Hearthstone, 1991) p. 103

    6Clark, M.E. and Voss, H.D., "Fluid Mechanic Examination of the Tial Mechanism for Producing Mega-Sedimantary Layering" (Third International Conference on Creation, Pittsburg, July 1994)

    7Ager, Derek, The Nature of the Stratigraphical Record (New York: John Wiley and Sons) p. 43 and p. 86

    8West, John Anthony, Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt (New York: Julian Press, 1987) pp. 13-14

    9 See Morris, Henry, Scientific Creationism (El Cajon, CA: Master Books)

    10Gentry, Robert, Creation's Tiny Mystery (Knoxville, Tenn.: Earth Science Assoc.,1988)

    11 Baugh, Carl, Why Do Men Believe Evolution AGAINST ALL ODDS? (Oklahoma City: Hearthstone, 1999)

    12Cook, Melvin, "Where is The Earth's Radiogenic Helium?" Nature, Vol. 179, p. 213

    13Cowan, R., "Further Evidence of a Youthful Universe," Science News, Vol. 148, p. 166

    14Psalm 104:2; Isaiah 40:22

    15Humphries, Russell, Starlight and Time (Green Forest, AR: Master Books, 1994)

    16Denton, Michael, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (Bethesda, Maryland: Adler & Adler, 1986) p. 263

    17 Mastropaolo, Joseph, "Evolution Is Biologically Impossible," Impact # 317 (El Cajon, CA: Institute For Creation Research,1999) p. 4

    18Restak, Richard, The Brain: The Last Frontier, 1979, p. 390

    19The Brain, Our Universe Within, PBS Video

    20Wonders of God's Creation, Moody Video Series

    21Weiss, Joseph, "Unconscious Mental Functioning," Scientific American, March 1990, p. 103
  6. ikester7579

    ikester7579 Well-Known Member

    The Creator's matchless formula for life on Earth involves a multitude of planetary parameters working together in a specific and delicate balance. So precise is this prescription, a mere absence or slight alteration in any one of the countless interrelated factors and mutually-dependent variables upon which life hinges could prove cataclysmic. Consider these more noticeable requirements upon which all life on our world depends:

    (1) Abundance of Liquid Water --- This flowing treasure is unique in the combination of physical and chemical properties it manifests as the only possible solvent and medium for living cells. More than 70% of the planet is covered by some 326 million cubic miles of liquid water, enough to submerge a perfectly smooth and spherical Earth to a depth of 8,500 feet (over 1.6 miles!!). [Gen. 1:2, 10b / Job 38:34 / Ps. 33:7 / Rev.14:7b; see also Gen. 7:10 & Ps. 104:6]

    (2) Cleansing Ocean Tides --- The ebb and flow of Earth's tidal circulation (in response to the lunar gravitational pull) purifies the world ocean and the continental shorelines which serve to enclose its waters. [Prov. 8:29a / Job 26:10; 38:11 / Ps. 104:9]

    (3) Ideal Planetary Size and Mass --- With an equatorial diameter of 7,927 miles (Job 38:18 / Isa. 40:22a) and a mass equal to nearly 6.588 sextillion (10 ^ 23 = billion trillion) tons, the Earth is able to provide the perfect gravitational attraction and optimum atmospheric pressure for living organisms. [Job 28:25 / !sa. 40:12]

    (4) Life-Sustaining Atmosphere --- It has been said of the Earth that "the existence of its inhabitants hangs upon a thin and delicate sheath of gas that envelops the planet like the skin of an apple." Though over 99% of our atmosphere (composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other gases) lies below 50 miles in altitude, it still is able to (a) provide the necessary oxygen crucial for animal and human respiration, (b) preserve acceptable temperature ranges while avoiding life-threatening extremes of heat and cold, and (c) protect from incoming extraterrestrial debris and (UV) solar radiation. [Gen. 1:20b / Job 37:18 / Ps. 104:3,13]

    (5) Protective Magnetic Field --- Supplemented by the Van Allen radiation belts, the ionosphere, and the ozone layer as interior shields of defense, the Earth's magnetic field not only protects us from cosmic bombardment of harmful particles and high-frequency waves, it is also responsible for facilitating cellular communication and directional location. [Prov. 8:27; cp. Ps.5:12]

    (6) Proper Orbital Shape --- With a circumference of almost 600 million miles, the Earth's orbit around the Sun is nearly circular in order to minimize extreme temperature variations. [Ps. 19:4b-6]

    (7) Perfect Orbital Radius --- Earth's 93 million-mile-average distance from the Sun (typically referred to as one astronomical unit or 1 A.U.) allows our planet to have an ideal surface temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit and an average ocean-water temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, in terms of insolation (i.e., incoming solar radiation), this orbital radius positions our world at the optimum location for life in the entire solar system. [Gen. 1:14-18 / Ps.74:16]

    (8) Orbital Speed and Duration --- With an orbital period of exactly 365.256 days, which the Earth can accomplish by racing through space at an incredible 66,600 mph (over 18 miles/sec !!), our planet's seasonal length is conducive for agriculture. [Gen. 1:14]

    (9) Angle of Rotational Axis --- Also playing a role in Earth's favorable pattern of climate, the 23.5 degree tilt on its planetary axis permits the four annual seasons and, in the northern hemisphere, increases the amount of suitable land area and fertile soil needed for summer cultivation of crops. [Gen.8:22 / Ps. 74:17]

    (10) Rate of Planetary Rotation --- Earth's sidereal day of 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.09 seconds allows for proper, uniform heating and cooling of its spinning surface (Job 38:14 / Gen. 8:22), as well as the re-circulation of its atmospheric winds and ocean currents in the global hydrologic cycle. [Eccl. 1:5-7 / Ps. 135:7 / Isa. 55:10]

    The tolerances for life are extremely narrow, and if there are any other planets in the universe, it is very unlikely that any of them could have life, due to the extremely rigid conditions necessary for life to exist. The mathematical odds that all of these and other essential conditions happened by random chance are indeed astronomical -- in fact, beyond all probability. The ideal combination of prerequisites and requirements crucial to life observed only on Earth surely testifies to intelligent, purposeful design. "The LORD by wisdom hath founded the Earth; by understanding hath He established the heavens." --- Prov. 3:19

    To believe that this beautifully balanced life-support system is a mere accident requires invincible faith in the power of blind chance. Would not any honest observer have to admit that the Earth alone appears to have been designed for us to live on, just as the psalmist said?:

    "The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD's: but the Earth hath He given to the children of men." ---Ps. 115:16
  7. ikester7579

    ikester7579 Well-Known Member


    Dr. Henry Morris of the Institute for Creation Research has compiled an impressive list of allusions to scientific principles in Scripture. This list actually demonstrates that a matrix of scientific principles underlies the body of Scripture. These principles were not known to the leading minds of the day in which they were written; in fact, many of them contradicted what was being taught at the time. Such a list confirms that the Scriptures are scientifically credible. It further confirms that the Scriptures were supernaturally inspired.

    (Compiled by Dr. Henry M. Morris, Defender’s Bible)

    Phenomenon or Process Scripture

    Hydrologic Cycle
    Condensation Nuclei
    Oceanic Reservoir
    Hydrologic Balance
    Springs in the Sea

    Ecclesiastes 1:7; Isaiah 55:10
    Psalms 135:7; Jeremiah 10:13
    Proverbs 8:26
    Job 26:8; 37:11, 16
    Job 36:26-28
    Job 28:10
    Psalms 33:7
    Job 38:22; Psalms 147:16
    Job 28:24-26
    Job 38:16

    Geology Principle of Isostasy
    Shape of Earth
    Rotation of Earth
    Rock Erosion
    Glacial Period
    Isaiah 40:12; Psalm 104:5-9
    Isaiah 40:22; Job 26:10; Psalm 103:12
    Job 38:12,14
    Job 26:7; 38:6
    Job 14:18,19
    Job 38:29,30
    II Peter 3:4
    Job 40,41

    Astronomy Size of Universe
    Number of Stars
    Uniqueness of Each Star
    Precision of Orbits Job 11:7-9; 22:12; Isaiah 55:9;Jeremiah 31:37
    Genesis 22:17; Jeremiah 33:22
    I Corinthians 15:41
    Jeremiah 31:35,36

    Meteorology Circulation of Atmosphere
    Protective Effect of Atmosphere
    Oceanic Origin of Rain
    Relation of Electricity to Rain
    Fluid Dynamics
    Ecclesiastes 1:6
    Isaiah 40:22
    Ecclesiastes 1:7
    Job 28:26; Jeremiah 10:13
    Job 28:25

    Biology Blood Circulation
    Biogenesis and Stability
    Uniqueness of Man
    Chemical Nature of Flesh
    Leviticus 17:11
    Proverbs 16:24; 17:22
    Genesis 1:11,21,25
    Genesis 1:26
    Genesis 1:11,24-2:7;3:19
    Job 12:23-25; 30:3-8

    Physics Mass-Energy Equivalence
    Source of Energy for Earth
    Atomic Disintegration
    Electrical Transmission of Information
    Rapid Transportation Colossians 1:17; Hebrews 1:3
    Psalms 19:6
    II Peter 3:10
    Job 38:35
    Revelation 11:9-11
    Daniel 12:4
  8. Jerry Smith

    Jerry Smith Fish out of water

    Ike, you can't be serious. I know you didn't write this, but it doesn't take a lot of formal education to figure out that evolutionary theory cannot be used to explain the formation of coal. Evolution can only occur with living, reproducing organisms. Coal is formed from the remains of dead organisms. The formation of coal is understood by theories from the earth sciences.

    With that kind of mistake in just the "abstract" of this "paper", I can't be bothered to review the rest of it.
  9. clue

    clue Member

    Hope this helps.

    Naming of the Animals
  10. Jesusong

    Jesusong Veteran

    I want to thank you all for the comments.

    Chuck: Your comments are apreciated and well worth considering, thank you. :)


    Ikester: Your first answer was almost along the lines of what I would have thought, but I feel that I might be stretching a bit if I went with that.  :sigh:

    However, What I did not like was how you hijacked my thread with your other posts that had nothing to do with the topic in question, and actions like that cause we who are creationists to look bad in the eyes of those who don't understand. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't do that again. If you must do that then start your own thread. :mad:  


    Clue: thanks that helps alot.  :clap:  
  11. JohnR7

    JohnR7 Well-Known Member

    Six days? But the Bible says He did it all in a day.

    Genesis 2:4  These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens,


  12. JohnR7

    JohnR7 Well-Known Member

    The Bible says that a day to God is 1000 years to us.

    Genesis 2:17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die."

    Genesis 5:5 So all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years; and he died.

    In order for Adam to die on the day God said Adam was going to die on, then a day would have to be 1000 years.

    2 Peter 3:8  But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

  13. ikester7579

    ikester7579 Well-Known Member

    Quote: Jesusong: However, What I did not like was how you hijacked my thread with your other posts that had nothing to do with the topic in question, and actions like that cause we who are creationists to look bad in the eyes of those who don't understand. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't do that again. If you must do that then start your own thread.

    I tried to start my own thread. For some reason this web program won't let me type anything. Insert anything etc. The only way I have been able to post anything is through the quick reply. Besides, I thought we were talking about creation. So I figured you might like this info. Next time I won't post such info. You'll just have to search for it.
  14. ikester7579

    ikester7579 Well-Known Member

    Quote by Jerry Smith: Ike, you can't be serious. I know you didn't write this, but it doesn't take a lot of formal education to figure out that evolutionary theory cannot be used to explain the formation of coal. Evolution can only occur with living, reproducing organisms. Coal is formed from the remains of dead organisms. The formation of coal is understood by theories from the earth sciences.

    With that kind of mistake in just the "abstract" of this "paper", I can't be bothered to review the rest of it.

    All that the post is saying is: Evolution says it takes so long for coal to form, and they found that to be not so. Just like if creation claimed something you thought to be wrong you'd point it out. Well anyway as the guy said this is not my thread so I won't be answering anymore questions on this. Unless someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong when I try to start a thread. I have a fire wall, maybe that's the problem?
  15. Jerry Smith

    Jerry Smith Fish out of water

    You missed it again!!! Evolution says nothing about how coal forms, or how long it takes to form. Evolution has nothing to do with coal formation. Evolution is about changes in living things, not the formation of fossil fuels!!!

    Geologists have models for the formation of coal, and their models are supported by the data. It will be a huge suprise if we find out that a creationist organization has learned something about the formation of coal that contradicts geologists models. Since they do not even seem to know whose models they are criticizing, it is doubtful that they are accurately representing what geologists think about how long coal takes to form.

    As to what you are doing wrong trying to start a new thread, I do not know. However, you can do a "quick new thread" instead of a "quick reply" - just go to the forum thread list and scroll to the bottom.

    Another thing you are doing wrong is copying and pasting large quantities of discussion from another source, instead of using references, links, and brief quotes from your source to support a position that you are advocating or defending. We can all surf to a web-site and read what they have to say. The reason we are here instead of there is because we want to know what you have to say. Just post a link if you want to point someone to an article you think might be helpful to them. Also, when you do copy (a brief quote) from another web-site, include the name and/or URL of that webpage. That helps us sort out what you are saying from what you are quoting, and helps give proper credit to the authors.
  16. ikester7579

    ikester7579 Well-Known Member

    It will be a huge suprise if we find out that a creationist organization has learned something about the formation of coal that contradicts geologists models. Since they do not even seem to know whose models they are criticizing, it is doubtful that they are accurately representing what geologists think about how long coal takes to form.

    Duh? Guess we stupid. Evolutionists are only the smart ones. The rest of us are retarted.
  17. Jerry Smith

    Jerry Smith Fish out of water

    I haven't heard enough of your own thoughts to assess your intelligence, Ike. If you were stupid, you probably wouldn't care about this debate. I have been conversing quite a bit with Rize on this forum: he is a creationist, and he is quite intelligent. For that reason, I don't expect to see him remain a creationist for long.

    Seriously, if I said "Chiropractors say that Moby Dick is a metaphor for existentialism, but that isn't so," you would know right away that I was ignorant of the subject. Students of literature talk about Moby Dick. If I don't even know what field of study has an idea about Moby Dick, then why on earth should anyone trust anything else I have to propound about the subject? I have demonstrated my ignorance of the subject in my first statement. No one is going to listen to me after that.

    By the way ignorance is not a crime, and it is not the same as stupidity. Many creationists are very intelligent, but ignorant of science. The brightest among them recognize their ignorance and therefore do not attempt to criticize what they do not understand.

    My dad doesn't know or care anything about science. He is very intelligent, though: knowing they are ill-informed opinions, he keeps his opinions on science to himself.
  18. RufusAtticus

    RufusAtticus PopGen Grad Student

    Ikester, please keep in mind the following rule before you use ctrl-c and ctrl-v.

    Links work just as well as spamming multiple webpages.
  19. Job_38

    Job_38 <font size="1"> In perfect orbit they have circled

    Between verse one and verse two, how much time passed?
  20. Sinai

    Sinai Well-Known Member

    Although some proponents of the Gap theory may place millions or even billions of years between the first two verses, and most young earth creationists tend to include those verses as part of day one, most Biblical scholars tend to view the first two verses as an overview of creation, with verses 3-5 telling about yom one.