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couple more theorys

Discussion in 'Arcade Peanut Gallery' started by Atha, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. Atha

    Atha Witness...

    Light Reigns Technology

    Alright this one is theory but it goes like this, to shine a light of some strength from below a space ship and then at the front of the ship the technology applys a bend in the light so that it is no longer straight like light usually is, to then catch the bend upon a surface at the front of the ship, it is theory that this would excel the ship forward so that it could reach the speed of light… though if this was made it is only one directional and control would be fairly difficult to keep the settings up, but in just one direction I believe as is the theory that it would propel the ship the speed of light….

    Energetics Core Space Technology

    this technology uses a plasma core which creates something of an electric field within, the idea is that if you could create an energy field within the very boundry of the core and then shift the energy from one side to the other, or really any direction which would require there to be a very strong structure to that core, but the theory is that if you could move the energy out of the direct bounds of the core and press it upon the sides of the strong structure you could if magnetics were involved from the core control the direction of acceleration because in space there is no gravity resistance it would be able to push from inside and thus if it was an energy without any physical mass it would be able to send the whole in motion…

    Air Purifying Towers

    in major cities around the world there is a large plague of pollution, this idea is to create a large and high tower that continually sucks in the polluted air and through tunnels filters the pollution and then sends the cleaner air out at surface level… The tower would be hallow and have two layers one stable and one on a continual spin, then the great suction effects, there are meant to be a few holes on the outer tower and inner layer to have multiple directions to intake polluted air, the tunnels that filter the pollution out the best made way would be for an energy field to distort the solid particles in the polluted air into great solid collects, which would be gross and wasteful but if the whole system worked even 80% the air at the outer tunnels would be cleaner for the people of a city… making multiple towers would work the best for certain places of the world at this time…

    Artificial Gravity

    This is still a great mystery to me, but I have a few ideaz… it starts with the fact of gravity that for a greater mass a greater gravity is turn, this theory is such a complex mechanism it might not be possible but if the motion of a great mass were to move towards the open area you are trying to gravitate, it creates the similar effect as a staying greater mass, the motion itself creates the same effect, I think at least, but to then make something of a unique flat that within has mulitiple motions towards the area, almost like rain drops within the solid structure, if you can make it rain it can attract mass like a normal gravity would, this is all theory but it would be of the most use in space creations such as space farms and space ships…

    Space Atmospheric System

    in space you don’t fall out of a space ship like in the movies, you don’t blow up either, think of a fish coming out of the water, they don’t blow up and the effects of pressure are more for them then in space from air… anyways, this idea is that you create a centeral spire that has the ability to both create slight gravity and also charge an atmosphere with holding able energies… from a center spire that is in a great open area you wouldn’t even need a outer wall for space if you could control the energy that holds the air around the center… it would be an amazing thing to see this done, but the energy is yet to be discovered and artificial gravity not anything yet, but it could hold and maintain a atmosphere even recycling the air with slight winds of change… it would work for platforms in space, and I truly do not think you would even need an outer wall because if air molecules escaped into space they wouldn’t go far at all… recollecting them is fairly simple with certain able robotics…
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