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Costco tags the Bible as Fiction

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Vanilla Scripture, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Vanilla Scripture

    Vanilla Scripture Well-Known Member

  2. Standing_Ultraviolet

    Standing_Ultraviolet Dunkleosteus

    On the one hand, if this were intentional, it wouldn't be the best thing to do. It would be a pretty snide joke, actually. On the other, I really doubt that this was the fault of someone high up in the company. It was probably either an honest mistake, or a prank from someone working in the factory that somehow slipped past.
  3. Marius27

    Marius27 Newbie

    Or it just refers to the fact that the Bible contains stories that are to some degree fictional, not literal history. Doesn't mean the whole thing is.
  4. HorsieJuice

    HorsieJuice Guest

    Or it could well be a prank by a customer - notice that the "fiction" sticker is sitting on top of another sticker.
  5. ewells36

    ewells36 Regular Member

    Christian Seeker
    Have we, as Christians, gotten to the point where we have made the Bible to be an idol among us. Instead of focusing on its message, we somehow have got to the point where people get offended by human error/mistake. Everything is a "persecution" against us Christians. We can no longer chalk this up to the fact that humans are infallible, NO! Someone at Costco is out to get all of us. We must protest this store with signs such as: Costco hates Christians, Costco calls Bible fake, God hates Costco.

    Rise up brothers and sisters! Rise up and lets march to every Costco in your own area to let them know that we will not stand by and watch them mock our Bible - NO! They indeed must be protested for this shows their true nature towards us Christians. They hate us, they hate our words, they hate God.

    Stop buying their groceries. Stop going there. Come one and come all - grab your Costco card and cut it up for the Lord! Rise up with us brothers and sisters and lets take this battle, a holy battle, to Costco to show them we wont back down....we never back down for we are Christians. Join with us. Join with the "religious right" to fight this battle. Contact the ACLJ. Contact Jay Sekulow. Contact your Congressman/woman, your Senator to let them know about the atrocities that are going on over at Costco.

    The above comments were meant to be a parody - any details to anyone alive has been greatly exaggerated and shown to be false - this is only a test - also, if you cannot find humor within this post, may Christ lighten your heart so that you may have joy :)
  6. sword_of_truth

    sword_of_truth Regular Member

    "Welcome to Costco...we love you"
  7. Vanilla Scripture

    Vanilla Scripture Well-Known Member

    I've shopped Costco. It's not unusual to find price tags covering one another in the event of a sale, or in some cases the stock person simply stamped a product twice with the pricing gun.

    I'd hope it was an error on the part of a stock person. Otherwise, if it was malicious or Costco itself has made the determination, it is in poor taste.

    Where we live now there is no local Costco. Has anyone ventured to their local Costco to see if the Bibles are labeled in this manner?
  8. pgp_protector

    pgp_protector Noted strange person

    Will this change how you view the Bible?
  9. abysmul

    abysmul Board Game Hobbyist

    Great post!!! :p:clap::thumbsup:
  10. Glass*Soul

    Glass*Soul Senior Veteran

    What category choices does Costco have for book price labels? If there isn't one specifically for religious texts, then whatever the person doing the labeling chooses is going to be wrong on some level or offensive to someone.
  11. Ave Maria

    Ave Maria Ave Maria Gratia Plena

    United States
    I really don't think that this is something to get all offended over. As others said, it may have just been a labeling mistake or something. But regardless, there are far worse things in the world to get offended about.
  12. KitKatMatt

    KitKatMatt stupid bleeding heart feminist liberal

    I donated some books to a local consignment shop, and today when I went in I saw that they had placed Sam Harris' "The End of Faith" in with the Christian inspirational materials. I wonder if that would make anyone mad? :p I think it was honest mistake.

    I don't see how the label is offensive. I don't really see the humor in it (how many times has my friend moved Bibles in Barnes and Nobles to the "mythology" section? It's only funny the first time, we've all heard the joke about a million times...), but I don't really care if it was a mistake or intentional.

    It's just a sticker. It's not hindering your faith or my faith. It's not destroying the book so that no one else can read the word.
  13. Archivist

    Archivist Senior Veteran

  14. gamewell45

    gamewell45 Member

    Costco is entitled to their opinion; likewise we are not required to agree with them.
  15. Dusky Mouse

    Dusky Mouse Cats Are In Charge ~ Accept It!

  16. Maren

    Maren Veteran

    I'm curious, has anyone in a Costco anywhere else found the Bible labeled as fiction? The lack of reports of this in other Costco, especially in the Bible belt areas, leads me to believe that this really was a mistake on the part of the one distributor. I'm sure if the Costco's in Texas and other Bible Belt areas had Bibles labeled as fiction, we'd be hearing those reports.
  17. Vanilla Scripture

    Vanilla Scripture Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, Maren appears to ignore my post else her question would not be necessary for the article linked has answered it.
    The distributor accepted responsibility for labeling the Bibles they sent to Costco.