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Correcting Our Brother

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by St_Barnabus, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. St_Barnabus

    St_Barnabus Secular Carmelite OCDS

    This is the best writing I have found on this subject which lists the conditions for fraternal correction as found in Third Spiritual Alphabet by Francisco de Osuna, pg. 588.

    A good warning against this vice is found in Ecclesiastes 7:14,
    "Consider the works of God, that no man can correct whom he hath despised."

    Haven't we often sensed hidden animosity in the spirit of those who use imprudent and harsh zeal in publicly correcting others? Their words will bear no fruit, since the admonishment is motivated by hidden anger in the zealot's heart. It may even be sinful for the zealot who, under the pretext of good intention, sets about to prevail against others' defects as if all evil would vanish with their arrival. St. Teresa of Avila warned about this here in her autobiography:

    Since there are numerous opportunities to fail in proper correction of our neighbor, it may be helpful to remind ourselves of these teachings. It may help to realize that St. Teresa was an avid student of Francisco de Osuna. Your insights and/or comments are appreciated.
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