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Continental Building : Scientific Belief vs Reality

Discussion in 'Creation & Theistic Evolution' started by Stephen P, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. Stephen P

    Stephen P Member


    Continental Building : Scientific Belief vs Reality

    Climate Changes Can Wear Down Mountains Faster Than They Are Built
    "The researchers spent over a decade drilling into these sediments to get a better picture of how erosion rates changed through the mountains' history."
    "What wasn't clear before was how quickly erosion could tear down what tectonics were building up."
    So Scientific knowledge of the rate and expanse of erosion is NOT constant.

    Mountain ranges evolve, respond to Earth's climate, study shows
    "Erosion caused by glaciation during ice ages can, in the right circumstances, wear down mountains faster than plate tectonics can build them, groundbreaking new research has shown."

    Wearing out mountains
    "Nothing could be further from the truth according to a team of US and New Zealand geologists, who have discovered that New Zealand’s Southern Alps are eroding at a pace that sets a geologic speed record"

    So basically do we throw out the Scientific books on how long it took to form continents?
    They are not guessing, but they are finding new Realities of speed and forces in tectonics and it seems all the time.
    Chemical reactions take into account the environment. a Weaker solution will take longer to wear down rocks than a stronger solution.
    Atmospheric conditions as well as plants, cold and rain come into effect.
    SO. Many variables.

    Just like my informal studying of Tornadoes, theres many variables that come together to allow something to happen and then it happens FAST.
    Chemical reactions are constant, But the rate, amount, temperature etc change the reaction all the time.
    Every day is different for the Global reactions.

    East African Rift
    Showing volcanoes all along the rift valley.

    "One of the first comprehensive models of how mountains evolve over time was the Geographic Cycle, published in 1899."

    So where is Christianities (OUR) version of how the World was formed in 1899 using the Bible or are we in the "umm God doneit so I'm not gonna explanit" phase?

    Compare this to reality:
    "Moments you Wouldn't Believe !! Scary Natural Phenomena"

    (Dec 19, 2018 version as others have copied the vid.)
    0:30 Landslide
    1:50 Deluge
    3:03 Landslide
    3:30 Mountain Peak Collapse ** VERY Impressive

    Imagine 3:30 happening, then the resonance kicking off another peak collapse which kicks off another.
    Possibily could shorten an entire range in 1 day.
    *1 DAY*

    This is reality of continent building.
    Yes, theres slow wearing away of rocks via cold and chemicals, however IF (how would anyone know? but then why did God show these examples for video?)
    IF this happened, then Pangea just got a lot closer to Home?
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  2. Stephen P

    Stephen P Member

  3. Stephen P

    Stephen P Member