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Contemporary Christian Music For Lenten-Tide

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by Knightwolflord, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Knightwolflord

    Knightwolflord God's Dog

    Dear brothers and sisters, :wave:

    I kinda need to make this a "quick" post because I have some studying that I need to get back to (break is over, LOL).

    Anyway, I am wondering if y'all could help me find the names of some Contemporary Christian songs that would be great for the season of Lent. Now, I can understand that is a bit hard to just "google" that because most CC artists tend to be in or leaning towards the American Evangelical movement. However after growing up listening to Christian radio, I am convinced that many of these same artists sing beautifully (and perhaps unwittingly) about many central doctrines of the Catholic Faith, and so I am hoping to find some songs that reflect that....phenomenon.

    It doesn't neccesarily have to be CC music either. I just tend to prefer that.

    BTW, there is a TON of awesome CC music for Pascha/Easter. However I am trying to refrain from singing any Paschal songs until 4:00 PM Holy Saturday. :D

    I love to listen to CC music while I do my studies at home. So, do any of y'all have any good picks on some CC music that I can "jam" to while studying the fundamentals of human language structure? :cool:

    This is also a very important season for me personally, because this is the first Lent where I am a fully Initiated Catholic Christian. As such I am preparing for my first Pachal Liturgy when I can partake of the Holy Eucharist on the day of Our Blessed Lord's Resurrection! ^_^

    I would also like to say that I desire (although it may not be my calling), more than anything in this world, to become a priest.....and so any good recommendations of songs about vocations would be sweet! :thumbsup:


    Good links about Lent for non-Catholics here on OBOB:


  2. JimR-OCDS

    JimR-OCDS God Cannot Be Grasped, Except Through Love

    I'm not sure what style of Christian music you're into, so I'll just post what I like.

    John Michael Talbot. His music is contemplative and I especially like his album, "Hiding Place."

    Michael Card. His is more contemporary, but closer to Catholicism than other contemporary artist. In fact, he and John Michael Card did an album together which is very good, titled, "Brother to Brother."

    For purely Christian Contemporary, I've recently came up Lenny Leblanc. Purely nondenominational, and nothing I'd ever use at Mass, but great for listening to while driving along in the car.

  3. MoNiCa4316

    MoNiCa4316 Totus Tuus

    Sometimes I listen to music while studying too :)

    have you ever heard "Blessed be Your name"? it sort of reminds me of Lent in a way cause it talks about praising God in difficulty and suffering as well as in joy, it's actually a pretty "Catholic" song in some ways ;)

  4. kisstheson

    kisstheson Contributor

    Wow! You are praying about becoming a priest? awesome!

    So here's a video that's very lenten. I have always loved it. Plus if you youtube the Passion of the Christ there's lots of contemporary christian artists that have written songs to go along iwth that. you'll even find some videos on the "extra videos" when this clip is over.

    Have you ever heard of anthony skinner? he's not catholic but his lyrics and music can bring a person right to the heart of Jesus. Good rockin' stuff. I''ll try and find one of his videos on youtube.

  5. kisstheson

    kisstheson Contributor

    I found a clip of one of anthony skinner's songs. I have this album. it's very seldom that I find an album where I like every song. this is the one. the name of the CD is "Forever And A Day."

    Give this a listen. "I love Your Presence." I think you'll like it.

  6. Fantine

    Fantine Dona Quixote Supporter

    Have you ever listened to Spirit and Song Radio?


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