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Confusing information as to how to stay healthy.

Discussion in 'Young Adults' started by mkgal1, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. bhsmte

    bhsmte Newbie

    Lets say you were doing a push up. The movement from the floor to the top, is the positive portion of the exercise and lowering to the floor, is the negative portion of the exercise. Negative training for a push up, would require overloading (having someone put weight on your back at the top of the exercise) and slowly (much slower than normal) lowering to the floor. Isometric, would be like pushing up against a wall and keeping your arms at the same angle at all times.

    Regarding the comments in the article about the body breaking down muscle and storing fat if you train too hard, that would be really hard to do and would require an athlete who trains hard, to starve themselves of carbohydrates (the glycogen stores in muscles) for that to happen. If an athlete who was training hard, did not have enough carbs over a period of time, they would "hit the wall" and would not be able to maintain their exercise regime. In a fit person, the body would not break down muscle as a priority, but would if the body was starved of nutrition.
  2. Inkachu

    Inkachu Bursting with fruit flavor!

    I'm much more interested in nutrition than exercising, so I'll just sit and watch the convo for now :)

    And Bhsmte, you should be proud of me. I'm feeling kind of "bleh" tonight (female issues) and I didn't feel like biking at all. But knowing that walking would do me just as much good, if not more, I got my shoes on and took a lovely nighttime walk downtown. Thanks!
  3. mkgal1

    mkgal1 His perfect way sets me free. 2 Samuel 22:33 Supporter