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College is beating me up

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by Natalie De La Fontaine, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Natalie De La Fontaine

    Natalie De La Fontaine Member

    I appreciate prayers to Jesus Christ that I can pass my classes I’m really stressed and have also been depressed with personal issues. Thank u all love y’all
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  2. Tigger45

    Tigger45 St. Francis Supporter

    United States
    God’s blessings Natalie!
  3. Tone

    Tone "Whenever Thou humblest me, Thou makest me great." Supporter

    United States
    Abba Yah, please Breathe a fresh Breath into this Body and raise us up above all the cares of this world, into the heavenly places, in Yahshua ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ). And help us to place all our cares upon You, that we may rest. Amen.

    Yah bless little sis.!
  4. Newsgurl

    Newsgurl Always here to help

    United States
    Prayers lifted to God. May you pass your classes and may God take away your depression and help you with your personal issues as well. :pray::crossrc:
  5. Stephanie7

    Stephanie7 Senior Veteran

    Father in the Name of Your Son Jesus, may You help Natalie to retain what she has learned and pass her classes, and I also ask that You will help her to work out her problems, and give her peace as she studies and confidence that she will do okay, In Jesus Name, Amen
  6. Richard T

    Richard T Well-Known Member

    United States
    I pray you can be free from distractions to your studies. I also pray you learn how to study efficiently and to anticipate what each instructor expects. That your stress would be far less and so that you can really put your hand to the plow (so to speak). In Jesus name.
  7. Unofficial Reverand Alex

    Unofficial Reverand Alex Look up Jason Evert on YouTube; he changed my life Supporter

    United States
    College senior here...praying for you through all of your classes, life issues, plans, priorities, and all the fun things that come with college life! Just remember what my dad always said his professor always said: Never let schoolwork get in the way of your education. It sounds odd, but I've found so much truth to that statement.

    Peace & all good!:pray:
  8. Pavel Mosko

    Pavel Mosko Arch-Dude of the Apostolic Supporter

    United States
    Oriental Orthodox
    Yes I know that feeling from my college and grad school days!
  9. Wings like Eagles

    Wings like Eagles Junior Member Supporter

    Grace and Peace to you :pray:
  10. rayraysh

    rayraysh New Member

    United Kingdom
    Take time for yourself for doing things you enjoy. It is something I learned in my third year. Even though it sounds counter-intuitive, by blowing off studio and going out with friends / girlfriends, I found my grades shot up, my designs got better, critiques were more palatable. etc. Avoid things you hate doing. I hated writing assignments, so I often used https://www.topwritersreview.com/reviews/bestcustomwritіng/. And from that I learned not to stress as much about the program and start enjoying college/life. By my 5th year, I was working weekends at the bar, taking weekend trips with friends, etc. without that sense of dread of a approaching deadline.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2021
  11. LoricaLady

    LoricaLady YHWH's Supporter

    I pray you will do just fine in school, and have peace about it. I pray you will be given wisdom and guidance on the personal issues.