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Christians in a Democratic Society Obligated to be Involved in Politics?

Discussion in 'Congregation-specific Ethics' started by Monksailor, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Monksailor

    Monksailor Adopted child of God. Supporter

    United States
    At first, I thought to post this in a politics forum, but then it occurred to me that even though the word "politics" is in the title the post under that topic would probably be inappropriate due to the likelihood that this question is posed for those who would not be on a politically orientated forum and had a mind willing to ponder and/or learn from or contribute to whatever may transpire. I accept Staff's placement elsewhere if deemed more appropriate. I don't intend to inflame or incite hostility, only self-reflection and maybe, a new perspective.

    In my opinion, I think that we should be involved to some degree, even if it is limited to just voting. Sometimes one may have the position that their vote doesn't count, the fact is that it does. I think that although one may not get what or who they vote for, their vote IS tallied and is significant for future political considerations for future election platforms and for the considerations by even a victorious opposing politician in their active governing duties . When one doesn't vote they tell those in power and who would like to be in power when the vote stats are regularly considered that there is one less proponent/ VOTE from the pool or group of which they belong. This is how very small groups in actuality can appear much, much larger than they really are and have ascended to such prominent and protected status in today's democratic societies; by strong recruitment campaigns for voting (and of course through an extremely over-exaggerated prominence and acceptance from the biased Hollywood and mass media influences- but it is the actual getting out and placing your VOTE which counts in the bottom line to those who or who would govern our country.)

    In Ro. Ch 13, we are told to submit to governing authorities which, for USA includes the Constitution of the US which prescribes the way we citizens are to be represented by our elected government (in, by, and of, I believe) which mandates, naturally, the voting process.

    As Christians, we are instructed to be prudent and diligent in the carrying out of our affairs and to function as representatives &/or ambassadors of Christ/God here on earth and to work for our "masters" even as if we were working for Christ. As Christ painfully, I might add, reluctantly-"let this cup pass…", submitted to the Roman system He did all that He could to aid in its process. He did NOT resist or fight or rebel or annihilate the Roman authority. So should we be, I think, as citizens of a democratic society. If there is any corruption or evil, God will take care of it. He always does. But it is our duty, I believe, to do all we can to make the system work. And that includes being elected into office in order to represent those of us who are Christian and more importantly, Christ/God.

    ((Tangent for discussion on another post: On that note, this is a good incentive for Christian community, at large as today that no longer exists by default. Philadelphia, LA, Dearborn, Salt Lake City, and other geographical locations are known for certain large-scale groupings of specific interests. What does this do? Yep, it gains a seat or two of very specific interests in the House in DC. I have read that this is exactly what one group is doing in Europe and other parts of the world by immigrating there and having an avg of 7 children/family as opposed to the native less than enough to even maintain their population-under an avg of 2; creating a voting majority in time of their specific interest.))

    "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord" and the contrary. That is determined by a nation's leaders. God judges whole nations by its leader(s)/politicians. There ARE some VERY honorable, God-fearing politicians in office. Pray for them. Pray for those who aren't, that they may become so, and pray for more Christians of integrity to ascribe to political office.

    What do you think?
    Do you think that God expects us to sit back and ignore the governing power of our democratic country because ultimately He is in control and all we have to do is follow Him? Do you think that we have no duty to vote or become politically active in the USA? Do you think that since we are nearing Armageddon it doesn't matter? Do you think that since we seem to be on a VERY strong trend toward becoming an insignificant minority it doesn't matter? Do you think that believing aliens from another planet God created are coming to rescue us? Why?
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
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  2. Radagast

    Radagast comes and goes Supporter

    Unlike Australia, the US does not have a legal obligation to vote.

    But there is a moral obligation, I think, because the voters themselves are "governing authorities" on election day. That is, the voters themselves are "God’s servant for [the country's] good" (Romans 13:4). Voters should therefore carry out the task that God has given them carefully and prayerfully.
  3. Monksailor

    Monksailor Adopted child of God. Supporter

    United States
    I do like your call to the voter be diligent in care and prayer but your opinion that the voter becomes the "governing authority" on election day is a bit of an overstatement. We still remain subjects of aforementioned authorities which we previously voted for and/or for which have been in place from the beginning, like the Constitution, when we vote on election day. We are an adult citizen of the USA and besides very few dis-qualifiers, like being a convicted criminal or x-con, that is all which is required to be entitled to vote. A democracy is run by the majority vote and our vote may not be the determining vote. Although each vote is significant in compiling a census and even could be the deciding vote, because our country is run by THREE branches with hundreds of people with all of its checks and balances NO voter can be even fantasized as a "governing authority."
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019