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Christian List of DO's & DONT's

Discussion in 'For New Christians' started by mandii_ck, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. mandii_ck

    mandii_ck Newbie

    DO believe that God is real
    DON'T think that means you know Him

    DO believe in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ the Lord & Savior
    DON'T think that makes you Christian

    DO seek His forgiveness
    DON'T think saying "I'm sorry" makes you forgiven

    DO believe that the Bible is perfect word of God
    DON'T preach it if you don't know what it says

    DO spend time reading the Bible
    DON'T think reading it means you understand it

    DO study the Bible
    DON'T rely on your own wisdom to interpret it

    DO share the Word with others, both sinner & saint
    DON'T be a hypocrite

    DO share your faith with people who don't believe
    DON'T force it down their throats
    DO know that it will only push them away

    DO pray for disbelievers to see the truth
    DON'T preach unless you know the truth

    DO help others understand your faith
    DON'T do it blindly.. DO research theirs

    and finally...
    DO teach the LAW
    but DON'T forget the GRACE

    and DO preach Salvation
    but DON'T forget Judgement

    If you tell a man Jesus can save him,
    You better tell him what he's being saved from
  2. mandii_ck

    mandii_ck Newbie

    But also...

    DO say "God promises........."
    but DON'T forget to say "to His children"