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China Is Using Facial Recognition To Track Ethnic Minorities, Even In Beijing

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by waves, May 9, 2019.

  1. waves

    waves not so new


    China Is Using Facial Recognition To Track Ethnic Minorities, Even In Beijing
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  2. timewerx

    timewerx the village i--o--t--

    Christian Seeker
    Even Israel has employed one to prevent entry of aliens who might be inclined to terrorism even if they have no prior records.

    Facial recognition can be used to detect personality or behavioral inclinations in a person. Although quite controversial obviously, it seems to work out well for Israel.
  3. tonyj88

    tonyj88 New Member

    United States
  4. RichardY

    RichardY Holotheist. Whig. Monarchical Modalism.

    United Kingdom
    Yeah well by genociding and putting the Uighurs in concentration camps, they're concerned about limited reprisals. Besides the slave labour force re-educated citizenry, help produce plenty of CCTV cameras at affordable prices.

    I mean so much for Tibet, might as well continue genociding the Tibetan people too and shipping in Han Chinese. The altitude and harsh climate would make colonisation difficult I'd imagine, if it weren't for modern western technology. But at least they can establish better military positions against India, should the need arise.
  5. Michael

    Michael Contributor Supporter

  6. Goonie

    Goonie Not so Mystic Mog. Supporter

    United Kingdom
  7. Michael

    Michael Contributor Supporter

    Ya, you're right. They're just getting extremely good at it now thanks to technology.
  8. mala

    mala fluffy lion

    you seem to be using a non sequitur to argue that china is doing something good here. china is using it to track ethnic minorities in the nation. china is also putting those same ethnic minorities in concentration camps. this is absolutely horribly wrong.