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Children accidentally switched at birth?

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by lawtonfogle, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. lawtonfogle

    lawtonfogle My solace my terror, my terror my solace.

    What happens if 5-10 years later, either family finds out the children were switched. Should they be switched back, should the child have the choice, should the information be kept from the child? What about if one child died from a cause the parents could not control (say cancer), and they want their biological child back?
  2. Beechwell

    Beechwell Glücksdrache

    I think a child's connection to the family that raised it vastly outweighs the one to the biological parents. So I think a switch back will only bring harm after so long a time.
  3. Macx

    Macx Well-Known Member

    It is less and less possible these days, for the scenario to even come about. From the moment their heads crowned to the moment we left the hospital, my children were never without one or both parents. They do a hearing test & parents aren't allowed in the room during the test . .. I checked the room for additional doors and then stood immediately outside the door while the nurse did the test. For those children that have to be carted off to a nursery or infant ICU, the hospital's use of ID bands & of course parents with matching numbered bands . . . it would take intent and probably intent by a nurse to switch babies. For at least the last 10 years hospitals have built pretty incredible security with multiple failsafes, to protect children from being kidnapped at the hospital (huge liability has led to huge security and infrastructure investment) and those same things that make kidnappings near impossible, make baby switches near impossible (yeah you could land a team of guys in doctor's outfits with fake credentials and MP5's in their briefcases by helicopter, fake their way in, snatch and shoot their way out) but it just isn't going to happen outside a Robert Ludlum novel. Then too, more and more women are choosing home births. We would have for our second child if I could have paid out of pocket for it, insurance picked up the tab, so we went to the hospital and did a natural water birth . . . that was cool!

    While I know my kids are my kids, I can't expect that someone who thinks the kids they are raising are their kids would feel differently .. . .. if someone came around trying to lay claim to my children, that someone would probably end up going on a vacation & not expressing interest in the children or anything else thereafter. Wouldn't that make a fine movie plot?