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Celtic Christianity

Discussion in 'Christian History' started by Vanellus, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. Vanellus

    Vanellus Newbie

    "The Christianity of the Celts has a marked spirituality of its own. Having no towns, no currency, no large-scale industries, it had little temptation to material and worldly ideals,
    It retained to the end a serene inner life which could never be repeated in a rapidly changing world, and it could convey this spirit in its poetry at home and abroad to after ages in its work as in its religious devotions:

    A hedge of trees surrounds me
    The blackbird's lay sings to me
    May the Lord shield me
    Well do I write under the greenwood

    Upon my lined booklet
    The trilling birds chant to me
    May the Lord shield me
    Well do I write under the greenwood

    In a grey mantle from the top of the bushes the cuckoo sings

    From The Celts by Nora Chadwick

    I wonder what people here know about Celtic Christianity.
    Is the above a fair view?
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  2. Eftsoon

    Eftsoon Member

    United Kingdom
    Thank you for bringing this into the foreground for me. I'm reading about it now. I'm impressed by the eco-awareness and the sense of a pure and unsullied commitment to spirituality. I do however have a number of questions about paganism however since there is a strong druidic connection.

    What sparked your interest in this?
  3. Vanellus

    Vanellus Newbie

    The book by Nora Chadwick I was reading. It's a general history that included a chapter on Celtic Christianity. The art of the period did show some transition from pagan forms though one could argue that these early Christians used those forms to express their Christianity e.g. the Book of Kells