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Catholics and Protestant Christian

Discussion in 'Eschatology - Endtimes & Prophecy Forum' started by Hishandmaiden, Jan 16, 2002.

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  1. Apologist

    Apologist 2 Tim. 2:24-26

    Holycanaan said:

    "If you really love the Word of God, you would be shocked in horror by the discovery of the corruptions that I have mentioned. For instance, depending on which corrupted Bible you use, you will discover that even the deity of Jesus has been taken out. You can take any version that you wish and compare it with the King James Bible and look at some selected portions of scripture. You will find that some of the most important doctrines of the Bible are being attacked in the new versions. Whether you have a Living Bible, a New International Version, a Revised Standard Version, or any of the other perversions of scripture (including the New King James Version), you will see the difference."

    Why are you using the KJV as the standard? It is NOT an autographa.

    Answering the Allegations of KJV Only Advocates by James White:

    "While the vast majority of conservative Christian scholars completely reject the KJV Only position, the emotionally charged rhetoric of KJV Only advocates causes unnecessary concerns among many believers."

    Holycanaan also said:
    "King James: Mt. 1:25--First born son
    New International Version: Mt: 1:25--A son
    New American Standard: Mt: 1:25--A son"

    This is nothing but nitpicking. Neither the NASB or the NIV would cause the reader to come to the conclusion that Christ is anything different than the KJV.

    You also state:
    King James: Eph. 3:9--Created all things by Jesus Christ
    NIV Eph. 3:9--Created all things (they took Jesus Christ’ name out)
    NAS Eph 3:9--Created all things (they took Jesus Christ name out)

    Once again this is nothing more than nitpicking. This verse is not the cornerstone in scripture for affirming that Christ created everything. The NIV clearly states Christs's supremecy in Colossians chapter 1 as well as many other places.

    God Bless
  2. Yauming

    Yauming Member

  3. Holycanaan

    Holycanaan New Member

  4. Blackwing

    Blackwing Music Man With Black Wings(duh...)<img src="http:/

    Ok people.

    There is another thread about Bible versions here ok?

    Lets go back to answering questions about Catholic and Protestant Christians.

    Peace to you all. :cool:
  5. Caedmon

    Caedmon kawaii Supporter

    A few things....

    Jack Chick is a scandalously brazen agitator.

    The NASB, followed by the English Standard Version and the New KJV are the most accurate translation because of the recent discoveries of yet earlier and more accurate texts and faithful, translation of those texts.

    I suggest you get a New KJV rpggal; it's not as an accurate translation as the others, but it's the most readable.

    God bless
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