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Cardinal Ratzinger Paraphrased: A Bishop Who Avoids Problems is a Bishop I Find...

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by Michie, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Michie

    Michie Perch Perkins. Catholic reporter. ;) Supporter


    “In order to avoid conflicts, they let the poison spread.”

    [​IMG]“t is true that the Church may never simply align itself with the “Zeitgeist” [spirit of the times]. The Church must address the vices and perils of the time; she must appeal to the consciences of the powerful and of the intellectuals, not to mention of those who want to live narrow-minded, comfortable lives while ignoring the needs of the time, and so forth. As a bishop [of Munich] I felt obliged to face this task. Moreover, the deficits were too obvious: exhaustion of the faith, decline in vocations, lowering of moral standards even among men of the Church, an increasing tendency towards violence, and much else. The words of the Bible and of the Church Fathers rang in my ears, those sharp condemnations of shepherds who are like mute dogs; in order to avoid conflicts, they let the poison spread. Peace is not the first civic duty, and a bishop whose only concern is not to have any problems and to gloss over as many conflicts as possible is an image I find repulsive.“
    Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger in Salt of the Earth: The Church at the End of the Millennium. An interview with Peter Seewald. (Ignatius Press, 1996, pp. 82-83)

  2. JacktheCatholic

    JacktheCatholic Praise be to Jesus Christ. Now and forever.

    Pope Benedict XVI is a strong Pope. He knows that all Confirmed men and women are soldiers of Christ and as the Church Militant we must stand up and evangelize the Truth. We are to be brave and steadfast because as Confirmed Christians we have a renewal of the Spirit and Gifts to help us fight evils. Catholics have the Sacrament of Confirmation because we have valid orders and so we must answering our calling to be soldiers of Christ.

    Otherwise, I think our Pope is correct in stating that if you do not then that is repulsive.