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Car Accident

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by skier_lacey12, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. skier_lacey12

    skier_lacey12 Well-Known Member

    Please Pray for a high school student, Mike Herman. He was in a car accident just yesterday (first heavy snow fall). Also for his mom who is in the hospital and everyone else who was very close to him! Thank you.
    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. lgintrnj

    lgintrnj Member

    Lord touch comfort and heal mark. also please place Your loving arms around his parents while they wait for his healing In Jesus name .

  3. koolist

    koolist Senior Veteran

    Praying hard for mark and his family. I pray that he will make a full recovery and be able to drive again soon. I also pray that due to the heavy snow people will take thier time so as not to cause any accidents.

    God bless and keep you all

  4. angel376

    angel376 Regular Member

    I will keep them both in my prayers.
  5. MaFunk

    MaFunk New Member

    Lord please bring peace, health and comfort to Mark and his family. I pray that he comes out of this accident in full physical and mental health and ability. I pray lord that from this accident that he is renewed and he gains new insight and wisdom in in young life.
  6. MaddiesDad

    MaddiesDad <img src="http://www3.christianforums.com/images/s

    I am praying for Mike also.God heal him quickly without any lasting problems.How is he lacey? Prayers for this mom too.:pray:
  7. California Dreamin'

    California Dreamin' Crazy Cat Lady Supporter

    Un. Church of CA
    We don't have any snow yet, thanks goodness... I hate snow and winter. I don't have my winter tires yet.
  8. We lift Mike up to You. Please heal him and make him whole again. Be with his family through this. Show them Your glory during this time.

    In Jesus Name,
  9. skiguy21

    skiguy21 Well-Known Member

    I'm praying for mike...
  10. PDAztec88

    PDAztec88 Regular Member

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